YouTube Marketing

YouTube Marketing: The Definitive Guide

YouTube is the biggest destination of video content. You all know that it is the best platform for branding and marketing along with the advertising. Many individual artists have got good fame as their content shared across the countries. It is the platform where there is an opportunity to showcase the talent. Here is the complete guide to YouTube Marketing.

YouTube video content is always at the top pages in search engine results. But, some users are worried about the view count on the YouTube platform, and there may be several reasons behind it.

5 YouTube Mistakes to Get Rid

2016 was expected to be the refreshing year in digital video marketing and advertising. Some new technologies, startup designs, tactics, and formats come into being this year with new developments ahead.

We all know that YouTube platform was also testing new formats with virtual reality and many other features this year. So, the marketers and all other YouTubers must know what type of general mistakes that must be avoided to sail this 2016 perfectly for your success.

Not uploading updated Video Content:

As you have entered the New Year, everything you create must be refreshing and new to the audience. So, the audience expects the original and regular content from your channel.

So, don’t just stick with old topics and general and routine content. Make some changes and make it perfect and refreshing to audience by keeping them busy with your exciting, new video content regularly.

Low Quality Audio:

Many people rush to upload and create content this New Year. But always remember the first impression is the best, and you have to upload the best of your content to get the audience attention. So, avoid this mistake and upload the content with excellent video and audio quality.

Don’t just Stick:

Though long-form content is also more engaging on YouTube, the watch metric is also mattered in the YouTube SEO so, it is better to generate both types of content.

Always remember that whatever content you have created, the first five seconds and primary one minute content plays a significant role to get attention of the audience.

Don’t go for Broad Channel Creation:

Many users may have good experience in uploading and publishing the video content which makes them create the full channel which may lead to few subscribers. Go with one clear niche to succeed.

Don’t Break into Categories:

You may upload number of videos on YouTube platform and may differentiate into several categories. But, don’t differentiate too much between some categories as they viewers may get difficult to go with every category. So, make them comfortable during the search.

5 Reasons Your YouTube Channel Videos not Getting Views

Lack of good Video tags:

Video tags can enhance the view count on YouTube platform. But many users are not using the video tags. That must include the right keywords otherwise your video may not get viewed by the people across the platform.

You are not targeting the right audience:

The content you have posted must be reached to the right audience then only your video can receive the views. Target the right audience by following various sites, blogs and other channels that are relevant to your category.

You are not optimising your video:

Optimization is essential to get identified among the millions of videos across the platform. Customize the video content with the social buttons to share your content on to other platforms. Also, include some call to actions to increase the exposure.

Failure in utilization of the various video formats:

YouTube platform has provided various video formats for the advertisers, users and marketers. Use any service like Trueview ads to promote your video content across the platform within a short time. It is better to use the True View feature for better viewer building.

You are not sharing your content across the other platforms:

It is one of the biggest reasons why you failed to receive more views. Social platforms can enhance your view count as your content become more shareable across the platforms which can increase the chance of getting more views

10 Ways To Increase Your Video Views On YouTube

Google always changes its search algorithm to deliver the quality content for its audience at first. Its new search algorithm Hummingbird has changed many things with redesigning of the subscription feed.

The hummingbird made the things more complicated to get the views. But the view count plays a great role to achieve success on YouTube platform. Here are some best ways to increase the view count of your YouTube video. Here we go..

Optimize your video:

Optimize your video titles and the description according to the search algorithm. Also, optimise your keywords and tags which play a crucial role in getting more views to your videos.

Attractive thumbnails:

Many people are misleading the thumbnails terms and conditions. Some people are going with the irrelevant thumbnails which may lead to long-time failure as people become impatient if they find unrelated content images. So, be sure that you choose not only attractive thumbnail but also relevant thumbnail for your video to get more views.

Never buy views:

You may find specific services which are offering the views with some payment. Don’t ever go with such type of services? A sincere effort and positive opinions will matter to your success and raise in view count too. You may not get comments and further views if you buy the pictures.

Utilize Facebook:

Utilize the opportunity of promoting your video on a cross-platform like Facebook. Facebook is the most engaging platform primarily for the promotion of video content. So discuss your YouTube video on Facebook platform and promote it to generate better views.

Go with Twitter:

Twitter is the best destination to go with hashtag following and raise your video views. So conducts some research with hashtags and interact with the audience and discuss on your video which helps to increase the video views.

Don’t forget call to actions:

Another way to gain better views and subscribers is to ask for Subscribers which is known as the call to actions. So, don’t forget to include high call to actions for our video to increase the views.


Always be regular with the watching habits of people and stick to it to drive number of views to the videos.

Create supporting blog:

It is one of the essential things because people love to know more about their favourite videos. Blogs are the best way to stay connected with the audience. write articles and embed video content on your blogs.

Email newsletter:

Utilize your website and try to develop the new audience with the email newsletter by sending along with your video links. It helps you to drive better views directly with your video links.

Google ad words and channel trailers:

Google Ad words and the channel trailers will boost up your video presence across the search engines and generates better views towards your video.

How Does YouTube Generate Video IDs ?

YouTube has efficient content Id system along with the best video ID too. There are some millions of videos on the YouTube platform, and recently the platform has revealed that nearly 400 hours video was uploading onto YouTube platform every minute.

The YouTube platform provides a unique ID which contains eleven characters up in the URL which identifies the video uniquely. The most brainstorming question is did YouTube ever run out of the ID’s. To know more about this, one must know about the counting system which referred as Base 64.

people count from the Base 10 to 9 when comes to computers, they tally in Base 2 which is not understandable by the humans.

Very often the laptop displays the base 16. While we have 0 to 9 and from A to F. so, while you try to add towards the next columns, it’s not so easy to crack, but computers only can do. 64 is one of secure number base to deal with for computers.

Most of the Base 64 uses the plus signs and slash signs and when comes to YouTube, it uses a hyphen and underscore.

The platform didn’t just count at 1 to work up, and it may get synchronising their cont between servers and the incremental counters are the biggest security flaw in them.

Using this way of approach YouTube was planning to stay as the biggest competitor to the new platforms all the time with it’s efficient, strong and flawless Video ID system.

The YouTube IDs will have appeared in the form of Video ID, User ID and Playlist ID. These IDs are unique for each which are being in the part of accessing YouTube. These will observe as the URL which has been provided by the YouTube. i.e. “” just consider it as an example of Video URL in which you can find the Video ID as ‘v=ln3bqlI1iW0’.

20 Facts And Figures About YouTube App

The head of the social media platforms is YouTube which is mainly intended to watch videos of all concepts. The users can find all the essential stuff in the YouTube without struggling, and this is made easy to surf the mobile itself.

They generated the YouTube app especially for mobile users to access from anywhere as in hands.The below are the facts about the YouTube app that no one knows.

  1. YouTube is available as an application on smartphones, gaming consoles as well as on smart TV too
  2. Even cable or setup box users can also access the YouTube in high definition
  3. The latest app allows the users to get subscribed to the favourite channels and also allows the building of watch list separately.
  4. It is straightforward to explore various channels on YouTube app.
  5. One can also find the recommended content within the YouTube app
  6. The YouTube app is compatible with both the iOS and Android functionalities
  7. The platform has recently release the new version for iOS app
  8. The app was redesigned completely to obtain a new look
  9. The newly designed app for iOS also allows the users to find and search what the user lovers most
  10. The new application was categorized in to three sections.
  11. Such as Home, Subscriptions and Account.
  12. The home section looks like normal YouTube web page desktop view
  13. The Home section provides the users with suggestions and featured videos
  14. The subscriptions section helps in management of subscriptions
  15. The account section allows to access the history
  16. The playlists and number of likes can also be accessed from the account section within the app
  17. The new kids app is also announced recently with great parental controls
  18. The new iOS app allows adding filters and music to the videos
  19. The app can be available in various stores and the new app allows the user to access the summary of the shows too
  20. For enhanced analytics section, the creators studio app can be available for the regular YouTubers.

How to Create More Videos in Less Time: A Science-Backed Guide

Video creation is one of the most significant tasks that must be done in a right way as it is the prime factor to succeed. The video posting must be consistent to get good results within in short time.

Sometimes there is a need for creating more videos for the marketing and advertising. It is not too complicated to create more videos within a less time. Here are the steps to create more content in less time.

Don’t work more:
Gets decreases if you work more than 40 hours in a week. So, don’t overstress your mind which may affect the video creation.

Listen to Good Concentration Music During Work:

Listen background music less than 70 decibels which can stimulate the brain towards the creative thoughts and helps you to take beautiful decisions in creation and also fasten up the process.

Avoid multiple works:

Don’t overstress your mind by performing different works and thinking about different things at a time. You can be efficient in producing the content if you are focused on a single task.

Know your Productive Time:

Some people love to work overnight, and some like to work early in the morning. So, work in your best time to make the work faster and accurate.

Use Technology Efficiently:

Use the keyword production tool and other sites for the actual titles, description ideas, and many other things. The primary key is to choose best places you elevate your ideas and creativity.

Take Some Breaks:

Take some breaks after the completion of the tasks which can free up your mind. Don’t work continuously.

Generate short and simple videos:

Create videos in a short and simple format which contains the detailed information, and this idea could be the great to have more videos in less period. The audience will show more interest to watch byte sized videos than long-form videos.

Produce Testimonials:

Make the videos of customer testimonials in a short form which can grasp the attention of audience in a limited period.

In this new era everyone is giving preference to watch time-saving videos than long form in a bulk and this could be more useful to generate multiple videos in a very less time.

How to Make 5x More Money from YouTube Brand Deals

Brand deals help you to make good sum from the deals offered by the concerned brands if you have more than one thousand subscribers or followers to your YouTube channel. Brands often find the influencers for their branding and always in search of the right way to promote their brand.So, get ready to grab the opportunity if you are qualified with some thousand subscribers for your YouTube channel.

If you have proper grasping and can know what your audience like about and if any brand has coincided with your audience interests then you can only approach the brand and make some proposal to them about your audience and the brand. Sure, you can grab the best brand deal as the brands like influencers and connects with you.

Develop your channel actual viewers and never get disappointed

If you are a genuine creator and interested in making good money which is three times more than any brand deal then you must have a good actual viewer count to your channel.

You must have the good connection with your audience and easy to get connected and interact with them. You can put some ideas and suggestions to the concerned brand you proposed with.

You can promote that brand across the various platform. If you are a sincere YouTubers, then go and get connected with the popular channels and get engaged with the audience and brands. Don’t ever get discouraged due to loss of one deal because there are so many brands that are looking forward to the right influencer.

So, try it again with your skill and talent by developing your YouTube channel.

Some channels like Famebit was helping the creators to get some best brand deals from the various categories like Lifestyle, entertainment and much more. So, you can build up good standards as well as three times money from your YouTube channel.


These will notify the interesting features that have been added to the YouTube which is the symbol of user-friendly. Don’t waste your time just go ahead and start using this YouTube app.

This is the brief description of YouTube IDs which are being perfect to run the successful channel, and these are completely having special role in the system of YouTube.

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