YouTube Mistakes by Newbies

The 10 Most Common YouTube Mistakes by Newbies

From Big companies to startups, every business is targeting the Youtube platform for their marketing and advertising. But only very few startups are going well with online Youtube Marketing, and rest of the companies are failed to reach the audience across the web. Here are some most common YouTube mistakes by the newbies in Youtube marketing and advertising.

Lack of right strategy

Strategy implies perfect action plan for the video marketing and advertising online. That plan must be created in a perfect way so as to reach the audience in a right way.

Newbies are focusing on just video

Most of the startups are focusing on the video creation without targeting the marketing plan. The video must clearly deliver the marketing objective.

Not going well with branding

Many companies are failed to do perfect branding with their videos. they are targeting too much about their own company and making the audience bored towards their video.

Targeting multiple things in one video

Some companies are failed to reach the audience as they are doing wrong with targeting multiple elements at a time.

Long form video

Most of the startup companies want to deliver the complete message about each and every element or service to the audience. In that rush, they used to create long-form video content deviates the audience from their message.

Unattractive Call to Actions

The call to action messages are another drawback for failing at YouTube marketing and advertising by startups. The call to actions must be attractive and have to push the audience towards your product naturally.

Lack of good SEO

Another main problem is optimization. Newbies are obviously new to SEO and they are failing to reach good SEO efforts to get identified among the crowd.

Expecting immediate outcomes

Most of the new businesses are failing to reach their objective as they are expecting instant results with the video marketing. But, it is not possible to get Instant success in online marketing and advertising.

Improper management

Another reason behind the failure of startups is the improper management of resources to reach the targeted audience across the web.


Irrelevant content and irrelevant thumbnails are another main mistakes that most of the startups are doing in video advertising.

All these above points are most common mistakes of the newbies which made them backward. If the newbies can avoid these mistakes they can easily get successful in YouTube video marketing.

The 10 Most Harmful YouTube Mistakes

YouTube is the largest video-sharing platform and the second largest search engine after Google. There are certain things you should do to ensure that the YouTube channel becomes successful, there are also certain YouTube mistakes that can harm and affect the reputation. Avoid these Harmful YouTube Mistakes to increase the chances of success to your YouTube channel.

1. Not optimizing the video title should be avoided because this is one of the ranking factors.

2. Do not copy the content of content ideas. Originality is the key to success on YouTube.

3. The description field is significant for the video. It gives an idea of what is in the video to the search engines. Do not leave this field blank.

4. Do not use your YouTube channel as a dropbox service.

5. Do not pick the wrong tags and categories. YouTube will fail to show it in the right category, and you will lose the potential viewers.

6. Picking up the worst thumbnail that does not reflect the content of the video is another harmful mistake. Do not let YouTube pick the thumbnail, customize it.

7. Do not have a call to action in the video is another mistake. Forgetting about annotations is equally bad.

8. Not having a subscription button also should be avoided. The more subscribers for the channel will lead to more income. It is important to have many subscribers to increase the views.

9. Turning off comments for the videos is another big mistake. Refusing to engage with anyone should be avoided.

10. Neglecting social media is another mistake. You should give the information about your social account on the YouTube channel.

Success on YouTube is not going to be instant. You have to create the content of high quaintly and market it in a strategic way.

AdWords for Video Mistakes Marketers May Be Making

Google Adwords, a sales channel helps businesses earn profits by selling their products or services. Some marketers may fail to earn benefits from Adwords; this may be because Adwords is being used in the wrong way. Here are few mistakes that video marketers might be doing which can lead to low ROI.

Google Adwords tool has potential that makes it easy to reach the new customers, and this also drives sales. Adwords must be used correctly to avoid wasting money. If the Adwords campaign is not configured correctly, the video and may be shown to the wrong consumers. If the video ad campaign is not completing, it may be lost in the competition. The return on investment may be very little if mistakes are made in using Google AdWords. Here are the video marketing mistakes that should be avoided for Google AdWords.

1. Focusing on wrong keywords is one of the common mistakes that marketers do with Adwords video. One must identify the correct keywords to save budget and to increase conversions.

2. Avoid using wrong keywords or too many keywords.

3. Do not ignore negative keywords. For negative keywords, the Adwords do not trigger the ads help avoid fruitless clicks.

4. One of the most common mistakes of the marketers is not using correct negative keywords. This leads to your ad appearing for wrong queries and wrong people and nonconverting traffic will be brought to the video.

5. Not having specific ad groups is another mistake that should be avoided by marketers. Having specific ad groups helps in reaching the target audience and increases the ad rank.

6. Several clicks do not define the success of a video advertising campaign. We have seen many people measuring the success of a campaign based on clicks the video receives. There can be lots of clicks, but all these need not be leads.

7. Not tracking the results of the advertisement campaign is also very important.

8. When a customer clicks on an ad, he expects to get the information he is looking for. Do not disappoint him by not diverting him to a landing page video with all the required information.

9. Do not forget to write the perfect keywords in the title of the ad of the video.

10. Set up the conversion tracking to track the conversions. This helps to determine the success of your video campaign.

11. Do not start the video ad campaign with broad match keywords for higher volumes of traffic instead start with exact and phrase match keywords.

12. Do not run the same ad on Search and Display networks. Rather, run separate video campaigns and optimize for the different target audience.

13. Do not neglect setting negative keywords as this helps in blocking the ad from being shown to non-converting traffic.

14. The goal of video advertising for Adwords is to reach new prospective customers. Using wrong keywords to increase reach and this mistake should be avoided.

15. Not tracking the results of the advertising is another mistake that should be avoided.

16. Treating the different devices such as mobiles and desktop as the same is another mistake.

17. To improve branding, it is necessary to test the optimal ad position and neglecting this may be one of the mistakes.

18. Not knowing the competitors is another mistake

19. Do not make the mistake of expecting too much from AdWords.

20. Not directing the video ad audience to an appropriate landing page is another mistake.

Marketers must also remember to research on new keywords, test the landing pages, etc. even if the conversion rate of the video campaign is satisfactory.

Every video marketing ad aims to attract as many visitors as possible, but the above mistakes need to be avoided when using Google AdWords to make the most from the campaigns.

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