A Definitive Guide to Targeting YouTube Micro-Influencers

Are you intended to grow your business in a short span?

Then utter the phrase YouTube micro-influencer.

Is it sounds strange?

Here is the complete guide to know more about the way they work.

What is Micro-Influencers Marketing?

Choosing to collaborate with micro-influencers is the greatest way to develop your brand by promoting your products or services videos through micro-influencers.

The name itself defines that they have a small count of followers than influencers. The selection of micro-influencers video marketing will push our brand at the audience and turns them to become customers or clients for our products or services.

Mostly, they will have more predictions on the customer expectations in their particular location. When you are intended to blast the success through video, then the micro-influencers video marketing is the bridging strategies to reach the targeted path in a short time.

Though the YouTube micro-influencers have less quantity of audience they can influence the audience to become customers with the strong influential skills.

Simply the YouTube micro-influencer could be the brand ambassadors to dispatch one’s brand at the tip of the customers.

When they involved the ROI will be raised drastically by targeting the exact audience.

They build the house of trust at the customers by delivering the genuine content.

5 Tips for Effectively Manage YouTube Micro-Influencers

Use the stream of other social media sites to approach the YouTube micro-influencers.

Make a search on Google to find the best micro-influencers.

There are certain tools like Influence.co and BuzzSumo etc to list out the micro-influencers.

Usage of branded hash tags that define your brand will direct you find the micro-influencers.

Revise the fans list at large accounts of your personal profile to hook the potential micro-influencers.

How are Big Brands using YouTube Micro-Influencers?

Most of the big brands are using YouTube micro-influencers to engage their brands with the customers.

In that path, they consider the customer reviews and feedback that have been arrived through the micro-influencers.

They file the comments that have been presented at the campaigns that are being launched by the micro-influencers.

When the brands prefer the micro-influencer they feed the followers to make shares and likes for your launched campaigns that create better brand awareness.

Using micro-influencers Brands offer giveaways through a contest.

YouTube Micro-Influencers – The Ultimate Business Model

The important things for any brand or business to have a deep and lasting relationship with the consumers online are trust, engagement and attraction.

It is however not easy for the brands and businesses to connect to potential customers and it is also time-consuming.

Creating brand awareness to converting the visitor into a loyal customer is a long journey.

Brands and businesses need to help create and establish consumer connections and for this, they can take the help of micro-influencers.

Micro influencers are a type of influencers who have around ten thousand and more followers and subscribers on their YouTube channel.

Collaborating with these micro influencers helps the businesses to reach a number of audiences.

It is proved that consumers follow the recommendations of these micro influencers.

Micro influencers encourage the relationship of brands and business and promote attraction, engagement and trust.

Let us now see how Micro Influencers can Increase Engagement

Business can get the benefit of increased engagement if they collaborate with the micro influencers as these people help the brands and products to bring in front of the interested audience.

Micro influencers know how to target the active audience and get a response from them.

It is proved that YouTube micro influencers are achieving higher engagement rates that any big-time celebrities. A survey also revealed that in the top ten influential figures on YouTube, eight are YouTube stars.

How Micro Influencers can Attract Quality Leads?

Businesses can get help from micro influencers to get more qualified leads than from any PPC ads and there is no need to incur ad expenses.

Micro Influencers are well ahead is customer acquisition when compared with paid search or Email Marketing.

The quality of customers is also proved to better than those attracting via other Marketing Strategies.

Higher quality leads can be acquired with Micro Influencer as these people are more targeted and relevant.

Building trust is very important for any brand or business. A customer who trusts a brand or a product will remain loyal customers for life.

He even will try to promote the product. Micro influencers will help to cultivate trust in the brand. The influencers first should trust and love the business that he is going to promote.

To partner and get benefits with the micro influencers, it is necessary to find the right one. Choose the right influencers who are interested in your business or product.

They should connect with the product and can communicate their trust and love for the brand and product to his followers.

A Micro Influencer who have a highly engaged audience and whose follower base is rapidly growing is the right candidate to help you reach your goal. Look for those who can bring value and ROI to the business campaign.

Micro influencers on YouTube are open to working with businesses and more flexible.

They can create the high-quality video content in affordable budget. Take the help of online sites to find the influencers.

While analyzing the influencers keep in mind the goal of your business campaign. Then weigh the pros and cons of having the micro influencers.

Think of how he will be helpful to increase engagements, build trust and so on.

When choosing the micro influencers, find out what their channel is all about, what is the viewership demographic and what is the upload frequency.

Check the average views per video, video engagements and their production quality.

Reach out to the influencer and find if they are interested in collaborating with you and if they are available for sponsorship.

The process of choosing the micro influencer may be lengthy but is worth. Influencer marketing is one of the biggest marketing trends so take advantage of the trend which is not showing signs of slowing down.

How to Use YouTube Micro-Influencers to Drive eCommerce Sales

Marketers are finding new ways to reach the audience across the web. The new term “ Micro Influencer “was buzzing across different platforms and many brands are getting successful with the micro influencer strategies and increase their leads. Let us see how brands are getting successful with this new approach to YouTube Micro-Influencers.

What is a micro influencer?

You might already go through influencer marketing; this micro influencer is also related to the influencer marketing procedure in which the micro influencer has very less follow comparing with the influencers.

That means brands will connect with the influencers who has following low rate to promote their brands with visual posts instead of sponsored ads.

Did YouTube Micro-Influencers have better value?

Yes, absolutely. A study revealed that the Instagram users with less number of followers like 1000 followers are successfully generated 9 percent more likes than expected by the marketer.

Users with up to 10k followers are earned 4 percent rate only.

When comes to users up to 100,000 followers had achieved 2.4 percent likes comparing to users having up to 10 million followers where they get 1.7 percent only.

These facts definitely wow the marketers and the central point behind this micro influencers is they have more targeted audience comparing to other users who have high following rate.

So, brands can achieve higher engagement rates with micro influencer strategy.

Micro influencer strategy for e-commerce business

Have more targeted followers, Micro-influencers are considered as the best for marketing online. It is a simple fact that if a clothing brand was partnered with the influencer with a high rate of engagement and following. They cannot connect with your brand as some of the followers might not be interested in fashion.

When it comes to micro-influencers, they have a more targeted audience because they are slowly developing and only people who are interested in a specific category only follow them initially until they become a star. So, brands can quickly approach the people who exactly interested in your brand category.

Micro –influencer marketing is more affordable than influencer

Yes, exactly because it is tough to give large payments along with promotional gifts. When comes to micro influencers they don’t expect more and can bring you better leads with their more targeted audience.

Authentic approach

Micro influencers can be your real people as they have very few followers who likely to post their content and comments and behave more authentic.

Many of the celebrities have social media managers who manage their entire accounts, and they only comment on the people.

But when comes to the micro influencers they will be on pace directly with the audience and can influence them towards your products.

Many social media platforms have often changed their algorithms to engage as well as challenges the marketers approach.

Likewise, the Instagram platform also changes its algorithm by allowing the posts from the profiles of the users follow and their interactions are shown at the top of the news feed.

How to find right micro- influencers to your e-commerce marketing?

Find in your fans

Check your social media followers and research when there are any social media influencers those are following your brand.

If you approach some micro influencer who never heard about your brand might become complicated means, it takes more time to make them understand about your brand and business.

So try to find in your fans if you have no option try other ways then.

Research Hashtags

A micro influencer might not hear about your brand, but it doesn’t mean that they are not at all interested in your products or services. So, hashtag research can help you better if you have no option to choose the influencers in your followers.

Identify the micro influencers who have similar product interest. Get best results from the Twitter and Instagram and check the most relevant hashtag then find the influencer who started that hashtag. It is better to search on the Instagram platform as it can fetch simpler results. So, find an ideal micro influencer for your business who have more post likes.

Search for local bloggers on Google

If your e-commerce companies are serving in particular location, try some proper research to find your micro influencers by searching for the local bloggers like “bloggers in Diamond Park area,” by searching with these keywords can get you the right results about the bloggers in a particular field.

You can now check for the similar business related blogs or product related blogs. By using this way can help you to find the most relevant influencers for your e-commerce brand promotions.

Utilize the third party tools

There are many platforms and tools like BuzzSumo; Ninja can make it easier to find the right micro influencers for your brand. You can get some accurate results by following these tools. But you need to research after getting the results whether they can fit in your brand or not.

Search your micro influencers with specific keywords that match your business. Check the status of every individual influencer and go through their followers and engagement levels.

Brands that are succeeded with micro influencer strategy

La Croix Sparkling water

La Croix started tapped in micro influencers to promote the brand. It relied on social media marketing and identified the micro influencers on the Instagram platform.

The brand approached the micro influencer to share their product awareness program posts on the Instagram platform.

The brand specifically targeted the authenticity of the micro influencers to impact the realness. Finally, the brands successfully reached its objective of bringing awareness about the brand as well as successfully engage the customers.

Kimpton Hotels

The Hotel brand utilized the Instagram takeovers and connected with the micro influencers. The Instagram takeovers connect with the new audience with the brand and hence help the brands to get new followers and more engagement levels. The Instagram takeovers consist of micro-influencers who post the original content for the brand promotion by themselves. The brand was successfully acquired 28k followers by connecting with the micro influencer.

Finally, Follow these above suggestions and brand strategies to get more engagement, good leads with micro influencer marketing for your e-commerce business.


These all the best strategies that help in finding and usage of YouTube micro-influencers at your niche to establish the video campaigns to promote the products or services that expand the brand. Try to find the best micro-influencer who helps in gaining more customers.

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