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Effect of Big Data on Video Gaming Industry’s Digital Transformation

The video gaming industry has been highly disrupting over the past few years positively. The gaming industry has evolved over the years. As a matter of fact, it is one of the biggest industries in the world today. The video gaming industry could be termed as the current biggest revolution that has stunned the world. It has produced a huge impact on one section of the industry in particular, which is data and information management. Big Data has become a major requirement for such fast-growing companies, ensuring optimum delivery of their products.

Big data has got a great impact on almost all the business sectors. There is a huge change in many industries due to the significance of big data analytics. It has surpassed the expectations of the researchers and has greatly influenced many diverse business models to ensure better results.” Digital Transformation” means an organization’s effort of changing its way from a traditional to a digital-based approach which helps businesses to become more flexible and engaging in this digital era.

Did you know that what happens in the real world helps the virtual world?

  1. Video Gaming Industry’s Digital Transformation is so awesome
  2. Big Data helps a lot in the gaming industry’s digital transformation
  3. Population changes, traffic patterns, consumer tastes, and purchase trends can be predicted with Big Data
  4. Cloud Security protects valuable customer data in the virtual world,
  5.  And even actual crime can be predicted with Big Data
  1. The current key challenges for the gaming industry
  2. Digital Transformation and Big data in the Gaming Industry
  3. Use cases of Big Data in End Games
  4. Conclusions and Future Outlook

The use of Big Data in the video gaming market is increasing rapidly and also has opened a new business perspective for online casinos.

  1. Gamification
  2. Strategic partnership with technology companies
  3.  Implementation of personalization

Effect of Big Data on Video Gaming Industry

It is important to retain as-is acquired customers possible in the video gaming industry. Many businesses can let their video players will bring revenue. The most significant video game industry can inspire, engage and captivate to imagine billions of people worldwide as we know that the gaming industry has more than $20 billion annual revenue in the US among $2 billion in sub-category social games.

  • Big data has altered the way digital games are being developed
  • Big data is identifying the best players and rewarding them in-game
  • Big data is improving customer experience
  • Smart marketing
  • Faster adjustments for in-game events
  • Advertisers can focus on the most relevant audiences
  • Cloud technology
  • Increase/ decrease cost of games in real-time
  • Better understanding of video gaming demographics
  • Mining data to predict player behavior patterns
  • Cloud computing
  1. Costs savings
  2. Reliable and secure
  • Analytics
  1. Growth in gaming
  2. Drives diversity
  •  Mobile games
  1. Gaming market is growing
  2. Differentiated experience
  • Gamification
  1. User engagement & interaction
  2. Customer value creation

Gaming is evolving

  1. Big Data analysis to improve game development through AI and analytics
  2. Virtual Reality(VR) helps people experience games like never before
  3. Augmented Reality(AR) will bring in a new era of games
  4. There are a lot more changes in the virtual gaming world

Big Data is starting to impact the digital transformation of the video gaming industry

  1. Social media makes it easier for players to share their experiences with others
  2. The data generated by game publishers helps them make better decisions regarding game developments and business operations.
  3. It helps gamers improve their skills.
  4. Data is also used for designing newer games.

Big data can change the gaming industry forever

  1. Monitor user and customer behavior more effectively
  2. Improve service experience
  3. Reduce fraud and illegal activities
  4. Implement cost-saving solutions to improve profitability
  5. Get a complete view of your customers, their demographic, and interests

Big Data is the future of video gaming

Big data plays a vital role in the video gaming industry and can help video gaming businesses to predict their sales and engagement. The majority of the companies are big and multinational organizations generating huge turnovers using big data to support the best recruits. The video gaming industry is the supremacy, and the market has grown tremendously as per the estimated revenue.

Software like Big Data will be used to understand, predict and act accordingly on the market

  1. By streamlining decision making and understanding consumer needs
  2. Video games will generate more revenue worldwide than movie tickets by 2018.
  3. AI algorithms will help developers in 2017 to 2025 predict what games are likely to fail
  4. Video Game Development will partially move to virtual reality

How is Big Data changing the gaming industry?

  1. Understanding user segmentation
  2. Gaining accurate and reliable information to define your target audience
  3. Using data for better product offering to customers
  4. Using deep learning tech for real-time strategy making

The emergence of Big Data is disrupting the video games industry

  1. Increased Interconnectivity between devices and platforms
  2. Increased use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. Advanced Gaming Experience will increase
  4. The rise of eSports isn’t over yet
  5. Video gaming industry to be highly digitalized in the coming years

Big Data is changing the world of video gaming

  1. It is a key part of a gaming company’s digital transformation strategy
  2. It has given rise to new possibilities in the industry
  3. It has enabled companies to get detailed insights into their players’ behaviors
  4. It is transforming marketing, sales, and customer service in the entire industry

What is Big Data, and how is the video gaming industry using it?

Six places where they are making Big Data a pivotal change in the video gaming industry.

  1. Social media linking
  2. Enhanced real-life experience
  3. Virtual reality simulators
  4. Artificial Intelligence-based games
  5. Video Analytics
  6. Multiplayer online game development

Big Data is having a significant effect on video gaming companies. Here are some ways it is helping game developers create more engaging games.

Big data is affecting the way we play video games.

  1. Video gaming industry generates huge amounts of big data
  2. Data helps fuel player analytics and work on the subscription model.

Video game industry transforming itself due to Big Data

  1. Diverse stakeholders, many challenges, solutions
  2. All stakeholders are contributing
  3. Gamers are no longer passively consuming video games
  4. Game developers and other content providers are now data-driven. They need to monitor their data closely for monetizing the users’ time spent in the game
  5. Brands are ready to spend big on targeted users.

Video game industry studies show that big data can influence how much data is used by game

  1. The reason for this is companies need to understand customers’ interests
  2. Data analysis helps developers adapt their work to current audience tastes
  3. Go with the flow of markets forces
  4. Big data is no longer something future-oriented; it’s a now-or-never thing.

Reduce Churn Rates

The Big data information and diversion are just handed in hand. Video Gaming has shown a significant contribution to businesses. Business owners have no idea how to reduce churn rates

  1. They don’t even know what a churn rate is
  2. They are managing their team poorly
  3. They are over or underreacting to customer needs
  4. they don’t understand their costs.
  5. they don’t use their data properly

If you want to reduce churn rates, try….

  1. Nailing your onboarding process
  2. Being consistent in your messaging
  3. Treating customer support like a salesperson
  4. Being proactive with issues

You can’t grow your business if your churn rates are too high

  1. It costs you money in acquisition
  2. It’s bad for your brand image
  3. Your customers will likely tell their friends about it

How to reduce your churn rate

The Customer churn rate is calculated by No.of customers who leave the company during a certain time period. The churn rate shows how business is doing by keeping customers on each side. The churn rate costs too much for the customer to stop doing business with you.

  1. Reduce the friction
  2. Segment and target
  3. Know your customers better than they do
  4. Build 1-on-1 relationships

Your churn rates are too high

  1. You’re not using the right credit card processor
  2. Poor customer service
  3. You’re not offering an alternative sales channel

Reduce your customer churn rate by the end of the year

  1. Helping customers too much will only hurt you
  2. Take time to understand why they are leaving
  3. Track everything
  4. Put a true process into place (this is hard)
  5. Offer credit for referrals and don’t charge them upfront for membership (ask for payment later).

Gaming Goes Big on Data

Gaming Goes Big on Data , Big data industry has become a fundamental analytics tool for video gaming industries, with the world of video gaming seen using the power of big data among all platforms.

  1. It’s all about the experience
  2. Developers are using data to build better mechanics
  3. They’re talking about mobile
  4. They’re experimenting with ads

Gaming companies are going big on data

  1. They use predictive programming to develop games
  2. They use machine learning for design and development
  3. Their players’ performance is systematized
  4. This is becoming a $50B industry in the next 5 years

Gaming is about to fall in love with data

  1. The appeal of games that can track your progress
  2. Games are a beacon ad format
  3. Data-driven game design is the new sex
  4. Gaming wants to be the profile picture for your life
  5. Virtual and physical merge as you learn to game life

How gaming thrives on the latest data trends

  1. Games are being used to predict real life
  2. Gaming has gained a massive industry all of its own
  3. Data is making things safer and more fun
  4. Data is making people work smarter and harder

Gaming has always been about data

  1. Will there be a second gold rush?
  2. Data analysts + faster computers = Richer (collected) Data

It seems like we’re going to see a lot of gaming companies

  1. Pivot to the data acquisition business
  2. Start investing in perfecting data types and harvesting
  3. Selling access and storage
  4. Gaming as a dataflow between platforms

For years gaming companies have disregarded the power with data. Now it’s all changing

  1. Data Analyst job is in high demand
  2. Companies are starting to build their own teams
  3. This wave will be bigger than mobile apps ever

An Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience is all about BigData.

  1. Use a CRM that can integrate with your customer’s favorite tools
  2. Use the right email automation tool to pipe in at the right time
  3. Keep track of your customer journey and keep providing value every step of the way

We help marketers with games Big Data, cutting edge tech, and innovation

  1. Customer service is better
  2. The customers have a voice through social media
  3. Privacy rules are changing with GDPR
  4. Marketers must adopt new methods to stay relevant

The top secret for improving the potential customer experience in big data

  1. You shouldn’t be wondering how your customers feel
  2. You should be using the Twitter sentiment analysis tool
  3. Giveaways and Contests

Big data is the cornerstone of any growth strategy

  1. A customer experience gameplan requires 20% more time vs. just a product or service
  2. A customer experience gameplan requires non-gaming skillsets
  3. Customer experience is team-based, not individual
  4.  Customer Experience Strategy requires cross-functional management (Marketing – Sales – Development – Operations )

How Customer Experience and BigData are shaping VR gaming

  1. Games like Job Simulator have personality while others are very generic
  2. The games that win will be those that give you a good to a great experience
  3. Companies need to start marketing on social media
  4. Understand your user wants, needs, emotions, pain points, and desires
  5. Measure first, then create an action plan to use this data effectively

To Deliver a Tailored Gaming Experience

What you need to know to deliver a tailored gaming experience

  1. Don’t ask for a lot of information too soon
  2. Tap into Existing Player bases
  3. Be respectful of players time
  4. Provide early Exit Opportunities

For Gaming, use cookies to deliver a tailored experience

  1. Create an engagement cookie
  2. Create a device ID cookie
  3. Keep your cookies updated

Gamers want a tailored gaming experience

  1. Gamers determine what is entertaining
  2. Your games have to be original and compelling
  3. Gamers choice of game defines your success

Video games will deliver a tailored experience

  1. Measurable engagement
  2. Personalized ads
  3. Integrated content
  4. More live gaming
  5. Improved esports viewing experiences

Gaming Challenges, Big Data Solutions

  • Data-driven game design
  • Big data storytelling
  • Game analytics
  • Analytics gaming engine
  • Cloud support
  • Statistics
  • More powerful gaming rigs
  • Great gaming software
  • New software technology
  • Assemble a team
  • Identify challenges and share solutions
  • Share features and advantages
  • Game Analytics
  • Gamification elements in SaaS Apps
  • AI and Machine Learning for gaming
  • use of various technologies
  • capture of reliable and comprehensive gaming information
  • access to powerful analytics tools with minimal time delay
  • easy storage and retrieval of gaming data
  • Make VR games more interactive
  • Make AIs adapt to the player’s needs
  • Give player options to customize their experience
  • Improve dialogues with AI characters
  • Handle the growth of your business data effectively
  • Build the right tools for customer analysis
  • Leverage on big data tools to boost customer service and loyalty

Enhance the End-User Experience in Video Games using Big Data

Enhance the end-user experience in games with Big Data

  1. A lot of data is being thrown out
  2. How better to provide a good user experience?
  3. How big will the industry become?
  4. What are the licensing models?
  5. Get access to deals on games here

How to enhance the end-user experience in video games

  1. How to collect data on your users’ experience
  2. Use that data to build a feedback loop
  3. Listen! Remove friction when you hear what your users hate

Using machine learning, we can enhance the end-user experience in video games

  1. Activate Sequence Matched Frames
  2. Give players a hint about what to do next
  3. Create Annotated Frames For Every Frame
  4. Give context for audio/video
  5. Interact to learn about your players

Follow to find out how UX can enhance the customer experience in video games

  1. Gathering feedback on gameplay from gamers
  2. Profiling based on players’ behavior
  3. Identifying gamers who are likely to spend money
  4. Filtering toxic trolls using sentiment analysis

Big data is changing the way we interact with games

  1. Gamers are shifting from search to discovery model
  2. Mobile streaming on the rise
  3. Social sharing and word of mouth is the best promotion technique
  4. More content, more locations, and more ways to buy games
  5. More hardcore players, fewer casual players

Optimize Targeted Advertising for Video Gaming

Video gaming is an exploding industry.

  1. female to male ratio
  2. Hottest every game released, Destiny, exploded my Instagram
  3. How to avoid Free Play traps on mobile games
  4. Finding the right Game Discord server when it comes to interaction
  5. This is the secret to 100% targeted video game advertising
  6. Understand your audience – What are they into? Who are they?

The video game industry will grow more than expected. Hey, you’re a gamer!

  1. Target mobile traffic with mobile ads
  2. Custom Audiences for retargeting
  3.  Retargeting option

How to optimize targeted advertising for video games

  1. Offer mobile attribution for video gaming ads
  2. Match your targeting to the core demographics of your brand
  3. Speak directly to your core audience by using their native language
  4. Create gamified content around engagement
  5. Provide a leaderboard to increase social shares and likes

You can now target your videos to video gamers!

  1. Add UTM campaign parameters to your Image Targeting
  2. Optimize your Facebook Video Ad targeting
  3. Create several versions of your video to test-run
  4. Use the new IGTV for even better results

You’re going to want to read this if you have a gaming channel or stream

  1. When optimizing for gaming channels and gamers, you should optimize with the following in mind:
  2. Use their keywords in your video title
  3. Make sure your Meta Description is interesting (use the same keywords they do!)
  4. Optimize your thumbnail using keywords. This will boost your CTR and views!

Leveraging Big Data to Stay Competitive in Video Games

There is no secret in  that the video gaming industry is booming. Big Data can help you stay competitive. Here’s how

  1. Use big data to get a better understanding of your audience
  2. Watch your competitors see which models are working in video games
  3. Focus on slow but steady growth rather than quick wins

Big Data is going to make gaming so much better for consumers

  1. We’re collecting massive amounts of data already
  2. Data about players means more satisfying gaming experiences
  3. What data are we collecting? Screenshots!
  4. Why do we take these screenshots? Because programmers and designers want to understand the game better
  5. The more people that contribute, the bigger the pool of players and stats.

How to use big data to win your next match

  1. Record gameplay with in-game tools
  2. Break down growth trends via spreadsheets
  3. Find low-cost ways to run ads
  4. Don’t be afraid of testing the competition
  5. Using Youtube for research purposes

Wondering how to stay competitive in every game you play?

  1. Have an excellent hand-eye coordination
  2. Practice, practice, and practice. Focus on your aim
  3. Know when to engage and when to hold back
  4. Learn the map like the back of your hand

This is why you need to leverage big data

  1. Analyze your traffic and customer knowledge
  2. Find what’s working and leverage big data
  3. Never forget that you’re never alone in the market
  4. Use outside bits of intelligence like competitor actions to make decisions
  5. Make sure to look outside of the box for inspiration / learn from others’ mistakes


The effect of big data on video games is huge: it’s causing a shift from content generated over the years to content created exclusively for a certain period. It also has an impact on gamers themselves: they’re spending more time playing and purchasing games with microtransactions and other in-game purchases. In this article, we’ll discuss these effects and look at how big data could cause a change in the way games are developed, played, and consumed.

Learn how Big Data is redefining the gaming industry and transforming it into a more fun, interactive, engaging experience

Learn how the video gaming industry harnesses big data for real-time game dynamics

The adoption of Big Data is overgrowing in the video game industry with benefits beyond the growth of data.

Industry professionals can use big data analytics tools to address operational challenges, gain additional revenue opportunities and increase player engagement for their games.

The competitive landscape for big data technology in the gaming industry

Big companies have started collecting tons of data about small things that we do every day.

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