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Strategies and Techniques for Promoting Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is the best platform for the marketers to reach their dreams in their business. Many independent artists also raised due to the YouTube platform with their talent. While looking about the advertising on YouTube platform, the YouTube watch time plays an essential role in the ad. The marketers must know about the watch time in detail and also concern on the shares of the videos. So, one must know about the anatomy of YouTube videos and how to increase the watch time to succeed with the videos.

YouTube is the video giant across the web, and it is the most searched platform for video content. It has already implemented several features for the YouTubers, marketers and the advertisers.

Anatomy Of YouTube Video That Gets More Watch Time

Go with the right descriptive approach:

You cannot make every video as a viral hit in overnight. People are earning revenue along with good name and fame on YouTube. The description of the videos also played an important role in acquiring the attention of the audience, and the video title is also must be attractive, and the description must be relevant and precise for the audience to watch the video

Plan your video Shares to reach the Audience:

Share your videos with a perfect plan which can meet the enormous range of audience. So target with the email video campaigns and share your videos with the emails also. Get links to your video and follow the cross-platform advertising and promote it on your blog too.

Grab the subscribers by using the annotations to your videos:

The video description and annotations were also helped the marketers to attract the audience to watch your videos longer and also upload regularly with the latest trends as the majority of the people love to follow the directions and watch the videos with most recent updates.

Crowdsource Subtitles, Add Translated Titles And Descriptions Using YouTube

YouTube has recently realised the new tools which help the creators to create the new videos which are more precise and easy to understand for the viewers across the countries.

With this new tools, the creators can be allowed to contribute the subtitles and as well as the platform also provides access to the title, description, etc. the platform is also offering the entrance to the description translations and connects the creators with the translators via new YouTube hosted marketplace.

YouTube also announced its ad-free subscription services launch which costs $9.99 per month. The YouTube Red is also offering the access to premium content. The translation service also helps the subscribers of the YouTube channel to discover more content on the site.

According to the recent study reports, it revealed that more than 60 percent of the Channel views noticed outside the home country of the creator. So, the language must not be a barrier for the viewers who are accessing the content on the YouTube.

Thus, the YouTube has taken this initiative and new features to Crowdsource the subtitle which helps the creators to make their content accessible to the viewers.

The community contributed subtitles and translated descriptions:

The crowdsourcing of the video subtitles all allows you to reach more people. The addition of the translated titles and the description is the best way to discover your video content in native languages.

The translation of the marketplace is the feature which is at beta stage offers the professional translation services from the video manager.

How To Add Subtitles To YouTube Videos

How To Add Subtitles To YouTube Video’s And Translate Them Into Multiple Languages

Videos had high demand in the advertising and marketing today. The video watching the behaviour of the people had significantly changed across the globe. The majority of people are viewing the video content at least 10 minutes at an average across the web.

The video has foremost priority as it is the only medium which can get higher conversion rates. While watching a video on Youtube platform on a particular topic, sometimes you may feel hard to understand the slang or language of the person in the video.

At that time, the subtitles much help you to understand the things within the content. In the same way, while you create and uploading your video to Youtube platform, don’t forget to add the subtitles and translation of the transcript of your video. Subtitles can help you to expand your visibility across the globe.

Adding subtitles to the Youtube video. The captions can also be helpful for the deaf people ad for those who didn’t know about the particular languages in the video.

To add the subtitles click onto the video manager and click on the drop-down menu next to the edit button on the platform. Select the subtitles and the closed captions and click on adding button.

Add translations to access your video in different languages. Just go to Mu channel and click on to the box under original language and the Translate info. Make your selection and add the language you want to add and click on save changes.

YouTube Video Encoding Best Practices

YouTube is a circulation channel you would prefer not to pass up an excellent opportunity. From codec’s to bit rates, this inside and out takes a gander at an ideal approach to encoding your recordings for YouTube can help you turn into a YouTube, encoding expert.

When you upload your video to YouTube, its video servers kick without hesitation and begin transcoding your document into an arrangement of upgraded video streams.

YouTube permits your video to playback quickly on everything from cellular telephones to desktop PCs. The individual video streams range in determination, and video quality from small postage stamp measured recordings as far as possible up to 1080p, and even 4k.

H.264 is the codec utilised by a significant portion of YouTube’s video streams at this moment, yet there are likewise different codecs used, for example, VP8. Some codecs still used for similarity with mobile devices, and more up to date codecs developed, for example, a VP9 connection is outside, which guarantees to convey much higher video quality than H.264.

In spite of the fact that YouTube acknowledges various arrangements including.MOV, AVI, WMV, and.FLV, the propelled determinations page suggests H.264/AAC in an MP4 holder design. YouTube suggests putting the move it a toward the begin of the record, which for some encoders implies initiating the Fast Start alternative.

In case you’re working with interweaved source content, YouTube suggests deinterlacing before uploading. While you can upload at resolutions up to 4K, produce local 16:9 video at a 16:9 determination, local 4:3 video at a local 4:3 determination. YouTube likewise prescribes against uploading documents with a pixel angle proportion other than 1.0, also called square pixel yield.

YouTube Standout Video Metrics 2018

YouTube video ads are one of the best ad formats across the web, and many marketers had got success with the ad formats. YouTube is the platform which offers the free account to reach some billions of people across its platform.

It is more than a sit allows the social interaction and increases the exposure of the individual. It encourages the talent and potential of the artists too. Here are some standout YouTube metrics for 2018.

Organic Traffic Was Greatly Increased:

More than 62 percent of the business is using the video and have to trust on video which has increased the organic traffic. The best news is the markets are receiving the better results by driving the traffic. The rise of video marketing to the next stage observed by the Google.

Sales Are Increased:

Nearly 65 percent marketers and business are using the video to increase their sales potential. Different types of videos are helping the company to speed up their sales in numerous ways. So, marketers are using the platform as sales generating tool and succeeding in their niches.

Better ROI:

More than 75 percent business is trusting YouTube platform as they are receiving the best ROI from the platform by utilising the resources that are efficiently provided by the YouTube platform.

Quick Guide To YouTube Playlists And Their Advantages

Playlists on Youtube are very helpful to the video creators, users, brands, channels, individuals, and artists to get a better exposure to your videos as well as your old videos that had uploaded to your account on Youtube platform.

How to make?

Playlists are very easy to make, and when you enter the Youtube account, you can arrange your videos in a perfect order according to the topics or relevant themes.

How to create?

The playlists are very beneficial and help the users to arrange the content in an appropriate manner. There are various ways of creating the playlists on Youtube platform. The first thing is to create the youtube account and create a new playlist where you can see the option on the left-hand side of the statement.

Then click on to the “My videos” option which navigates to the playlist creation. Now you can add one to one videos from your list of uploaded videos and can create as many playlists as you want to develop and it will save in your account.

How to optimize?

You can optimise the playlists by updating them regularly with the new videos and also use the “Add top the Playlist” option to better exposure. You can also edit and share the playlists on cross platforms.

The playlists can be optimized accordingly to autoplay on Youtube. While a user clicks on your newly uploaded videos, they will get suggestions to watch your previous videos; if they leave like that by enabling the autoplay feature, then your last videos are also displayed one by one to the viewer and increase your Youtube watch time.

Science Behind YouTube Viral Videos [Study]

According to the various research reports on the Science behind the viral videos was revealed that the creators of the content were aiming the people’s choices and capturing the attention within a short span on the platform.

Youtube is a most significant video search engine destination where some millions of videos got to succeed on the platform. There many star creators on the Youtube platform who have targeted their videos by targeting their audience.

Youtube allows the various artists and other individuals at one roof to create different categories of videos in different styles.

When comes to the Youtube viral videos. Several other factors are an influence on the platform videos to turn viral. Some of them are:

The attractive title:

Youtube continuously curates the first and best content on the top results in search engines and encourages the quality and high content to its users according to the relevancy. So, a great title which attracts the audience plays a role in virality too. It revealed that more than 70 percent video turned viral with the short and attractive titles.

The emotion and runtime also matter on youtube virality, if the videos are emotional, that means the videos which humorous and heart touching even had a possibility of going viral on the Youtube platform. The videos with an average run time of two minutes are major in viral videos on Youtube platform.

The science behind the Youtube videos is the audience emotional touch and viewing behaviour is also a vital factor in virality on the platform. So, many creators are focusing on the above factors for the creation of viral video hits on the Youtube platform.

How To Use User-Generated Video Content For YouTube

Video consumption rapidly increased. People are creating and sharing a lot of video content across the social platforms and are still on. The sharing of the content by the users of different platforms on the web has increased, people are uploading the lots of pictures, videos to the social platforms and feeling happy to share them with the loved ones on the platform.

This trend has increased a lot on the web. The user-generated content accounted for the third most used across the network. The user-generated content has hot demand across the internet as the people trust more user-generated content than any other content across the platforms.

So, brands are planning to chase the user-generated content and making some roadmaps to for efficient utilisation of user-generated content for YouTube platform.

How you can use the User Generated Content for YouTube

Many brands are following the user-generated content and taking necessary permits from the uploader and including them in their brand’s strategy and video content, and the result is the massive success in generation of sales.

So, user-generated content has that much power to attract the viewers across the web. Thus, the user-generated content can utilise the YouTube marketing and advertising.

But you must have all the copyrights when you have decided to go with the user-generated content on YouTube platform as the platform well maintained with DMCA policies and content ID. So, get clear, and no objection permits from the users who have uploaded a specific content. So that, you will not get any issues related to content.

Essential Checks Before Uploading A YouTube Video:

YouTube become everything for the marketers, artists and individual creators. Many of us frequently upload the videos on to the YouTube platform. Everyone will get concentrated on the quality and length of the video. But many people didn’t bother about the video before uploading it on to the YouTube channel.

One must go through the various features and formats of your video and its compatibility, thumbnails, tags and many other things which may have significant influence after you have uploaded the video on to the YouTube.

These things can reflect the view count and exposure of your video. So, here are some tips or an ultimate checklist before uploading the video on to the YouTube channel.

Don’t forget about Video Duration:

Many of us don’t know that YouTube has the video duration limit which is 15 minutes. If users want to upload more than the prescribed length, you must have their copyright.

Check your Thumbnail:

The video thumbnail is the first look that every user can see on the YouTube platform during the search. So, check your video thumbnail and make it more exciting and attractive to the audience. The thumbnail must grab the attention of the YouTube audience towards your video.

Check your Title once more:

Go with a best appropriate title. Don’t use the additional wording in the title because it may affect your views in the long go. So, use best keywords in the title if possible. Keep it exciting and searchable. Yes, your video must be search friendly to the audience then only it will get the right exposure on the channel.

Check your Metadata once Again:

Metadata plays an enormous role in the success of your video on YouTube platform. So, go with best and precise description of your videos and optimise your tags.

Strategies for Monitoring Your YouTube Competitors

When you have launched the channel on YouTube, then there might be chances of facing struggles to overcome the YouTube competitors. As a Vlogger don’t need to suffer about just go through these simple and useful strategies.

YouTube is the most significant destination for the video marketing and the videos. Marketers are approached YouTube to grab the right sales leads and as well as to build their presence across the web.

There is a massive competition on the YouTube platform, and it is essential to track the competitor’s performance and steps to build your strategic plan against them. Here are some five strategies for monitoring your competitor’s performance on YouTube platform.

Use different tools to reveal the keywords they are using

Competitors are generally in the same niche, so, use different video monitoring tools and track the keywords they are targeting. Observe them. List out the keywords they have missed and captured them to put into your video strategy.


Use video SEO ranking tools that are available on the web, or you can also use the tools that are available on the YouTube platform. You can track the performance of your competitor’s keywords against the keyword you have used and followed the performance by comparing. Know about the factors that are influencing the ranking of your competitors.


Track the most shareable content of your competitors by entering the keywords and search according to popularity to know the position of your competitors. You can also track the most shareable content produced by the competitors.

Use Google alerts:

Google alerts are best for tracking or monitoring the competition. Go with Google alerts with some keywords. It is also beneficial to build the brand reputation.

Monitor their social activity:

Know about uploads and recent activity time to time. Keep an eye on social activity and act your plan accordingly.

10 Tactics for Effective YouTube Promotion

Use different YouTube tools:

Various tools are available on the web which can provide the users with titles, descriptions, etc. for your video content. Some keyword generation tools were also beneficial for the marketing as keywords and Metadata plays a significant role in promotion by building excellent exposure across the web.

Call to action:

An active call to actions can enhance the better traffic towards your site. So, include the best call to conflicts within your videos and ask the audience to get subscribed to your YouTube videos on the platform.

Promote your YouTube videos with email campaigns:

Start a video email campaign by making your list of recipients address including your know people, relatives, mutual friends, friends, etc. target them by sending the YouTube video links via email. This step can enhance the success rate.

Promote on social platforms:

The platforms like Twitter, Facebook are the best destination for promoting the YouTube videos. Promote the videos on social media and let the audience engaged towards your video content.

Incorporation of videos:

Incorporate the video content on your blogs, websites, etc. and promote the YouTube videos in different places to enhance better marketing and promotion.


Collaborate your video content either companies with good fame. Target their audience towards your videos and capture the attention of the audience.

Offline promotion:

Promote your YouTube channel offline on company brochures and other cards and ask them to visit. Try traditional advertising with online touch.

Promote them on Twitter with hashtags:

Promote your video on Twitter with hashtags and start the conversation with an audience on your video. It is one of the best tactics you play with to get the proper promotional result.

Write a script for your YouTube videos on your blog and share it with your friends.

Write about the video by explaining the content on your blog and promote it on different platforms by targeting them with keywords and places.

Ways To Promote Your YouTube Channel Offline

Every single time we lose that precious Wi-Fi connection, we all stare down at our phones, tablets, laptops, or computers in horror. Yes, you will have to go without your connection to the internet for a couple of minutes while the magical Wi-Fi returns!

It is all very well to joke about it, but in fact, many people’s lives both personal and professional can be very disrupted if they no longer have any connection to the internet.

Over the last ten years, so many different aspects of our lives have moved from the real world to the online world that it is almost impossible to imagine going without them for an extended period.

But there is a world out there that does not depend on the internet to exist, and actually, you can use that to your advantage. Some so many people are entirely in love with the internet that they forget that there are plenty of things to do in the world that are fantastic and one of those is to get the word out about your marvellous YouTube channel.

Here are some tips on ways to promote your channel when Offline:

Word of mouth:

you would be amazed how many people do not even bother to tell their family and their friends that they have a fantastic YouTube channel! Sometimes people do not like to brag about the wonderful vlogs that they create, and others worry that their friends and family will just be plain bored if they talk about their YouTube channels too often – but this means that they never bother to bring them up! If this is you, then you need to change your thinking. So many people love YouTube, and they never know which YouTube channel to watch next so do them a favour, and recommend yours!


If you have an image or a typeface that is particularly unique to your YouTube channel, why not get it printed on a t-shirt? It will look fabulous on you, and every time that you wear it, people will ask questions about it giving you the perfect opportunity to talk to them about your YouTube channel.

Write about yourself: Wherever you live, there will undoubtedly be a local paper or magazine that comes round every week or every month. All you need to do is contact them, and offer to write for free, of course, a short article about YouTube and the internet.

Most places will agree because they like having local input in their publications. You can then use this chance to not only inform people about the beautiful place that is YouTube but also encourage people to go and view your very own videos on your YouTube channel. It is amazing how a little effort, to begin with, can soon make you and your YouTube channel the talk of the town!


YouTube is a largest video search engine destination where some millions of videos got to succeed on the platform. There many star creators on the YouTube platform who have targeted their videos by targeting their audience. Here is the complete guide to YouTube videos starting from creation and ending with promotions.

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