Facebook Video Monetization: The Definitive Guide

Are you still engaging the audience on Facebook with your fine content?

Why don’t you take a chance to make money through monetization?

Have you ever tried of using campaigns in your Facebook videos?

Facebook is more friendly with the users who create and share the user-generated content. The video content on Facebook is the most engaging media, and it is the most concentric promotion source for businesses to find business sales. Along with that, the creators who are playing a vital role in engaging the Facebook audience with their unique content are eligible to add bucks to their account with the help of Facebook video Monetization. It benefits both the creators and business brands to launch epic promotion at the real-time audience.

Facebook video Monetization

Most of the creators on Facebook are unable to make money though they are producing the ultimate content by targeting the audience. By considering that Facebook has come up with monetization policy of “Audience Network” as to boost up the creators.

When the video ads have earned the revenue in that 55% is assigned to creators and 45% for Facebook.

Mobile is the main device to frame the advanced Facebook monetization strategies as the Facebook videos are obtaining more engagement through the mobile.

Through audience network

Through audience network, the partners are allowed to monetize their video content by registering on it.

The optimization features of audience network in real time will help the publishers to monetize and push the most engaged video ad campaigns to the audience that exactly matches the preferences of the audiences.

When the campaign runs successfully will lead to pulling the more ad revenue along with the brand value.

As a publisher

The role of the publisher can also make money by joining the audience network. Where the promotions of other brands through video ad campaigns can be launched at the publisher’s apps and sites which can hold the shared ad revenue.Facebook is stepping ahead to launch the video ads on user demanding videos.

Facebook audience network ad formats

In-stream video ad:

In this type, the advertiser can generate video campaigns as pre-roll and mid-roll ads with high quality that is completely relevant to the audiences and in turn produce high CPMs. Error-free ads can be launched while making the bid in advance by the advertisers.

Interstitial or banner ads:

The Interstitial or banner ad formats will be supported by the audience network to provide the standard display of ad formats. Simply these are full-screen video ads which will be played in the video app.

Rewarded video ads:

These ads are played in the video game by providing some benefits of the game to watch the video ad. Due to this, the audiences are more excited to watch the ad completely, and this can help to make the revenue than expected with high CPM.

Native video ads:

Native video ads commonly provide the ultimate user experience which helps to display the monetized mobile site or mobile apps. The audience network is used to have the advanced assets through which the efficient mobile app ad format is obtained by targeting the exact audiences.

Native ads feed the mobile in the coming years, and native ads will drive 86% of impressions for the audience network.

Necessities to participate in Facebook audience network

  • Click to play video ads are most preferable.
  • VPAID must be supported by the web players.
  • The URL of the page should be same in both the request and in the audience network VPAID which has been retrieved by it.
  • The mid-roll or pre-roll ads are desired along with the video content.
  • When the video player is the main source of the page, then the auto-play ads are worthy.
  • When the ads are above 30 seconds, then it can be skipped after 10 seconds in the audience network, and it is below 30 seconds are non-skippable ads.
  • For the launch of in-stream video ads on mobile, there should be ‘audience network SDK’ assimilation.
  • Pre-game, mid-game and post-roll video ads are not preferred.

How does the Facebook video Monetization policy work?

Introducing ads on Facebook live videos:

When the viewers are watching live video content on Facebook, the creators can go up to board the video ad campaigns at the real-time audiences by taking the small break during the live streaming. The ad will remain for 15 seconds and adds the revenue.

In-stream video ads:

With the involvement of in-stream ads in an audience, a network will allow the publisher to provide the most appropriate content that exactly reaching the expectations of both desktop and mobile users.

It can generate the unexpected impressions that turn to more revenue as discussed in the above phrases.

Ad through video on demand:

Facebook is making advanced strategies to introduce the ad breaks for the video on demand content. It is most advantageous to the publishers as the campaign reaches the exact audiences that everyone needs.

Best practices for Facebook video monetization

Always concentrate on terms and conditions that include payment terms, community guidelines, page terms, etc. of Facebook.

Build sufficient fan base to launch the ad breaks.

Fake business practices to engage the audience is not allowed.

The purpose and perspective of the video ad campaign should be disclosed.

The genuine Facebook account that contains the profile or page is mandatory where the multiple bogus accounts are not permitted.

The fake news and click bait information which overcomes the Facebook monetization community guidelines will be banned from monetization eligibility.

Advertisers are allowed to pick where the content needs to be avoided or displayed.

Facebook Video Statistics:

  • 6.13% is the average audience engagement rate of Facebook videos.
  • The mobile-first video posts drive a 27% higher brand reputation.
  • 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound.
  • 51% of Facebook users are only teens.
  • 43% of the Facebook audience find news from it.
  • 1 in 5 each Facebook videos is live streaming.
  • Facebook will earn 40 % of the annual digital display advertising.
  • 1.4 Billion Facebook users use Facebook Groups.
  • The Facebook average cost per click is $1.72.
  • 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays is the best time to post on Facebook.
  • The first 3 seconds will get brand identification.
  • The call-to-action on Facebook video pulls real-time conversions.


The publishers can take advantage of going ahead with the Facebook video monetization strategies which can better gain the more income than any other platforms. Here you can find the complete details of Facebook video monetization policies that every publisher should know.

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