Best Streaming Service

Which is the Best Streaming Service?

The days of tuning in live television are gone. Online streaming is the current trend, and people love watching the news, sports, old movies, or latest television programs at their convenient time and on the device of their choice. They can use a set-top box, game console, smartphone, or smart television to watch the Best Streaming Service. Many services are available based on individual taste and requirement and in different price ranges.


This streaming service is both available as free service and paid service. Free service comes with limited access to content, and there will be commercials. The $11.99 subscription will come with no commercials. But now the flat price per month is $7.99. It is more centered on television than movies. This service is available only in the US, and the number of subscribers is 12 million. It was expected that it would soon start live TV programming. The latest episodes of television shows, original content can be watched. Old television series and movies can be accessed.

Hulu is basically for the people obsessed with the television but wants to cut the cable cord and watch the shows without commercials. Some television episodes can be watched right after they aired. On the other hand, Netflix releases the entire television show series after they have ended.


Netflix was launched two decades ago as DVD by mail service. As of October, it has 86 million members in the world. Netflix is one of the popular streaming services. Different packages of Netflix are available, and these include the basic, standard, and premium. The subscribers can watch popular television series, movies, and others. Netflix also creates original content that can be watched by subscribers. There are no ads, and prices differ based on whether the content is watched in HD or ultra HD. It also depends on how many screens are using the same account at the same time. This streaming service is most suitable for people who love watching more and more movies and shows.

Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon prime video subscription fee is $99 per year or $8.25 per month. Subscribers can access the Amazon video, original music, prime photos, and special deals. It is possible to access television series, movies, and also exclusive and original content from Amazon. The Amazon original series are yet to catch the attention of the audience. Comparing to Netflix, the video library of Amazon is small, but subscribers can watch popular series such as ‘Downton Abbey.

YouTube Red Originals

This service cost is $9.99 per month. The attractive thing about this subscription-based media service is that the subscribers can watch any of the YouTube videos without advertisements. Another selling point of YouTube Red is that the part of the money collected through subscription goes to produce original content. The service is going to launch in the UK and other European countries in 2017. Subscribers are now enjoying watching the videos without ads and exclusive original series and films on YouTube Red. The subscriber base of this service is around 1.5 million people. It is likely to increase once it becomes available globally.

Ways to find Best Streaming Service:

  • Find out what kind of shows you like to watch
  • Compare the number and types of channels available
  • Consider the cost per month, as well as potential add-ons that can save you money in the long run
  • Look for a service with a generous free trial period
  • Compare the cost of each service
  • Look at how many channels are included in a package
  • Find out if there is an option to add more channels for a fee
  • Check to see if you can watch TV on your mobile device or computer with the streaming service’s app
  • Consider the size of your TV
  • Take note of what channels you watch most often
  • Compare prices and deals for each streaming service, including Hulu, Netflix, and HBO Now
  • Find out which streaming services have the shows that you want to watch
  • Look at the channels offered
  • Decide how many devices you want to stream on simultaneously
  • Consider what kind of content you prefer- movies, TV shows, or live sports?
  • Compare prices and features
  • Check the reviews on streaming services
  • Find out what your friends are using and why they like it
  • Look at the cost of each service in relation to how many devices you’re able to stream simultaneously on that service
  • Consider whether or not you want a monthly subscription or one-time payment for the service

Best Practices of a Streaming Service:

  • Launch a live stream
  • Create an event page for your broadcast
  • Promote the event and invite viewers to tune in
  • Encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel, so they don’t miss out on future broadcasts
  • Streaming Services are not the same as cable TV
  • There is no monthly commitment to a streaming service, so that you can cancel at any time
  • Streaming services offer more than just movies and TV shows- they also have documentaries, sports, and other things to watch
  • You will need an internet connection for your streaming service, which means that you won’t be able to stream if there’s a power outage or if your internet goes down for some reason
  • The most popular streaming services include Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime Instant Video
  • Provide a variety of content
  • Make it easy for viewers to find your content
  • Offer streaming on multiple devices, including mobile phones and tablets
  • Offer the ability to download videos for later viewing offline
  • Choose a streaming service
  • Create an account and choose your pricing plan
  • Add content to the library by clicking “add content” in the sidebar or search bar, then add videos manually or import from YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
  • Click on the video you want to watch to start watching it in full-screen mode

The key benefits of subscribing to any of the popular streaming media services are that the subscribers will be able to watch movies, on-demand television shows and search for specific shows. These controlled by a remote that offere along with the device. Most of these services are designed to be compatible with HD so the users can enjoy obvious pictures.

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