Digital Video Consumption

Digital Video Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2024

The global market is completely running over ‘digital video, ’ it has become the most challenging task for all advertisers and marketers. It is the only medium to expand the business branding at the toe of the customers that stimulates them to become the buyers. It is the trending brand ambassador for the present and future marketing field, which shows the significant impact on the audiences at a glance. Digital video is the feeding source for publishers and vloggers to project their branding or personal image to the public, personally or professionally. Digital Video Trends are mentioned here.

How is it going to play a vital role in the future?

What will be the most influential categories under digital video?

Social Video

Is your company well-reputed for a long time but no use when it doesn’t have a social media profile? That means social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are the most sought-after sites to expand the brand. Combining these platforms with video content will fulfill the social video strategy. More than 300 hours of video is being watched for every minute. It is too exciting to see how it will be viral in the future.

Vertical Video

Only the business is making amendments to drain the vertical video strategies that give satisfactory results. The portrait mode of the video is preferable as it is more compactable on mobile devices. The mobile users will feel free to watch the video content in portrait mode. Hence, the vertical video has become the hunting title while delivering the content.

Video Curation Platforms

We can find many video platforms, but only a few will come under video curation platforms. Video curators will drive more engagement by picking the ultimate content from the stack. These video curation platforms are always on the top. There might be chances of massive competition between the competitors.

Mobile Video Advertising with New Formats

Now, we can find many mobile video ad formats being implemented to reach the users’ expectations as the premium video inventory has arrived, along with the full-screen and Native video ads. The new advanced mobile video ad formats can be expected to have user-friendly features.

Live Video Ads

90% of the audience prefers watching live video content to old content. All brands plan to use advanced steps to reach Facebook and YouTube live audiences by inserting live video ads. This tactic will drive massive engagement for the video campaign.

Live Video on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has blasted the other trending video platforms with the launch of a video. It is the only platform where we can find good profiles of business branding. B2B marketing will entirely rely on this platform. LinkedIn will hold the live video concept for which everyone is waiting.

VR and AR 360-degree video Marketing and Advertising

VR and AR 360-degree videos will bring an immersive experience of being in the video. Audiences are eager to go around with the VR and AR 360-degree videos. The overall video marketing and advertising will be explored with this strategy.

Personalized Social Video

These videos are meant to represent the individuals by creating relevant videos. For example, personalized video ads will drain boundless traffic as they are introduced by aiming at individual customers.

Live Streaming Video with Captions and Subtitles

Everyone knows live streaming is viral on social media sites, but adding captions and subtitles to the live video will clutch the global audiences and help build vast traffic.

Micro Video Content using Video Storytelling

The expansion of micro video content is done through the ultimate video storytelling. The new advanced tools to generate the most engaging micro-video content through video storytelling will arrive.

Advanced AI, Big Data, and Machine learning implementation in Video Ads

Fraud-detecting advanced algorithms through AI and Machine Learning will be most beneficial to have extraordinary branding. Big Data technology can generate high-quality information about the video ads that are produced, which is necessary. Advancements in the implementation of these technologies with unique features will come.

Influencer marketing Platforms

Concentrating on building local audiences is more essential than reaching global audiences to expand one’s brand. Influencers are the magnifiers who clutch more customers with their ultimate branding strategies. Some influencer marketing platforms are giving computational spirit to one another.

E-commerce Shopping Live Streams

Online retailers and e-commerce sites are are stepping ahead to use live video streaming to provide customer services through live video communication. The product selling can be done through live streaming.

Programmatic Video Spending will increase.

The programmatic video spending will be increased to establish fantastic video content. All brands are planning to spend more on programmatic video advertising.

  • Capturing video in 4K is the new standard.
  • Technology, software, and the cloud are changing how we manage video content
  • Mobile Video
  • 360 Video
  • Live Streaming
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • People are tired of reading articles
  • Video on social media has become a commodity
  • Platforms need ways to stand out.
  • Video Specifically For Small Screens.
  • Ultra HD 4k
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Live streaming
  • 360° videos, Over/Under
  • Captions and Subtitles
  • AI vs. Humans
  • VR & 360-degree video
  • Smart speakers
  • Voice-activated devices
  • Web video grows up
  • Video content in the mobile era
  • Taking better video
  • Increase viewer engagement
  • Over-the-top (OTT) video content is everywhere
  • People love to watchvideoso on their mobile devices
  • Video ads are showing a lot of promise
  • Social media continues to grow in popularity
  • We’ll continue to see growth inlive-streamingg footage
  • Online video is still growing, with innovation around video games not slowing down
  • Use vertical video
  • Make the most of your mobile phone
  • 6 Second Teasers
  • Mix it up with short and longer videos
  • Promote on YouTube. Engaging videos on social media and going viral is easy if you’re creative.
  • 360 Video has taken off
  • Non-linear video will have a significant impact on the future of TV
  • Live streaming is growing in popularity
  • Content must be engaging
  • Think mobile-first
  • Don’t forget SEO
  • Invest in Microtv
  • Crowdsource your audience
  • Focus on the tools
  • Learn to use lighting
  • Plan good video titles
  • Video-centric websites
  • Mobile-first solutions
  • Wearable tech in video production
  • Drone use in video
  • Real-time streaming
  • Drones And Video
  • How to shoot aerial drone footage
  • Be the eye of the storm with drones
  • Smartphone Drones
  • Professional Virtual Reality Camera For Non-Profits Who Have a Story to Share Use virtual reality to share your story
  • High Frame Rates for a More Lifelike Viewing Experience
  • Reducing Motion Blur with Frame Interpolation
  • Shooting in Color and Black and White
  • Make videos optimized for your needs
  • Break down the barriers between producer and consumer
  • Original content can’t be beat
  • Keep your audience engaged through social media.


Trends in video consumption on the rise

Get ahead of your competition and capitalize on this opportunity by implementing a alive-streaming video program.

Digital Advertising might be an untapped market for your product.

Videos everywhere. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to get going with video!

You need to know what your goals are before you start creating videos on YouTube or Vimeo.

You don’t need to be a ‘filmmaker’ to have visually appealing video content!

Digital video is here to stay, and those who take advantage of the different trends will better market their products and services.

You don’t have to be a professional “studio-quality” producer to get started with video.

Businesses will start creating more short YouTube videos rather than long commercials to engage their customers. Companies will need help in distributing and reusing these videos.

Users will have access to super-fast internet speed, enabling them to do live HD video chat and watch HD-quality movies.

After reading this, we might understand how digital video is part of marketing and how it will spin the global market.

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