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50 Amazing Facts and Figures about Facebook Video

The contribution of video to marketing strategy is very significant. There was a time when people used to look only YouTube to publish their videos and it is not surprising as YouTube is the best video sharing platform. In recent times people are also finding the Facebook video as the best marketing tool for business promotion.

1. Though YouTube receives the higher views, Facebook receives eight percent of all video interactions.

2. Facebook was not the favorite option for creators as they cannot monetize the video.

3. Facebook receive more than one billion video views per day.

4. More than fifty percent of the people who visit Facebook watch more than one video every day.

5. In the view of Facebook traction women are more in the age group of 18 to 29 years.

6. People aged 50+ are more active on Facebook.

7. Facebook videos reach more than 22 percent of the fans.

8. Auto play option is available on Facebook for native video.

9. Ideal Facebook video length is not more than thirty seconds.

10. If the video is around 16 seconds long, the forty percent of the audience will watch till the end.

11. Facebook offers added marketing opportunity to increase video views.

12. Facebook videos are much easier to share than videos on YouTube.

13. Facebook video reaches a larger audience than any other types of content.

14. Auto play option of Facebook video drives video views and interaction.

15. More than 65% of the Facebook video views happen on mobile devices.

16. Videos show 135% increase in organic reach.

17. The Facebook native video is 5.5 times lower cost per video play when compared to YouTube video plays.

18. They get thirty percent higher video play rate.

19. Facebook videos get 2.38 times more likes.

20. They also get 2.67 times more shares.

21. The audience is likely to comment 7.43 times more on Facebook videos.

22. Uploading the video directly to Facebook gets you more views than sharing it from the YouTube.

23. Native videos on Facebook capture more attention.

24. It is proved that Facebook native videos perform four times better than any other video format online.

25. With Auto play feature, the users can watch the videos even without clicking on it to play. They tend to watch the video at least few seconds while they scroll down.

26. Facebook algorithm rewards native video posts in terms of new feed impressions delivered.

27. Facebook also offers the view count feature for the videos which is a key indicator of audience response to the video.

28. It is proved that video with humor, funny jokes will be more appealing to the audience.

29. The first 4 seconds of the video is important to catch the attention of the audience.

30. It is also proved that first thirty seconds is the time within which majority of audience stop watching it.

31. To maximize the potential of the video the creators must show something interesting in the first few seconds of the video.

32. Shorter videos proved to have increased watch time.

33. Facebook live video generates more engagements that any format in Facebook.

34. Adding relevant textual metadata is important for the success of Facebook video.

35. Seventy percent of the videos are accessed on the mobile device.

36. Eighty percent of the videos are watched with audio off.

37. In around 25,000 videos more than thirty percent of videos are in 16:9 aspect ratio.

38. Most performing videos on Facebook or in 1:1 ratio or vertical videos.

39. Text subtitles and overlays are used in the successful videos by publishers.

40. Closed captions for Facebook videos helps in generating 12 percent more video watch time.

41. The success of a Facebook video depends on how the creators interact with the audience.

42. Do not increase the frequency of posting Facebook videos to prevent over saturation.

43. Negative feedback analytics of Facebook helps to decide the upload frequency.

44. Since the auto play is disabled by many Facebook users, uploading compelling custom thumbnail is important to grab attention.

45. Facebook native videos can be embedded like the YouTube videos.

46. The Facebook native video should not be more than 20 minutes long as more the video length, the less the quality will be and more the time taken for uploading.

47. Native videos on Facebook outperform the videos posted on Facebook via external links.

48. Facebook prioritizes distribution to native videos to the target audience and so engagement will be more for these videos.

49. Facebook is constantly trying to improve the video analytics.

50. Facebook tracks what the users mute and unmute while they are scrolled pause the feed and helps the brands or businesses to created videos that work best.

Facebook video allows accessing large audience as billions of videos are watched on Facebook every day. Facebook video is the best way to expand video presence of the brand or business. The video is going to become more important in the future.

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