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YouTube’s 39 Ranking Factors : The Complete List

Maybe you will know YouTube uses lot of ranking algorithms for ranking videos in their YouTube search.

But what are they?

We will explain the complete list here

Most of them are already known

Ranking factors may vary

Some are Video SEO related

Some are related to quality and engagement of the video

Check this out.

1. Video Length:

The length of the video is the essential factor in YouTube channel. When you have started the channel without verification, then you can upload a video 15 minutes. Once you have done verification process, then you can upload up to 20GB. As much as short videos with brief description has specified will be helpful to increase your channel ranking.

2. Topic Freshness:

Always prefer to choose the unique and trending topics that are completely different from others. Some of the topics that have all time craze in YouTube are about music, pets, trailers, comedy, gaming, cooking and fashion. It’s better to concentrate on particular topics as the people. It will immediately catch the eye of the audience.

3. Current Trends:

Follow the current trends related to gaming, channel, celebrities and politics which could give better results to increase the rank of YouTube channel.

4. Video Filename:

Don’t assign the video filename as it of the title of the video and the short form of the video file will be placed in the initial stage of the search results.

5. Keyword appears in the title of a video:

See that the keyword must be appeared in the title by collecting the frequently searched and popular keywords in the YouTube search results.

6. Keyword Appears in Description of the Video:

As the description appears with the title of the video content will be responsible for finding the relevant keyword. Hence place the keyword in the description as related one.

7. First words of video description are so important:

The description of the video should give brief details of the content of the video which has been specified by using reflective words in the starting.

8. Keyword Appears in Tags of the Video:

Must use the most searchable and used keywords to build the strong tags, and those tags should not exceed the word limit to frame the sentence.

9. Long Video Descriptions:

Mention every phrase simply and briefly that should describe everything in a frame of a short form of video description. As the user doesn’t have time to read the long sentences then avoid your video to watch.

10. Quality of the Video: Quality (1440p, 1080p, 720p, etcetera) – Higher is better:

Always focus on the quality of the video that you are uploading. The users always prefer to watch high-quality videos. Whether they are watching on monitors, mobile phones like android or iPhone must be compatible with streaming high quality.

11. Watch-Time of the Video:

Depending the watch time of the video the YouTube channel performance will be defined. It means the audience will show the interest to watch the short form of videos by spending much time.

12. Audience Retention:

This can make us understand the interest of the audience through views. Try to grab the attention of the audience by inserting curious video content and the long videos must be fragmented.

13. Custom Thumbnail:

This is the most significant in YouTube as it clutches the users. By considering that just make the effective thumbnail with stunning designs.

14. Custom Thumbnail File Name with keyword:

To get a higher rank on YouTube when you use custom thumbnail for the video then mention the keyword as a file name.

15. Thumbnail Optimization:

To make an excellent thumbnail for the video to excel with the views of viewers just think to design creative images for the thumbnail you choose to display in search results.

16. User Engagement Metrics: Views, Likes, Shares & Links:

Always use tactics to get more views, likes, and shares for the video you upload. Give as much as links you can. Then the YouTube will be engaged continuously by resulting in better rank.

17. View Count:

This helps in obtaining the YouTube ranking as it counts the number of views that have occurred for the video in YouTube channel.

18. Closed Captions & Subtitles:

Try to use closed captions & subtitles which can be responsible for getting views globally.

19. External Video Embeds:

Always insert embed code for the video you upload so that it can increase the no. of views and shares for video as they are using our embed video.

20. Video Comments and Reply Metrics:

Consider the comments to give reply for the users by taking specific measures that have been mentioned in the video.

21. Channel Subscribers:

Subscribers always play a role in pulling the channel towards the successful growth. As much as subscribers you have that much of higher position your channel will get.

22. No. of Playlists that the video is added:

The playlists attached are will be visible on the search page along with a video that the users have searched.

23. Create Keyword-Rich Playlists:

Mention strong keywords for the playlists to boost up the channel that appears as on the search results of the video.

24. Age of the Video:

Check the time period of the video that you have been uploaded if those are aged having more views then make changes by adding the new title and images.

25. Inbound Links:

Keep on giving the links to other videos in the video you produce. Then the users might watch all videos on your YouTube channel continuously by spending more time.

26. Social Video Shares:

When you give YouTube video links on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter will automatically lead traffic to your channel.

27. Virality of the Video:

As the video in your channel goes viral is capable of generating the unexpected traffic for YouTube channel which leads to the higher ranking.

28. Create Unique Video:

As to make the viral video then you should create the unique video that is completely different from others.

29. Video Links with Anchor Text:

Video links with anchor text beneficial to get huge traffic as it directly linked to your channel. Then the users may watch or not, but just spends some time to be on your channel.

30. Video Links without Anchor Text:

This will lead to visit the other videos directly through your YouTube channel.

31. Channel Authority:

Channel authority will gives the complete details of the performance of the channel like the fulfillment of the channel, total positive credits and functioning on YouTube.

32. Video Encoding of YouTube:

When you create a video then must be concentrated on encoding the video. Then the video will compitable to play on all devices.

33. Video Cross-Promote for Links:

Just go giving links of others then they might show interest to mention your links as well. This will grab the attention of others audience.

34. Channel Title:

The title of the channel is the most crucial point in delivering the capability of the vlogger through videos. The use of specific and exciting title will attain the huge traffic.

35. Channel Keywords:

The keywords of the channel must be generated by considering the search frequency.

36. Channel Verification:

After launching the channel immediately go for verification process as it builds the trust to get more traffic.

37. Playlists:

Try to create more playlists as the user requires continuous play of videos. If it is not provided then it consumes the user to play another video.

38. Channel Art:

Must create the channel in a beautiful way that should catch the eye of the audience immediately only just for one visit.

39. Channel Description:

The channel description will describe what you are going to provide for viewers in your YouTube channel.


These are factors that are most helpful to gain the higher ranking of YouTube channel by comparing with competitors. The agenda of the Worldwide video marketing platform YouTube is to maintain the genuinely in the content of video to run a successful channel on YouTube.

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