Ultimate Guide to Video Live Streaming

Ultimate Guide to Video Live Streaming

Video Live Streaming for Business

Video live streaming rates expected to be triple when you reach the end of the year 2017. It becomes a powerful way to advertise for business purposes. Live streaming becomes an important element for marketers to focus on today. With the arrival of brand new applications and the developments in top streaming video apps makes the business get alerted to use the live streaming application. Every platform and developer was concentrating on the single agenda as making a special live streaming application which makes their app different from the rest.


When comes to the live streaming video applications for business, many entrepreneurs are focusing for their ways to grow with the live stream as it is very beneficial for them to get engaged with their consumers in real-time as well it is also useful for their employee training sessions. Here are some benefits of live streaming video apps for business.

  • Businesses can gain more reach and exposure. They can have a chance to reach a large audience across the world.
  • It helps the startups to gain more engagement levels by creating a good call to action in streaming
  • By streaming the conference meetings and other seminars on live can give you good recognition across the web
  • Live video feeds were also very helpful for business to build their identity among the rest
  • The live streaming video applications can also be utilized for the employees training sessions, and that can publish live.
  • Businesses can also stream live video about behind the curtain scenes and work of the company which can make a positive effect on the people.

Mobile Video Live Streaming and Apps

The smartphone usage has greatly increased, and everyone was keeping their fingers on the small screens all the time if you observe in a different place in your city. Estimated that by the end of 2015, there would be some two billion smartphones will be in use across the world. Nowadays, smartphones become as small televisions in which users prefer to watch videos all the time comfortably as it is portable and easy to watch. Even the mobile data providers also provided with great plans to meet the user’s expectations. Along with the general viewing of videos, people turned towards the various apps in the stores. When it comes to the live streaming which is the latest trend on the web followed by celebrities to general users.

several live streaming applications are available in the app store. Apart from the Famous live streaming applications like Periscope, Meerkat which was already known well to the most of us, and beyond these, there is much other application too.

“Broadcast me” Live Streaming App

This is one of the best applications to broadcast your video in live. It works efficiently with both iOS and Android platforms. The Publishing of the RTMP can be allowed via multimedia servers which get encodes the codec of H.264. Old version is available for free in app store, and the latest version just costs $0.99


“Wirecast” Live Streaming App

Partnered with the DaCast which provides the best encoding of video on your mobile devices. It is compatible with the iOS 8 devices and cannot run on Android. It supports with the RTMP, and the video must be compatible with the DaCast.


Facebook Mentions Video Live Streaming App Features

The Facebook mentions application become a news point on the web as the Facebook platform announced this application which is exclusive for the celebrities. There is profound interest in every people to know what their favorite celebrities do at this moment, and many of us like to know about them as their fans. So, Facebook provided the opportunity to know about your favorite celebrity who had connected with the Facebook with a verified account. So, the live streams of the celebrities can view on the platform. Recently, the celebrity Hollywood actor ‘Rock’ made his stream on the platform which becomes news on web.


Features of Facebook Mentions Application

The features of this application are also strictly an exclusive for the public figures with verified Facebook accounts only. The app is compatible with the iOS platform users only, and there is no choice for the androids. “The Facebook Mentions” app allows the celebrities to shoot their video live, which can stream on Facebook to their followers. It will appear on the newsfeed of the celebrity as well as on the news feed of the fans who are following the celebrity. Celebrities can make their privacy settings after their video posted onto the newsfeed. The sound system and the other audio related things are just like other live streaming applications.

Celebrities have an option to build their fans and connect with them at every moment. The fans can like, comment, and share their celebrity’s videos with their friends. People who interacted with the posts can also get the notification whenever there is a live stream. The videos can also be viewed later depending upon the choice of celebrity on their newsfeeds.

Periscope Video Live Streaming App Features

Periscope video streaming application is acquired by the Twitter microblogging platform to become rival to the Twitter linked Meerkat live streaming application. Meerkat app uses the Twitter account as the base and efficiently targeted the Twitter economy of the audience and attracted the majority of the Twitter users towards the app. Periscope Video Live Streaming made Twitter acquire the Periscope app, which is similar but different from the Meerkat application. The app is available for free to download to the iOS users, and it is recently launched for the Android platform users too. Twitter acquired the periscope for 100$ million dollars. The live streaming becomes the latest trend today, and everyone was following the same with new streams and even brands also targeting the live streaming application for their marketing and promotions.

The Features of Periscope App

Periscope application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms, whereas the majority of other apps are only compatible with the iOS system only. The app lets you shoot your video and broadcast it live to the web world. The followers of you can get some notifications whenever you are live with the streaming app. They can comment and send hearts in real-time video streaming.

The main feature and the beneficial feature is the video can be available 24 hours after the live stream. So, people can watch live. The app also allows you to broadcast for the specific people on your choice. For that, the user can click on to the lock icon before the live streaming and invite the people of your choice to watch your stream. By receiving the hearts from the viewers, you can be listed in the “Most loved” list on Twitter.

Meerkat Video Live Streaming App

Meerkat application is one of the live video streaming apps that is compatible with the iOS system platform only. This live streaming application was viral for few years as it has successfully attracted several users within a short period by using the micro-blogging platform Twitter for its app growth. Meerkat is the easiest and comfortable way to share the experiences by pressing the Stream button and can stream your video instantly from anywhere at any time via mobile devices.

If your followers or friends have the same app in their mobiles, then it automatically pushes the notification on their mobile if you are in live streaming online. So, they can able to watch your live streaming video through the application. They comment and interact with you during the live stream.

Meerkat and its Features

Meerkat has great features when compared to the other live video streaming apps today. It allows and pushes the notifications about the live streams of your friends. So that they can watch your video on living, and it is a different experience conversing while the video is on live. People can only watch real-time live videos only. The video cannot be saved or reviewed. Meerkat allows its users to save their live streams in the Meerkat library. There is a choice for re-streaming the stream in real-time to your followers. Everyone can watch through the web, and you require iOS 8 and iPhones, iPad to use the Meerkat application.

Video Live Streaming Market Statistics & Industry Facts

Video live streaming become new buzz in the digital marketing today. The live streaming video applications usage also greatly increased with the new features that are beneficial to the marketers and the other users too. The tradition TV watching rates have greatly decreased with the live streaming videos. Different types of videos are streaming via the live streaming application and attracting the people online towards them. The brands are also targeting audience with the help of live streaming applications. Here are some industrial facts and the statistics of live streaming video.


  • The live streaming features had started since 2007
  • More than 150 million viewers are watching live video streams approximately every month according to the 2014 reports.
  • The viewership was expected to be double and crossed 250 million views when we reach at the end of the year 2015.
  • The live streaming companies are delivering more than 4.8 million viewers per hour
  • According to the research reports, it was revealed that more than 200 percent growth was noticed in the live video viewing
  • More than 2.50M viewers got captured on Watch ESPN and the Uni vision applications during the world cup matches.
  • More than 40 percent US residents are using the live streaming mobile application to watch sports live.
  • The most popular live streaming content is “Sports”.
  • Many individuals corporate companies were also planning their events to telecast live streaming using the various application like Periscope and Meerkat etc.
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