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How Much Does YouTube Pay Per View – A Mystery for New Users

Everyone watch videos on YouTube for hours and hours. But no one knows how much does YouTube Pay Per View for the particular video. Just go through these phases where you can find how much YouTube Paya Per one View.

YouTube has become the second largest search engine after Google. The popularity of the YouTube is encouraging people to create and share videos on this platform and earn money. Anyone who wants to use YouTube for earning money should know how much YouTube pays per view. YouTube helps to estimate or calculate the cost and the earnings.

some people earn millions of dollars as their videos become very popular. The video is further inspiring content developers to create videos. One frequently asked the question of all these new users is how much YouTube pays per view.

The True view video ads will pay which has consider under cost per view bidding.The CPV will be applicable when the audiences interacted with the video ad at least for 30 seconds and by counting the views obtained from that particular video ad the revenue will pay. The CPV bid will impact the Ad rank on YouTube search results when the true view video ads are launched on YouTube.

Let us now see how YouTube calculates the payments on videos.

The YouTube payments per videos are based on real-time bidding. For all the YouTube videos that monetized, Ads shown. Advertisers who use Google Adwords set offers for the clicks, and when a user watches the video, there is an automatic action and the ad which won the bid shown on the video. The auction determines the price per view. So there is no fixed payment per view and is decided in real time.

How much YouTube pays For YouTube Pay Per View?

YouTubers receive amounts from YouTube depending on the form where the viewers are watching their videos. If the market size of which there are many views is big, the earnings from YouTube will be more. This is because the budgets of advertisements are different.

• To understand more clearly, we will use the Revenue per Thousand Impressions or RPM. If a video or YouTube channel receives a thousand views from a smaller market, the amount generated can be $0.1, and the same views from a bigger market will result in the generation of USD 1. These are general estimations, and the actual amount may vary as many factors influence it. some of these are the CPC, CPM, and RPM.

• CPC or cost per click is the point at which the cash is paid by the sponsor.

• Cost per view or CPV is the point where the sponsor pays cash when some user watches the ad for a minimum of thirty seconds. The payment made when a user clicks the ad and watches it for thirty seconds, and so it cannot be attached to the YouTube Channel Perspectives to dollars.

YouTube earnings depend on the ads running on the channel, the partnerships, and the niche also. YouTube pays the publishers based on the ads. Neither the subscriber count nor the video view counts decide how much YouTube pays per view. Views and clicks are different and having millions of views, but no clicks earn nothing for the publisher.

There are different types of ads, and the YouTube pay per view is different for each type of ad. CPC ads the pop-up ads at the bottom of the video. The amount the YouTuber gets when someone clicks the ad is the amount the advertiser pays. Google and YouTube cuts are subtracted from this amount.

CPV ads run before the actual YouTube video starts. Cash paid when the viewer watches at least thirty seconds of the video. These type of ads generate less payment than the CPC ads.

Finally, the average cost per view on YouTube depends on the targeted audience, the country from which the views come, view rate, etc. The cost per view is more in countries such as the UK, UK and Canada and also in selected EU countries.


There are few tips to increase the earnings on YouTube channels and the new YouTubers must follow these to earn more money targeting keywords with high CPC on YouTube is one of these. These are beast tips for YouTube Pay Per View.

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