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Basics of Google AdWords for Video

AdWords from Google is the main source for the advertisers who are looking for online advertising. It is the best pay per click platform as any business can get fitted into it and undergoes complete customization of the business goals. Here is everything about YouTube Video Advertising.

It is essential to building up your presence online especially while you are following the search engine marketing then you cannot depend as a whole on the rankings but, what you need exactly is the solid marketing strategy.

Create an account

Create the AdWords account and click onto the start now button with an email address and the URL of the website.

After making your first campaign, Google will ask you for the information on billing and keeps your file with it.

The AdWords helps your advertising with the videos on the YouTube platform, and it helps the advertisers to make their choice of displaying their advertisements on the YouTube platform.

The main benefits

By utilizing the Google AdWords, the business can share their expertise with the world, and they explain a product or services which can be beneficial to the audience on the platform. The Adwords were also helpful in reaching the right audience according to your business goal.

You can also reach the demographics of your video. Even the creation of a video campaign is much easier with the Google AdWords and can be created within a few minutes to reach the audience.

You can also measure the analytics from the analytics tab to know your performance on the YouTube platform.

Brand Advertising with YouTube Video Ads

YouTube is the right destination for the brands to launch their advertising strategies to reach the billions of audience across the Globe.

YouTube is the biggest platform for the videos, and nowadays, there is a great demand for the video as the viewers were also very much interested in the video watching these days.

When comes to the YouTube an advertisement for the brands, many brands got to succeed on the platform with different types of ads that are provided by the YouTube platform.

There are many ads like TrueView ads which are very helpful for the brand advertisers to cut the costs of advertising for the brands.

Brand Advertising on YouTube

Brands can use various types of ads provided by the YouTube platform. When it comes to the true view ads, the TrueView ads format can use while the video content can be promoting before the start of videos on the YouTube platform.

This type of TrueView ads was well known as the TrueView In-display ads which are very helpful for the brand advertising.

In-stream video ads the viewer can skip the ad after the first five seconds of the video, and they can appear on the watch pages of the platform and also on the pages of publishers on YouTube platform as well as on the Google display network too.

Brand advertisers have to pay if the viewer watched the video up to 30 seconds.

The Trueview In-display ads will display in the YouTube search results to within the content on Website across the display network of Google. This ad format is beneficial for the brands as it depends on the size and format of the content that is supported by the publishers.

The ads can display on the YouTube watch pages, and the brand advertisers can be charged whenever the viewers made their choice to watch the ad by clicking on the thumbnail.

Programmatic YouTube Video Advertising

Programmatic video advertising is very useful in the digital advertising world. When we compared with the traditional video advertisement buying, the programmatic video advertising using the real-time data and helps you to reach your video to the right consumer on the platform in a right way and at the right time.

So, the programmatic video has grown as the internet providers were offering best plans in which the user can access the best quality video to watch.

So, there are many advantages with the programmatic YouTube video advertising.

When it comes to YouTube platform, it is providing the users with a programmatic way of advertising on its platform, which helps in reaching the audience basing on the signals and overlay with the targeted demographics on the platform. The ads such as skippable, click to play and the Trueview video ad formats on YouTube was available for the users programmatically.

When it comes to the Trueview ads on YouTube platform, there are two benefits, one is the ads will run before the video, and the views have an option of five seconds. The in-display ads are targets via display network of Google.

The Trueview ads can sell by using the Adwords, and the format was available still.

The platform was purchasing the Trueview video ads by using the demand side of the platform as the medium for its purchase.

At present, there is no such plan to connect the True view with the DSP’s by opening up the Trueview ads on YouTube platform to the Google.

YouTube TrueView Ads for App Promotion

The mobile applications were trending these days creating a one-touch launch to their site from mobile in the form of apps.

With the increase, the apps, the online shopping, and other services were also become easier to reach with one click. so, developers are focusing continuously on the app marketing and the promotion of the mobile app ads with the YouTube Trueview ad formats.

App Promotion Ads of TrueView

The app promotion ads are the enhancement to the Trueview ads which can be able to send the users directly towards the particular application in the store to download.

For app promotion, one can choose the best format for the app promotion which can display the name and other details of the application within a preview.

So that the advertisers can able to get target the audience on YouTube platform basing on the relevancy of the content related to the application.

App promotion on Search Engines

The promotion ads for the applications are designed to expose the apps in front of the audience who didn’t have your application with them.

So, the people who didn’t install your apps can be accessed your app promotion ad in search results.

Even the mobile app rearrangement apps by #Google ad network is also very efficient for the mobile app promotion.

The campaigns must be clear and effective for the audience and must reflect the benefits of using a particular application. so, that there is a great chance in the increase of exposure towards the audience on web.

TrueView Video Ads and Different Formats

Trueview video ads provide the choice for viewers and have good control over the messages from the advertisers.

There several different formats with the Trueview ads on YouTube.

The viewers can able to interact with every format of the Trueview ads. Simply the Trueview ads are under the control of the user, and it is the user decides to watch or not to watch that means there is an option provided by the platform to skip the ad after the five seconds display of the advertisement.

The true view ad formats are of four types which are namely In-stream, In-slate, In-search, and the In-display ads are the formats of the true view ads.

Majority of the users on YouTube prefers the TrueView ads only as they can skip the ads within five seconds, but, some ads will showing if they are in an interesting way to the audience they can be viewed.

Even the advertisers were also benefited along with the viewers because the advertiser can save their revenue on ads that means whenever the viewers watched the video for a particular time after five seconds then only they can be charged for the advertisement.

So that, they can save them money, and for the viewers, they can make their choice at their best.

The In-Stream Video Ads

An in-stream video ad allows the audience to skip the ads after the five seconds time.

The sponsors can pay the ads those are viewed by the people who are suitable format for the short type as well as the long type video content.

In-Slate Video Ad Format

The In-slate video ads allow the various sponsor ads and can be opted for the breaks through the video content which is suitable for the videos with the length of ten minutes.

In-Search Video Ad Formats

The In-search video ads display on the YouTube results in which the search of the viewer relevant to the keywords of the ads.

The sponsors pay for the YouTube Video Advertising that are viewed by the viewers .

In-Display Ads

The formats of the in-display ads are legacy and appear in an overlay of YouTube promoted videos during the video suggestions and the related video search in the click to pay format and the sponsors charge whenever the viewers optioned to watch the advertisement on the platform.

YouTube Video Advertising Statistics

YouTube is the one-stop destination for the video content online. Some millions of users used to upload the video content every day with some millions of minutes as the video content.

So, marketers had faith on YouTube platform as it is beneficial to them to reach some millions of audience across the globe.

Even they can use the different features like analytics to estimate the performance of the videos with graphical representations which is very helpful to the marketers.

When comes to the individual artists and creators, YouTube is the platform of opportunities to them.

With all these communities including marketers, creators, celebrities, artists, advertisers, brands, other users which as the whole made the platform much more bigger than any other social media platform on the web for video.

Hence, its statistics was also very huge and here are some amazing statistical data on YouTube videos.


Source :

  • More than one billion people were using the YouTube
  • It was estimated that more than 4.2$ billion is the YouTube revenue in the year 2014
  • More than 3.9 billion views were recorded per day on YouTube platform
  • More than 5.9 billion hours of videos were watched on YouTube platform.
  • More than 200 hours per minute was an estimated video uploads were recorded for every minute.
  • Nearly one billion mobile video views on YouTube platform was recorded per day
  • An average mobile video viewer was spending forty minutes every day on YouTube via mobile.

How Much Does YouTube Video Advertising will Cost?

What are you Tube up to in terms of promotion of content by the marketer?  It is the 2nd largest search engine (immediately following Google). YouTube is one of the most favorite place for the promoters, marketers, viewers and purchasers as well. Few of the statistics about this wonderful channel indicate that it has over 2 billion videos being streamed daily. The number of viewers of this channel has been constantly on the rise.

This is what prompting the marketers to go for the promotion of their channel on this platform. Many marketers plan to use YouTube (along with many other platforms offering similar marketing opportunity). It is no exaggeration that no marketing mix strategy (content) is final without the inclusion of YouTube in their strategy.

This undisputed leadership is enabling the channel (YouTube) to offer free as well paid services to the marketers. Naturally, the marketer is interested to know what the free services are and what are paid services and for paid services what is the cost. This knowledge is important for the marketer to finalize his strategy as he has to justify the spending vs. the profit obtained from his campaign.

To cash the craze that the marketers are showing towards the channel, YouTube is offering 4 standard types of ad formats:

1) In search (an ad that shows up above the search result).

2) In display (an ad that shows up beside the video being watched by the viewer).

3) In slate (an ad that shows up after the desired video ends).

4) In-stream (an ad that comes before the actual video is watched).

YouTube is charging different pricing for the above options as each of the same are offering different advantages for the marketer. The pricing offered by YouTube changes depending on many parameters (including the demographics, the targeted audience, the timing and the type). The pricing can be anywhere between $0.10 at the lowest level for in-search ads to $0.30 at the highest level for in-display ads.

Now it is up to the marketer to finalize the plan that he wants to go for the promotion of his ad campaign on YouTube. The decision is influenced by factors such as content, targeted audience, budget, duration, video quality and other parameters. The marketer is also required to ensure measurement of success of his campaign and make required changes to ensure maximum return on his expenditure towards promotion of his content on YouTube.

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