YouTube Science and Technology Channels

Top 10 YouTube Science and Technology Channels

YouTube is an open source for all educational, kids, science and Technology Tutorials. YouTube has thousand of sub channels related to Science and Technology. Students get benefited by watching this type of content instead of watching movies and music in YouTube channels. Here are the top 10 YouTube Science and Technology Channels.

YouTube Science and Technology Channels

1.Vsauce Channel:

This channel describes about scientific research, education, technology and gaming. The Channel was started by the Michael Stevens covered by innovative scientific ideas and philosophical topics. On an average 2 to 8 million people watch every episode. This channel has 11,216,452+subscribers and 1,098,932,932+ views.

What if Everyone Jumped at Once

2. Crazy Russian Hacker:

Taras Kulakov is well known for scientific experiments done in CrazyRussian Hacker YouTube channel. He will get around $3 million with Crazy Russian Hacker. Releases unique Lifehacker videos and scientific experiments in real-world videos. This channel has 8.6 million subscribers and 1.6 billion views on recent statistics.

How to Open a Can without Can Opener

3.Unbox Therapy:

This channel was owned by Lewis Hilsenteger. Unbox Therapy channel reveals about technological products how you receive from the company and explains pin to pinpoint about that product how to open, how to use, how it works and much more.This channel has 6.4million subscribers and 2.6 million views.

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

4.TED Channel:

TED describes Technology, Entertainment, and Design. This channel releases motivational, inspiring and lifestyle videos followed by TED conference format TED has a slogan like “ideas worth spreading”, actually this videos has a lot of worth that inspire human minds. This channel has 6,000,149+ subscribers and 679,183,458+ views.

Do schools kill creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson


Two Canadian Youtubers Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown started producing video’s related science and education. These videos describe interesting facts about science, not only science but also world’s weirdest’ s questions and unexplained phenomena. Behind the science, fun and experimental ways get more popular this channel. Statistically proven that 5,982,110+ subscribers and 674,391,223+ views.

What Colour Is This Dress?

6.AWE me:

AWE me is owned by Herring Networks with a slogan “a wealth of Entertainment”. The Channel is about wow factors and educates with an amazing show. AWE me captures science oriented stuff that would focus on the male audience ranging from 18-34 age. This channel has 5,119,770+subscribers and 457,387,102+views.

The Dark World – MAN AT ARMS


Google is an official YouTube channel of Google videos about technology, products, and new innovations. Describes new products released by Google, services, Google art and culture. This channel has video’s about google that everything about Google services. It has 4,646,603+subscribers and 1,176,076,062 + views.

Google – Year In Search 2014

8.Household Hacker:

The name itself describes utilizing the household things around by us in a technological way.Household hacker contains videos like how to cook a turkey using a blue light and DVD’s, how to charge an iPhone with an onion and many more video’s using household things. This channel mainly depends on technology and science. It has 4,423,595+subscribers and 641,440,946+views.

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9.Marques Brownlee:

Marques Brownlee is an American YouTube personality, Tech blogger.This channel completely depends on technology product reviews. All videos explain about hardware and software parts. He was promoted for review sites for giving reviews for gadgets. It has 4,114,771+subscribers and 534,110,636+views.

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display


Apple deals with high technology products like iPod, iPhones, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV’s. It is an official YouTube channel for Apple. Here video’s include about services provided by Apple and new technologies. How to use their products, what are new inventions done by apple, include music, apps, Apple TV, cloud and everything about Apple. This channel has 4,076,021+subscribers and 206,046,995+views.

Apple – Introducing iPhone 7


The above all are Top 10 YouTube Science and technology Channels for students and any age people can get benefited by watching these channels.

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