YouTube Red Originals

10 Interesting Facts about YouTube Red Originals

YouTube Red is a paid subscription service launched by YouTube. Members can access original series and movies created by popular YouTubers. YouTube Red originals are available in few countries where users cannot access YouTube Red. You need to purchase the movies or series on Google Play to watch these originals.

 YouTube Red videos do not show advertisements in any form.  These videos can be saved so that they can be watched later offline.  The content available on YouTube Red is exclusive. Thirty-day free trial is also available for those who are interested.

Facts about YouTube Red Originals

1. There will be no pre-roll ads, search ads, banner ads or video overlay ads in YouTube Red Originals.  There is no ad revenue and hence the paid subscription to pay for the creators of the video.

2. Saved videos on YouTube Red can be watched even offline on tablets or mobiles even when there is no internet connection.

3. The content posted on YouTube Red is original and is exclusive for the subscribers.

4. Subscribers can watch YouTube Red on devices such as Apple TV, Chromecast, Xbox, Roku etc.

5. The subscription you pay for YouTube Red covers YouTube gaming and YouTube Kids also.

6. The subscribers of YouTube Red will have the facility to watch the YouTube Red Originals without any extra payment.

7. YouTube Red Originals are only available in select locations.  In few locations, only movies can be purchased on Google Play and in some locations both the movies and series can be purchased on Google Play.

8. Those who do not subscribe to YouTube Red may access YouTube normally but the content will be with ads.

9. The exclusive content may also be available all for free after some amount of time.

10. YouTube Red also allows subscribers to access Google Play Music.

20 Facts you need to know about YouTube Red

YouTube Red is the most advanced and useful app which has added to the YouTube platform. Everyone is unfamiliar about YouTube Red, that means no have an idea of additional services provided by it. To know much about it just a look at the below phrases.

Facts about YouTube Red

1. Youtube Red is going to launch on 28th October

2. It is a new Subscription Service for Entertainment

3. YouTube Red monthly subscription starts from 9.99$

4. The subscribers can get ad-free video services

5. The subscribers can also be able to watch the YouTube offline

6. This app allows the users to play music background of the device

7. Watch and Enjoy YouTube Videos Ad-Free on all Mobile Devices.

8. YouTube also announced the dedicated music app along with the YouTube Red, where the subscribers can get benefited along with future services by YouTube platform.

9. The YouTube Red subscription includes Google play music services

10. The monthly subscription price is similar to the Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer services

11. Google Play Music can access YouTube Red

12. It expected that YouTube red would soon bundle up with the Android tariffs along with the Google

13. YouTube Red is expected to open a new revenue for the Google

14. Watch original content from YouTube Star Creators like Superwoman, PewDiePie soon.

15. The YouTube Red service may costs different for iOS users. It is expected to be 12$

16. The Subscribers of YouTube Red can cover the Gaming and YouTube kids services

17. YouTube music is also planned to offer offline services

18. Basing on the watch time, the creators will get paid

19. New TOS of YouTube Red is applied for Creators.

20. YouTube Red is now offering a one-month free trial.

This is the only app that has been developed by considering the requirements of the daily users of YouTube. The users of this app will be benefited with some unpredictable offers.

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