YouTube Quality Watch Time

YouTube Quality Watch Time: Guide For YouTube Ranking Factors

Now millions of audiences are watching YouTube video content. As the reputation of YouTube increases the activity of checking quality takes a major role. The fine quality of the most related videos will be suggested to the audience as recommended one. This tactic helps to increase audience engagement to watch for more hours or minutes. YouTube is always doing its best to the users by introducing the new advanced metrics to improve their performance of their channel. Now it is coming with new and useful feature “Quality Watch Time”. Here YouTube quality watch time is the main factor to improve the YouTube ranking.

How it plays a key role to get the YouTube higher ranking?

Is content creation proportional to YouTube quality watch time?

Each query relevant to YouTube quality watch time will be discussed here that helps in finding the significance of quality watch time on YouTube.

YouTube Quality Watch Time

The amount of time that the audience spends on YouTube to watch the video content is termed as YouTube quality watch time. It can be a great weapon to identify which type of content is more likely preferred by the audience. To measure the success of the video performance efficiently YouTube worked to rethink of launch the quality watch time. Depending on how much time the audience watch the video which projects the engagement of the video. The quality watch time helps to do such effective analysis which can be used to find the success of a particular video.

Importance of quality watch time to your YouTube channel

    Now YouTube is concentrating more on the watch time of video content that is quality. Along with it YouTube also track the users and view the comments at the post.

  • In the past view, count has of prior significance in YouTube. That means YouTube ranked videos according to how many views they obtained for the videos.
  • In many cases, the videos are getting more view as the creators highly focused on views. Hence, they are uploading spam or misleading content with compelling titles and thumbnails.
  • This couldn’t fit to reach the audience attention as that type of videos are getting clicks and but the audience is quitting immediately after going through that video. It leads to an increase in the bounce rate.
  • Then quality Watch time has given much priority to feed the audience with user required content.

quality Watch time is not regarding the length of the video

Most of the creators think that they can hold the audience watch time for longer if they go with long-form videos.

Either it may be a short form or long form videos will not reach that extent. The quality and content creation of the video is the most significant one to improve the watch time.

Audience retention report to increase watch time of YouTube video

  • How much of your YouTube video is being watched by the audience is reported by the audience retention metric.
  • For example, if the audience spends 1 minute to watch your 5-minute long video, then 20% will be the audience retention rate.
  • Audience retention states that whether your video has compelling content to attain the audience attention or not which can’t be specified by view metric.
  • The bad audience retention rate will let the YouTube algorithm to lower the video ranking. Through this, the audience can’t find your video content on search results of YouTube. It leads to a decrease in the watch time of YouTube.

How to increase YouTube quality watch time?

Most relevant titles and thumbnails:

  • Using the most relevant titles and thumbnails might have more chances to gain the attention of the audience.
  • Most of the creators upload misleading video content with compelling titles and thumbnails.
  • In this case, the video can obtain the clicks but not views. That mean viewer won’t watch the video for a longer time.
  • Now the audience is more active in reporting such type of content to YouTube directly which may lead to ban the channel.

Analyzing analytics:

When you upload the video on YouTube, you need to check the audience retention report.

It tells the time the audience quits to watch your video content. Then you can take necessary actions that need to eradicate that problem.

Creating high-quality content:

To improve the quality watch time one creator should launch high-quality video content.

Now we can see that high competition in YouTube is bringing the more fresh and effective content that all audiences need.

The more quality content you create, the more watch time and reputation you obtain.

Considering the first 15 seconds:

The first 15 seconds in the video are most precious to make the audience to stick at the video to watch full length.

The YouTube creators should consider the creation of ultimate content in the starting 15 seconds.

Using annotations:

The usage of annotations in the video will direct the audience to watch for a longer time.

Creating playlists:

The creation of playlists where the library of videos will be stored will help the audience to spend more time on watching other videos on the channel.

How has YouTube watch time become as the race between T-Series and Pew Die Pie?

  • Each second of subscribers particularly on YouTube will change the hand of the winner.
  • The Pew Die Pie and T- Series have a high competition of becoming the most subscribed YouTube channel in the world.
  • Everyone knows Pew Die Pie is the number one YouTuber in the world.
  • Similarly, T-Series has the same reputation as overcoming Pew Die Pie. It has become a hot topic in the world about Pew Die Pie and T- series.
  • Pew Die Pie has 94,166,083 subscribers, and T-Series has 94,273,469 subscribers where the difference is 107,386. Here T-Series has higher subscribers than Pew Die Pie.
  • It’s not a small thing to gain such subscribers along with world reputation.
  • Though T-series a particular Hindi Music channel especially from Indian that no other countries know that language.
  • But here the uploading of excellent video content has driven the watch time along with the subscribers.


Finally, we can say that watch time is one of the primary metrics in YouTube to get a higher ranking. As a creator, it is necessary to consider the YouTube Watch Time which helps in gaining more subscribers to have a continuous engagement of the channel.

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