How to Build a Loyal Fan Base on YouTube

YouTube is the most popular video search engine and the largest video uploading platform in the world. Can we think of some other video player when it comes to checking the big trailer, product reviews, and other videos? YouTube has become a part of many users, and it is also one of the powerful platforms for digital markets and vloggers. How to Build a Loyal Fan Base on YouTube can be found here.

Why digital marketers and individuals need YouTube? Why they majorly depend on YouTube to promote themselves. It is a word of mouth tool. The bigger the fanbase, the popular the video becomes.

For a YouTube channel to be successful, it needs viewers. Having a strong fan base is essential for the YouTube channel to get views and likes, and it also will get more subscribers. It helps in monetizing the account and start earning money. There are few things that the YouTuber must follow to build a strong fan base.

Upload high-quality YouTube videos consistently

The most important thing for the success of the YouTube channel is uploading high-quality content. Whatever the consistent of uploading if the quality of videos is not up to the mark, the number of audiences, the greatness of marketing campaigns does not matter.

At the same time, it is necessary to be consistent. Viewers not only want quality videos from their favorite but also want consistent content. They wait for new content on the scheduled day if they do not find it, they may feel disappointed.

They may even unsubscribe if this is continued. Thus it is essential for the YouTubers to have an uploading schedule and sticking to it to build a loyal fan base.

Being unique

Hundreds of hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. There are thousands of videos available on the same topic.

In such scenario, it is not easy to make the viewer subscribe to the channel, especially if the content on the channel is similar to what is available everywhere on the platform.

Do create videos on those trending topics, but make sure that the video is unique and has a personality. Brand the videos appropriately.

Observe the other channels that are creating similar content as your and try doing differently to be unique.

Blogging and YouTube

It helps to have a blog along with YouTube channel to build a fan base.

Connect the blog to the channel and post the transcripts of the videos or the links to other related videos on the blog.

Post the teasers for your upcoming videos.

Optimize the blog content with trending keywords that peoples search for.

Help the Google find you by including keywords, backlinks, etc. Since the videos of the YouTube channel are embedded on the blog, people who visit the blog will also watch the videos.

Optimization is the Key

Building a fan base requires that the YouTube channel has many subscribers. Get more subscribers by optimizing the content.

Social media users love to share the content that has emotions such as laughing, crying, etc.

Connect with the people on social sites and share your YouTube link with them.

Collaborating with other Vloggers

Take the help of other successful vloggers and get exposure to a new audience of their channel.

Create collaboration videos if possible, or create guest video posts.

Mention the other vlogger in your videos, comments, and social media.

Interacting with audience

Interacting with the audience helps the audience to give the feeling of a sense of community and to feel that they are part of it. Hence, respond to their comments individually, answer their questions, clarify their doubts, call them by names.

The more you interact, the strong will be the bond with them. It helps in building the fan base.

Encourage and request the viewers to share the YouTube videos.

Do not neglect to have a clear call to action at the end of the video.

Ask the viewers to share the videos on social media if they like it. The audience will require that extra push.

Social Media Presence

Find out where your fans and viewers spend much time. Establish a presence on those social media platforms.

Offer them unique content that they can get if they subscribe to the channel.

Engage and interact with the audience on social media sites also. It helps the videos to get more views and also helps to build community.

Post unique promotions content on social media accounts. Do not share the same content on multiple channels.

Make sure the voice is consistent but ensure that the content is unique to different channels.

If the content is same on all the channels, then the users may not want to follow on every channel.

Share behind the scene clips on other social networks so that the audience will get excited to watch the YouTube videos.

Host contests on social media sites. Do not ignore the analytics.

Connect the YouTube channel with Twitter and Facebook accounts so that the videos are automatically promoted.


Since the competition is very high on YouTube, it is tough to build a loyal fan base. Keep the content lively and share the scene videos with them. Give a hint to what they can expect from you in the future. It will make them stick to the channel. Try different types of content, offer rewards, take tips, respond to their queries, do everything that will make the channel a hit.

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