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YouTube Play Button: The Ultimate Guide to YouTube Rewards

YouTube was said to be focusing more on prominent creators earlier. However, YouTube recognized the need to focus on up-and-comers and introduced a reward system for creators. For a few years, the platform has offered the creators rewardseators through a YouTube Play Button. Once qualified channels reach the required number of subscribers, they can upload the email address to the rewards redemption website. The process of receiving the reward takes around eight to twelve weeks, and the delivery of the prize also depends on the creator’s location.

YouTube Play Buttons are part of the reward program of YouTube for creators. YouTube recognized the popular channels. When reaching the milestone, the verified YouTubers will receive a flat trophy with a plastic or metal shaped like a YouTube play button symbol. The medals are in different types.

About YouTube Play Button

The channel qualifies for awards as it gets the subscribers required for each award. YouTubers are given recognition when they reach three milestones. A framed limited edition silver-plated play button personalized with the channel name is given to the channels that get 100,000 subscribers. A gold-plated button with a channel name is awarded to channels with one million subscribers.

YouTube will also reward the most prominent creators and the small up-and-coming creators. At every stage, new perks and rewards are unlocked. Every YouTuber starts at level Graphite. This starter level is given to YouTubers with subscribers from 0-1000. The nThe next reward is Opal, which is given to channels with 1K to 10K subscribers. Bronze is given to media that have 10k to 100k subscribers. Silver and up awards are given to media with more than 100k subscribers. In this stage, YouTube creators can take advantage of the social elements.

The Silver Play Button 

The silver play button is awarded to the creator, who gets 100,000 subscribers. No bronze button exists, so this is the first button to get. When you reach 100,000 subscribers, an email is sent by YouTube to the account of the vlogger.

The Gold Play Button 

The gold play button is awarded to the creators who land one million subscribers. A shiny gold play button can be seen on the wall, which everyone can see.

The Diamond Play Button 

YouTube rewards the YouTubers who get ten million subscribers with the diamond play button. This is the highest award. Having a diamond play button shows that the creator is one of the biggest creators on YouTube. Reaching the nine-figure subscriber count is incredible.

The Ruby Play Button

YouTube awards the Ruby Play Button for the channels that reach fifty million subscribers. This is red and transparent. It is shaped like the YouTuber’s icon. It is tough to get the fifty million subscribers milestone. The creator award page does not reference the Ruby play button, as its shape is specific to the channels. It is still now received by only PewDiePie.

Getting the YouTube play buttons is not an easy task. Subscription count is the only requirement to get these rewards. Achieving the milestones requires a lot of hard work and effort. YouTube recognizes the channels that have large fan bases. However, if YouTube finds out that the media did not play by the rules, it may disqualify them from getting the award. Creators from countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Us, and others are eligible for the YouTube Rewards.

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