Big Data Video Advertising

Big Data Video Advertising: The Next Big Thing

Do you want to find quick ways to reach the real-time customers through Big Data Video Advertising?

Have you ever noticed the ultimate results with the use of big data analytics in Video Advertising?

How the use of big data in Video Advertising results?

All these queries might push you into the confusion. No worries everything can be found in the following phrases.

What is Big Data?

Big Data refers to the Growth in the volume of Structured and Unstructured data. In other words, we can say it is a collection dataset which can not process with traditional technologies. It includes large sets of data, so we need to handle by involving various Frameworks, techniques, and technologies.

Big Data consists structured, Unstructured and semi-structured data. Big data include large volume, high velocity and extended varieties of data. The structured data comprises of Relational data, unstructured data like XML Data and Semi-structured is in the form of PDF, Word, video logs and the text file format.

Big Data is Typically in multiples of petabytes and most significant set in the exabytes range. Social media data, Black Box data, power grid data, stock exchange data, transport data and search engine data comes from Big Data.

How Big Data Algorithm Works?

Most of the data collected are unstructured data and requires various processing and storage that found in traditional and relational databases. There are more opportunities to process the big data.

The data in the raw form is not valuable it needs to be processed to get value Video Advertising. Big Data arrives in multiple formats and from various sources. Customer sends large volumes of data to the companies to process and market their product to create the highest level of satisfaction in the business.

Big Data algorithms require constant stream of that stay is up to date. But data is everywhere internet users leave their data on social media websites and also anywhere to go in the digital footprints. It provides new challenges and opportunities and challenges for the Video Advertising.

Big Data is playing a crucial role in video advertising. It works on the principle of more you know about any situation, the more you can gain with new insights to make predictions.

Big Data Algorithm processes involves:

  • Building Models
  • Based on the data we collected
  • Running the simulation
  • Tweaking the values of data points each time
  • Monitoring for the impact of the result.

Nowadays all these processes undergo the advanced technologies for simulation and tweaking all the possible variables. All big data projects use cutting-edge analytics which involves artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

Advertisers targeting some places right now, but advertisers collect more data from the customer to get personalized and efficient.

Advantages of Big data Video Advertising

There are many advantages of using big data in real time and with the business analytics.

Time Reduction:

High-speed tools like Hadoop can and in-memory analytics can quickly identify with the new source of data which can help to analyze the data immediately. These tools help to make quick decisions based on earnings.

Cost Saving:

Big Data tools like Hadoop, cloud-based analytics, and other big data tools may be cost-effective, but it collects and stores a significant amount of data. Saving the memory and helps in doing efficient way of business.

Better Sales:

The real-time analytics tells about how your sales are doing, internet users see the product sales and take action against loss of revenue. Better sales insights will lead to additional revenue.

Keep Up with Customer Trends:

Your customer movement provides information about the product movements, promotions coming and going trends. Customer trends will make to take a fast decision with real-time analytics.

Fraud Detection:

Fraud detection can limit your damage, and the real-time safeguard system will detect to implement proper measurements to stop the cybercrime. IT security department will take immediate action against it.

Control Online Reputation:

Big data tools will help you to get feedback from the customers about your company. Big data tools also provide a way to monitor and maintain the perfect reputation of your business.

Understanding the Market Conditions:

Big Data analysis reports provide you to get a better understanding of the current market. The example you can measure the sales of a particular product by measuring customer purchasing.

New Product Development:

By analyzing the customer behaviors, feedback and current trends we can examine the customer needs and processes a new product according to customer requirement. from the customer

Big Data is Transformation in Video Advertising

Video advertising is the only source to explore the one’s brand, and it has become the most effective medium to better understand the customers about the particular brand’s products or services. Hence most of the advertisers and marketers are choosing the video to target the customers. There will be some hurdles to experience the result of the success. Due to the low quality of content, the video advertising may not reach the right audiences. In that cases, the Big Data is the most expanding way to fulfill the needs of the advertisers and marketers by exploring the brand.

  • The complete customer behavior can be analyzed to drive the sales by using the big data analytics.
  • The exact understanding of the audiences helps advertisers to execute the most efficient and effective video ad campaign that keeps the continuous engagement of the audiences.
  • The invention of the advertising value can be expanded by gathering the audiences at which the video ad campaign goes well and who are being the real-time customers of using their products or services.
  • Driving the new audiences through the currently existing video content is possible through big data analytics.
  • The brands can boost the marketing strategies to target the specific audiences in an instant.
  • The demographics, customer behavioral and contact information through big data analytics used to find the real-time customers where the campaign really can exist.
  • The insights like click-through rate can be obtained through big data analytics.
  • The efficient video content can be extracted by analyzing the social media stats like comments, shares, and likes, etc.
  • The behavior of the video ad campaign at the audiences to what extent it can influence them to participate in buying can be obtained.

Brands using big data analytics in real time


It is one of the top brands in the world, and it has revealed the success of its sales by using the big data analytics. The key to hold from the ZARA to use big data analytics is that it has implemented the “RFID TAG.” Each product of ZARA has unique RFID tag through which the company can make analysis, calculation and tracks the sales of each product. The customer’s option can be gathered by the designers through big data systems.

American Express:

It is using the big data analytics in gathering the information about the customer behavior by making a complete analysis of it.


Netflix is the top player of using big data analytics that generates the real time results. The way it clutches the subscribers is that it pushes the most compelling content at the audiences that allows each user to stream more video content and watch for the longest time. The personalization is the keynote for Netflix in driving the huge subscribers.


It also one of the trending and most favorable coffee house for everyone. It has explored its success of clutching the uncountable customers with the use of big data analytics. Without any hurdles, it is running the more than one coffee houses on the same street. It is possible by obtaining the information of each location, demographics of the area, customer behavior and traffic.


Amazon is the world’s number one online retailer that has become the brand ambassador by giving a great challenge to the other competitors. It stores and retrieves the complete customer’s data like addresses, names, search history, and payments. It builds the strong customer relationships by using the collected information. The use of data helps in advertising algorithm.


The video advertising industry completely relied on the big data analytics to attain the continuous engagement of the audiences through which the brand can hold huge sales of products or services.So, Big Data Video Advertising is the next big thing we can observer in the coming days.

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