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Video Marketing Strategies for Banks and Banking Sectors

Digital marketing is now a dominant force as it is user-friendly. Marketing banks and Banking Sectors is challenging because the types of customers are many. Different people may want different things from a bank.

Some may want to open an account, and some may require a loan for their business, or some may want help to manage their finances. Thus it is a big challenge for Banking Sectors to use video marketing to address the needs of different customers.

It should understand that a video marketing strategy for the banks or banking sector should not only focus on different types of customers. The approach should segment by demographics and other factors based on the budget.

There is a feeling among younger generations that banks do not understand them and customise offers based on their needs. Banks should use the video marketing tools to connect with the customers. The video is, of course, the most famous trend and it is also provided to be the most effective marketing tool.

Average user spends more and more time on websites that have a video. Video catches the attention of the viewer and engages them more. Videos can help connect with the audience emotionally.

How Can Videos help Banking Sector?

Video changes the marketing approach and the customer engagement in many ways.

Creating videos about newly launched products and posting them on Facebook and Twitter help the customers understand the products. Video marketing can enable customers and build trust.

Explainer videos can help to educate the customers, and they also support in reaching out to people in a meaningful way.

Entertainment videos are created by banks to show the mission and vision of the bank. These types of videos are more effective.

The pages of the banks should be made mobile friendly as more and more customers are glued to the phones for the longest time.

Videos help to connect with the customers quickly. The right message is delivered to the targeted customers at the right time.

Banks should make video a part of their digital marketing and improve the customer experience by personalization.

Video Marketing Ideas For Banking Sectors

Here are few video marketing ideas for banks and banking sectors. There are the powerful video marketing ideas that banks can follow.

  • Personalization of videos is very useful when it comes to showing to the customers that banks care and understand the customers. Personalized video marketing platforms should be used to send relevant videos to the customers.
  • Videos can be used build trust with consumers. Testimonials and interview with existing and satisfied customers can help build confidence and are suitable for reputation. Show stories in testimonies to connect emotionally with viewers. Provide the information that the viewers are looking for.
  • Help the customers identify with the brand and believe that the bank can understand their needs. Show the customers the values of the bank. Remaining authentic help build strong emotional bonds with the customers.
  • For loyal customers, banks should create thank-you videos. Thanks, them for being loyal customers and surprise them with personalised videos. The videos should be engaging and entertaining.

  • The viewers should feel happy looking at the videos so that a positive association will develop with the bank. Deliver true thanks to the regular customers. Let the videos be authentic and show the brand value and personality.
  • Another video marketing idea for banks is to create videos to tell stories about the bank. Give a promise to customers that they are committed to serving them and can help make their dreams come true.

Informational Videos

Not all the people understand the rules and regulations for opening a bank account or getting a loan for buying homes or cars. People do not take decisions in their financial life just because they lack the knowledge and have no time to contact a bank official to clear their doubts.

Informational videos of banks and banking sectors help the customer to understand the process. A series of videos can be created to describe the steps to open a bank account or get a loan.

Customers now have more options when it comes to choosing a bank. Almost all banks and banking sectors are using video marketing to deliver their messages. The video marketing strategy should be able to attract and retain the customers and also build a brand.


Writing a blog can help increase traffic to the website. Embed videos on the blog. Have a great call to action at the end of the videos. Use fonts, colours and content consistently to remind the brand of the bank.

Social media:

Social media can be used to significant advantage in video marketing. It helps establish a brand presence. Share videos with useful and relevant content on the social media pages to engage the followers.

Avoid being annoying and annoying on social media. Do not create videos for self-promotion. Keep posting regularly and frequently. Be ready to take positive or negative feedback from customers.

The video is going to be the primary mobile traffic in the coming years. Video plays a vital role in the content marketing strategy. The content, length of the digital marketing video is different from that of TV ads.

Ways The banks Are Using Social Media

Customer Service:

The brand image of the banks can be boosted by launching the customer appreciation video ad campaigns.

That means the banks can surprise the customers with unexpected gifts and can capture that moment of realistic stunning expressions of the customers. Then the banks can release the video campaigns by saying thanks to the customers for their long relationship.


The unique services offered by the banks can be disclosed directly at the doorstep of the customers through video ad campaigns. At present 90% of the customers are in the use of online services from banking transactions to entertainment.

Then it can be a great advantage to reveal the upcoming services to the customers through the video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, etc.

Building the Customer Relation:

Most of the banks are in the use of various video marketing tools that help them to notice the needs of the customers. With the help of those tools, the banks can easily fulfill the requirements that give the friendly experience to the customers.

Revealing the Personal Plans:

The banks can sketch the personal plans that are most useful to the customers instead of simply launching the video ad campaigns.

That includes the personal home loan plans, children education credit plans, and advanced services through the planning of credit card can be explained.


The launch of video ad campaigns will let to have the brand exposure throughout the social media sites where we can find the millions of users that include the customers, organizations, and influencers, etc.

Video Marketing Examples For Banking Sector

ICICI Digital Banking Video:

ICICI pocket wallet app makes everyone’s life happy and easier. The Pockets app offers valuable services to the customers such as sending and receiving money, paying bills, send Gift cards, online shopping, booking movie tickets, recharge and pay bills and finally sharing the expenses with friends. This all-in-one mobile app comes with a physical card which used for shopping on retailer and online stores.

Kotak Mahindra Digital Banking Video:

This Video ad describes how the Kotak Mahindra help the customer for digital banking anywhere anytime. You can manage the digital banking services like funds transfer using IMPS in Kotak mobile banking App, adding a third party Beneficiary account with the one-time password. Nearly you can work on 80+ things with this Kotak Mahindra Mobile Banking App.

HSBC Digital Banking Video:

HSBC like to surprise their loyal customers and say thanks to special one in their Life. Uniquely HSBC introduced a surprise ATM to surprise their Customers by sending grating and wished through ATM.

Tesco Bank Digital Video Ad:

Tesco bank remains its users with the unbelievable mobile banking services. It has provided an easy way to pay for everything on anywhere when you go to any holiday trip in Europe.

Royal Bank Of Scotland TV Ad:

The Royal Bank of Scotland introduced to send its Live cash. There is a difference between Britons pounds and Scottish Pound So, the Royal Bank of Scotland initiated it funds transfer, and you can get live cash according to the region.


The more video is used by banks and banking sectors in their marketing strategy the more extensive the reach will be. Most of the time, the customers contact the bank officials only when they need assistance. Using video marketing can help reach the customers in their own homes

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