Corporate Video Marketing

Corporate Video Marketing and Advertising

How the Corporate Video Marketing strategy best fit the brand reputation?

How could it be used to produce the better results?

How to Create a Corporate Video?

The video is the major source to promote the particular brand’s products or services. The creation of corporate video will project the visual identity of the business brand in public. The visibility of the brand can be enhanced through the social video platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Dailymotion, etc. The Corporate video can be created by assembling the team that perks up the professional relationship among the employees.

Hardware Requirements to Shoot the Corporate Video:

The tools that are required to create the corporate video are

  • Video editing software
  • Digital Camcorder

Considering Tips to write the Script:

  • The theme of the video that contains the business premises, recruiting approach and products and services, etc. should be sketched.
  • The target audiences should be defined for the corporate video.
  • Frame the topics that are going to add to the corporate video.
  • The dedicated staff and partners in the video should be considered.
  • The length of the video content, i.e., not longer than 1m 30sec. Moreover, the shorter video will show more impact.

Lip Dub:

The video presentation can be done through Lip Dub. It has both the advantage and disadvantage.

LipDub videos will gain the huge number of fans at a time which is the most beneficial one.

How much does a Corporate Video production cost?

Revealing the budget:

The thought of telling about the contained budget to the supplier will be the better option to carry out the business objective and will return the better. The guessing game of budget can be demolished and can easily reach the project.

Reference Video:

The reference video is the best way to make the fast estimation by comparing. The money going activity can be easily shared with you, and it enables you to break it into elements.


Predicting the possibilities with a specific type of video in mind, a framed script and a specific creation approach to developing the business with the video will sketch the corporate video production cost.

Tips for Creating Awesome Corporate Videos

Defining the Audience:

The main objective of marketing the products or services is delivering the better communication message to the specific audiences.

The concerned message regarding the products or services will not reach all. Hence, it reaches the defined audiences. Focusing more on the delivery of the message will let your entire stuff to be in.

Narrating the story that touch-up the emotion:

The decisions that are taken to purchase the products or services are from emotions audiences. All of the corporate video productions are in the theme of delivering the facts, benefits, and features.

These videos are the most seeking concepts that never quit, and it is better to give the emotional touch up that makes the audiences to remember your brand for a long time.

Show me don’t tell me:

Explain about your product benefits after buying but not annoy the audiences to buy. The main advantage of using the video is delivering the complete information about the products or services that exactly reaches the audiences.

The benefits of the products or services of the particular brand should be disclosed to the audiences through the video. The video works as the great fragrance to explore the brand in the market.

Focusing more on Customer:

Providing the best solution to the customer is the main target for the company. The history of the company is the unnecessary deal for the customers.
To acquire the customer expectations you should consider what problems they have? How can you solve their problem? Hence make the video that related to defining the solution of the customers.

Disclosing what you believe not what you did:

Transparency is the most significant thing that all brands should remember to build the business relationship with the audiences. Disclosing what you believe will show a great impact on the audiences than what you did.

Difference between Corporate Video, Marketing Video & Advertising Video

There are many advantages of having a Corporate Video in Business. The business video will Grant for Brand awareness, Business Development, improved sales and marketing and Corporate Identity.

Adding a corporate video to your website gives effective engagement to drive sales and communicates your key messages to the targeted audience. There is a considerable distinction between the Corporate Video, Marketing Video, and Advertising or sales Video.

Corporate Video:

  • Corporate videos have the in-depth view, and more focused on business rather than promoting a single product or service.
  • A Corporate video describes the Company’s history, Vision, Mission, values, and ethics thoroughly.
  • Encourages the viewers to buy the company’s vision and mission, not just as the product.
  • Corporate video creates more loyal customers and creates a pool of willing customers or followers of the company.

Marketing Video:

  • Marketing Video defines the Brands and promotes the video advertising.
  • It explains the overall marketing strategy of business to optimize the Video impact and exposure.
  • It implements all the marketing ideas, social media platforms, video promotion platforms, email marketing in Video marketing strategies.
  • There is no completion to include Call-to-action in marketing Video.

Advertising Video:

  • Ad Video is designed to promote Products or Services.
  • Promotional video creates buzz and encouraging the viewers the audience and become more interested in what the video is promoting.
  • It highlights the features and metrics of the product.
  • These campaigns do not generate sales without including videos in their Video Marketing strategies.
  • It targets the specific audience and uses geolocations.
  • These are frequently on the websites just like YouTube videos.
  • Make sure to include calls-to-action in every video.
  • The length of Promotional videos is in between 1-4 min.

Corporate Video Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Walmart Corporate Video Marketing Campaign:

Walmart is the most significant online and retail stores or a company in the World. It was started 55 years back, but till now, we see the smiles on the face of their customers. The strength of the company held in the retail industry. This Walmart retail Marketing example or Corporate Video Marketing campaign showcases the how Walmart has everything and makes everyone’s life easier.

McDonalds Corporate Video Marketing Campaign:

McDonald’s launched since 1940, till now it is taking care of all customers Carvings. These McDonalds Corporate Video Marketing Campaigns showcase the highlights of how Mcdonalds is all about sharing of love between the people.

Deloitte Corporate Advertising Campaign:

Deloitte Robotic Process Automation advertising campaign shows how it emulates the human execution of the repetitive process with the Deloitte existing applications. The Robotic Process Automation distributes automated and improves business process.

GNGR Corporate Advertising Campaign:

GNGR provides the best social media marketing services like SEO, PPC, and email marketing to both the small and big scale business industries. GNGR mainly focus on brand awareness, loyalty, reputation and to increase the conversions. This example explained how you prioritize the online marketing to gain maximum benefits.

Tradescraper Corporate Advertising Campaign:

Tradescaper is a platform that empowers the business professionals to deploy the power of social networking skills to connects the new with the providers, suppliers to increase the sales performance. This Corporate advertising campaign describes how a B2B Tradescraper platform helps professionals to communicate others with more improved services.

Corporate Video Creation Platforms

Here are the best Corporate Video creation platforms.


Biteable is the best online app for creating corporate, promotional and marketing videos. It offers best professional quality videos with quick and easy way.


Wibbitz video creation platform enables your success. You can create high-quality videos with minimal production time for more revenue opportunities.


Wochit makes everything easy associates with the video. Wochit is a Cloud video platform produce high-quality videos that lead to high conversions to a company.


Renderforest is a free online video making platform for your Business. It creates professional company intros, slideshow presentations and especially famous for Explainer videos.

90 Seconds:

90 seconds is the World’s leading cloud video creation platform gives Brands and agencies to purchase and marketplace their videos. It collaborates with the comprehensive software platforms and allows the customers to plan, shot, edit and review the professional videos.


A corporate video describes the business profiles and values of a company. The above Corporate Video Marketing and Advertising campaign examples are the evidence for how Companies are incorporating a Corporate Video Marketing in their Business.

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