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How to Secure OTT Video Content – Best Practices for OTT Content Security

Nowadays YouTube has become the leading personality for each and every person i.e. from a normal person to celebrities. The greatness of YouTube is that a common man can become a star which is unexpected in their life. The below are some of the activities done by the Celebrities of all fields through YouTube.

This is what a celebrity can do with YouTube

  • Show funny moments
  • Share valuable life hacks
  • Keep people on their YouTube channel
  • Post entertainment videos
  • Have your own show/show like content

You don’t need to be a celebrity to use YouTube

  • Use it as a video resume
  • Use it to build your story
  • Use it as an archive of interesting content
  • Use it as an online shop or job portfolio
  • Promote your YouTube channel on your Instagram and Twitter

You may not have a celebrity on your channel, but you can use the same tactics they do to grow your YouTube Channel.

  • Understand that most of your audience is watching short-form content on mobile
  • Promote the right videos in the right places for maximum outreach
  • Build a regular schedule and stick to it
  • Create a growth strategy beyond ‘share and pray.’
  • Send emails to your subscribers regularly

How a Celebrity can use YouTube

  • It opens a new marketing tool for self-promotion.
  • The exposure of their works on YouTube is much wider
  • They can build their audiences
  • Create a professional-looking channel
  • Use playlists to keep your videos organized
  • Make use of tags and descriptions
  • Stay consistent with uploads
  • Get lots of subscribers fast
  • Involve your audience
  • Create playlists from other channels
  • Collaborate with others often!
  • Consider using different social platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to enhance your YouTube channel.
  • Sign a deal with NetFlix
  • Connect with their network of friends
  • Build a following before it is too late
  • Always have new content to post
  • Use live streaming
  • Share content helpful to others
  • Get visible with tags and descriptions
  • Interact with viewers
  • Get a good camera and microphone
  • Produce short videos and long videos
  • Sell their product or service on this channel
  • You can also use the game factor in your videos.
  • Using the YouTube app
  • Have a clear message and call to action.
  • Focus on adding a positive value in them, create a tutorial or teach something new
  • They can have their own channel.
  • They can use it to launch their new singing career
  • Use it as a tool for networking
  • YouTube has all the same content as television
  • Make your videos unique
  • Offer quality content
  • Be personable
  • Connect with your viewers
  • Make a big-budget video
  • Create an audience before the video goes live
  • Use Instagram to build organic views
  • Create original content
  • Make sure the videos are of excellent quality
  • Tune your content for online marketing
  • Promote your videos on other platforms and have an online presence
  • Engage with your fans
  • Share silly content
  • Don’t go overboard
  • Create an audience
  • Build brand awareness
  • Partner with brands
  • Grow revenue
  • Have a single channel
  • Identify your target audience
  • YouTube advertising
  • Always upload high-quality content
  • Build an environment where you are active and engaged
  • Understand the platform
  • Know what YouTube can do for you
  • Take advantage of a fan growth hack
  • Generate activity and sales
  • Obtain a camera or Smartphone
  • Create a channel
  • Engage with an audience
  • Make money
  • Share other people’s videos
  • Create and post great videos
  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build an audience
  • Connect with fans through live streaming
  • Do not forget about mobile
  • Find a platform
  • Represent themselves
  • Film regularly
  • Give away free content
  • Connect with fans
  • Create videos with personality
  • Upload content frequently
  • Create a unique and exciting channel
  • Keep it fresh and fun
  • Understand the essential functions of YouTube
  • Send video messages
  • Understand audio levels on YouTube
  • Upload and watch videos regularly
  • Respond to comments and interact with your fans via Twitter and Facebook
  • Do not be scared of making mistakes
  • Learn how to build your channel
  • Get your channel discovered
  • Connect with fans
  • Be consistent in posting videos
  • Invite guest stars to join you
  • Upload regularly to keep momentum fast
  • Become a Youtube partner
  • Keep the content up to date
  • Be yourself and inspire others
  • YouTube is a platform for communicating with sponsors and other business partners.
  • YouTube is free of all forms of censorship and geo-restrictions

To View the Ratings:

All of the celebrities will watch the YouTube mainly to view the ratings of their videos.

Gathering Co-Celebrity videos:

They follow the videos of other celebrities to see their performance.

Observing Interviews:

To give ultimate answers for their interviews they mostly observe the interviews of most famous figures of the same field.

Alter by Comparing Old Videos:

They have a look at the old videos by comparing with the present one to give an extraordinary presentation.

Revising Reviews of other celebrity:

They go ahead of revising the reviews of other celebrities to know the popularity of that person in the public.

Generating the Videos of Combination:

They upload the videos in which they had a combination of other stars to attain the concentration of other stars fans and their personal videos that never seen by anyone.

Entertainment Videos:

For the purpose of entertainment through movies, music, pop shows and sports.

Live Shows:

Live events and the newly happened news of other star icons will be the main topics to view on YouTube by them.

Gathering Gossips:

The World stunning Gossips which will change their career for the seconds of video related to themselves and other pop stars will be in the first place.

They also prefer to concentrate on the trending news associated with politics, sports, film industry and crimes as well.

Analysis of Official Releases:

Reviews of recently released movies or music album of a big star and goes forward to built strong impression at their fans.


These are the usually done things that are mostly helpful for the growth of their image in the society and all these benefits for all celebrities the trending icon of social media YouTube is the mainstream.

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