Verizon Go90

10 Reasons Why Verizon Go90 is the Next Big Thing

Verizon needs no introduction.It is one of the largest corporations in the US, ranked 13 among Fortune 500 companies. Verizon is giving tough challenges to other famous names in the related fields like AT&T, AOL etc.Verizon went on record to roll out the 5G radio services – the first of its kind world over.The company has been able to implement its plans of diversification for obvious reasons.One of its latest deliveries is Verizon Go90.

What is Go90:

It is an app and website allowing the users to do lot more in the field of entertainment.The user can view videos, live events etc. At the same time, the user can also create, save and share video clips and also prepare & finalize his profile (with an option to upload photo) to enable other go90 users to view the same.

Initially, Verizon planned to debut Go90 as subscription service.However, it had to settle on a streamlined advertising based model. Presently being offered in the US, Verizon Go90 is open for all consumers (not necessarily subscribers of Verizon).In its ambition to become another Facebook or Google, Verizon has been steadily moving in this direction.

Despite the heavy hype about Go90, the company itself realized that the success is not at par with the expectations. However, Verizon is quite hopeful that the project will yield expected success and the company is ready to pursue till it attains the expected success.

Taking stock of the happenings on Go90, it is time to understand why this is going to be the next big thing.

1) The main targeted audience of Go90 is young people.Since the set of the population is around 14% in the US. In view of this huge size, the channel Go90 is sure to succeed.

2) Verizon is offering the app on any carrier.Subscribers of all carriers can download and use the Go90 app. This offer from Verizon will go a long way in attracting more and more subscribers for this channel.

3) The app is well designed with intuitive functionality. The reviews of the users during a trial run are very much indicative that the channel can go a long way that too in the desired direction.

4) Go90 has the social component. As many of the subscribers of social media will also become subscribers for this channel, they can “cut” and share the content of Go90 with their circles on social media, thereby increasing the acceptability of Go90.

5) The promise of good content will add to boost the image of Go90. The channel is planning to deal with 15 of the 30 most watched cable networks.It is also planning to deliver more than 900 live sports events a year. It is going to prove to be a powerful weapon in the hands of Go90 to win the market.

6) Verizon is planning to offer local NFL games on the Go90 app to attract more customers from this segment as well.

7) Verizon’s offer of ‘content on demand’ is a novel concept that will attract more customers over a period.

8) Streaming live news is another plus point for Go90. The average user of smartphone spends most of his time on watching the live news. Verizon can cash on this aspect as well.

9) Widescreen video viewing (meaning of Go90) is the newest concept that the Verizon is coining.

10) “Crews” is another novel idea by Go90.


Despite the fact that Verizon has the edge over the competition, it is still far behind the competition in some areas. Given the above, we can safely conclude that Verizon’s Go90 can be the next big thing.

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