How to Make Your YouTube Channel Videos Search Engine Friendly

How to Make Your YouTube Channel Videos Search Engine Friendly

We all know that YouTube is the most significant destination for the video content and it is tough to stand out from the full videos across the platform. But everything has a solution and the best solution to get identified among the millions and to fetch good rankings in the video search is the Search engine optimisation. Let us discuss how to make your YouTube channel videos as search engine friendly. Here we go.

What is video SEO?

Video SEO is nothing but a process which is performed to increase your visibility and rankings for your videos across the search engines.

Video SEO plays an important role in marketers dairy because people like to watch and go through the content that is displayed in the top results of the search engines.

It is the main reason why marketers and advertisers will focus on the SEO during their video marketing plan. There will be many techniques and tactics that are related to the SEO that is in practice. Let us have an inside look in Video SEO.

Youtube Video SEO ranking factors

There are several clear pieces of evidence about the SEO ranking factors for the videos. Those are Number of views, the title of your video, the Youtube channel description, video rating and the video description. These are the top priority in the ranking across the search engines.

Youtube channel description optimization

The YouTube channel bots will not watch each and every video on the channel. The main thing that determine your video content is your channel description. It is the description that make the viewers understand your video niche and your channel.

So, description plays a vital role in YouTube channel rankings and visibility. Hence, it must be optimized in a right way using the video SEO tactics. Here are some best practices to optimize your Youtube channel description to fetch good visibility and rankings across the search engines.

Best practices for YouTube channel description optimization

Viewers usually scroll through the description box while watching your videos on your channel. It is imperative to optimize that description box in such a way that viewers must understand the main objective of your channel and about your services or products if you are running a business YouTube channel.

• While writing the YouTube channel description, you must define your primary objective and goal of creating the particular YouTube channel and what exactly you want to convey to your audience plays an important role.

• The first lines are very imperative in the YouTube channel video description too.

• Include the best keywords after researching on the wide range of keywords that have significant capability to push the audience relevantly to your channel.

• Include those keywords in your channel description.

• Along with the channel description, the video description also plays a crucial role in the overall success of your channel optimization.

• So, write a brief description about your every video targeting the keywords as well as by including the HTML links relating to your other social media accounts and websites.

• You will have 5000 character space in the video description, and one can utilize them to make it briefer.

• By using the video description, you can fetch good traffic as well as you will get high visibility score across the search engines.

Adding relevant channel Tags

The Youtube channel tags are paramount for your success. Beginners might confuse between the video tags and the channel tags. Here is the way to add tags to your youtube channel.

• Sign in to your Youtube account

• Click on the square in blue and go ‘my channel.’

• Click on the ‘channel settings’ and go to ‘info and settings’ tab

• Enter the description of your channel by following the above guide on the description. Make it more relevant.

• Enter that tags for your channel in the tags field. And click on ‘done editing.’

Things to follow while adding tags for your Youtube channel

• Do research before adding tags to your channel. Research about the audience interests and with what type of keywords they are using in the search engines to search.

• Capture those keywords that are relevant to your channel category and shoot the same in the tags field.

• Include the best keywords that can pull the audience to your site.

• Optimize the tags relevantly with your channel category and don’t deviate your main agenda for simply getting the rankings in a wrong direction.

Youtube target country and channel category

Youtube targeting

If you are starting a business channel, you must optimize the Youtube channel targeting options to make your target more precise.

Targeting by the location and language

You can select the preferred audience to show your advertisement basing on the geographic location and language.

Along with the location target, you can also optimize by targeting audience interest and the content.

Optimizing and creating custom thumbnails

• Thumbnails are the first impression to the viewer. They must be optimized in a clear way.

• They must be relevant with the well optimized in size that must fit exactly with the content.

• It must not mislead the viewers for the sake of views count and ranking. If you do so, you will lose the honest approach and leads to account termination for the violation of the Youtube rules.

• Place your title on your thumbnail image.

• Make it dark and bright in color to grab the audience attention towards your site.

• It is the thumbnail that pushes the viewer to your video from the other videos and even while displaying the relevant search results on YouTube

Optimizing each video title, description and tags

We have discussed everything about the channel tags and channel description and now it’s time for particular video optimization.

• Your individual video description must consist of HTML links to your other social media presence and your websites.

• The video description must be prepared in a relevant way without misleading the subject of the video.

• Include the best keyword in the description to optimize the rankings in search results.

• Discover best tags that fit to your video content.

• Choose the relevant and perfectly fitting title to your video as the title is the main thing that matches with the search. So include the keywords in your title too.

Finally, read this guide before going to create your Youtube channel to get a better understanding of the Youtube Video SEO and channel optimization.

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