5 Best YouTube Technology channels every Tech freak should follow

Science create wonders with technology. YouTube platform is more than an online video platform for tech freaks. It contains different science-related channels which deliver abundant knowledge and fun to the users. YouTube is the bundle of interesting tech content which every tech freak will surely love to follow. The tech-related channels on YouTube platform are the best medium for the tech savvy’s to gain a good knowledge of different tech-related topics going globally. here are some best five YouTube technology related channels that every tech freak should follow. here we go.


It is one of the best and popular technology based YouTube channel which has the great fan base. The channel mainly focuses on the tech-related news that targets global updates in the technology.

It also focuses on the technology related news with frequent updates on the mainstream reports related to tech news. The most interesting thing is unboxing the new products that are launched along with some interesting stuff.

The information was represented in a professional way to the viewers. So tech gadget lovers can fetch the important information from this technology channel.

Link for Mashable Channel


CNET is one of the most popular one related to technology. It offers the best information about the technology related news and information about the new tech launches.

The visual demos streaming is the most impressive thing in CNET channel videos on YouTube. the visual clippings are updated time to time with tech related subjects. the tech shows are carried on the daily basis on this channel. it is the best channel which is maintaining in a systemic and professional way.

Link for CNET Channel

3.Chris Pirillo

It is an individual technology channel running since 1996 on YouTube. it is one of the most famous channels maintained by Chris Pirillo, who is a tech-savvy available at various online portals before YouTube and after YouTube has reached masses of people, he started his own individual Channel on YouTube platform posting different informative videos for the tech freaks time to time. His channel reveals the best insights on various tech gadgets in a simple way. he had grabbed more than 201,247,467 video views globally.

Link for Chris Pirillo Channel

4.Google Tech talks

It is initiated by the Google targeting tech information to be shared to wide tech community across the globe. it shares interesting information about the new technologies. it included with the group discussions and experts lecture on various tech related topics. This channel is a must watch channel on YouTube for all tech freaks.

Link for Google Tech Talks channel


Lifehacker channel is one of the most popular one and is one of the different channel that is delivering the tech related information on YouTube . This channel mainly delivers the out of the box tech related topics to the audience and stands out from the crowd. This channel included different clips on different tech subjects which cover the tips and advice on tech related things which are worth of sharing. it is the best channel that every tech freak must follow on YouTube.

Link for Lifehacker Channel


YouTube is the second largest search engine, the technology community on YouTube is awesome.Everybody would like to know how that particular technology works and what are the best features of the gadgets. here we have listed the top 5 technology YouTube channels that every tech should follow.

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