How to activate YouTube's hidden Dark Mode

How To Activate YouTube Hidden Dark Mode

Google has added new features to the YouTube that changes entire site to feel like Cinematic View. Dark Mode transforms YouTube in white and black colours. Whenever you feel tired of watching YouTube videos just turn on Dark mode.

YouTube redesigned the site feature to a Dark theme, it’s easy to activate.

YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode In Chrome:

The Dark theme in YouTube changes the complete site to the white mode like videos, Subscription pages, searches and the entire channel.

First make sure that Google Chrome is an advanced version, i.e Google Chrome Version 57(onwards).

Open the YouTube account, get logged in to your account.

Open the developer’s menu by pressing “Ctrl+Shift+I “on Windows, “Option+Command +I” on Mac.

The panel opens on the right side of the Window, Click on “Console”.

Copy and paste the following code on Console, Press Enter to process.


Close the developer tool and refresh the page.

If you are logged in to your account just open your profile view change, an extended drop down menu a line with a dark mode.

Turn on the Dark Mode on the Profile option, that automatically activates Dark Mode with dramatic changes in YouTube Channel.

YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode In Firefox:

To enable the dark mode in Firefox is similar such as a Google Chrome, make sure that FireFox is the advanced one.

You can apply the test on Firefox version 52.0.2 on Windows 10.

Go to the Firefox website and open the YouTube channel. Then logged into your YouTube account.

Press Ctrl + Shift + K to open the Web Console developer tool.

Paste the command document.cookie=”VISITORINFO1LIVE=fPQ4jCL6EiE” and press enter key.

After that refresh, your Firefox browser, check your YouTube account profile.

There you find one more new option Dark Mode or a three dotted menu that enables YouTube Dark mode.

If this procedure does not work make sure to clear cache and cookies on Firefox.

Then apply the same procedure to activate the Dark mode in YouTube.

YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode In Android:

Activating YouTube Dark mode or night mode in YouTube has not been officially announced, it’s a part of YouTube changes. Let us check for the YouTube dark Mode in Android phone.

First and foremost thing is go to the “Play Store” in your Android mobile download the latest version of “Ponda YouTube Player App”.

After downloading, Install the new Panda YouTube player app on your Android device.

Make sure your phone memory is free to install this app because the file size will be around 4MB.

Just Open the YouTube app it shows the default interface but the best thing is you will get the Dark Mode feature as well.

If you are not aware of App name, just type YouTube dark mode in Play Store search option.

It will automatically show you the “Panda YouTube Player”.

YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode In Mac:

Enabling the Hidden Dark mode feature in iOS devices is quite interesting. I am testing it on Mac.

As it is the desktop device, download the YouTube app and install it.

Open the YouTube Account, scroll down on the YouTube window on the bottom you find one option ”Test new features”.

Click on “Test New Features” option select “A fresh new look for”.

Click on “try new YouTube” that option changes to “Restore classic YouTube”.

Then restore it you can see a lot of differences in YouTube channel.

Go to the Profile icon, a new drop down menu with Dark mode on/off option. Just turn on the night mode enjoy the dark mode features of YouTube.

If you don’t like Night mode of YouTube, go to profile on the drop down the last option “restore classic YouTube”.

Click on this you can see the small window to explain why you don’t like YouTube Dark Mode.

Give the any of the reason and click finish. Reload the page you get normal YouTube page.


Some people don’t know the new feature of YouTube Dark Mode if you are tired of watching YouTube videos in the light mode just try the Dark Mode to get relief to your eyes. Here is an Ultimate guide to Activate YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode in Chrome, Firefox, Android and iOS.

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