Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones Video Marketing Success Strategy

Game Of Thrones is a best amongst the successful entertainment entities on the planet. In spite of it not being appeared on national television, the TV show draws in gigantic evaluations in America with the season 4 finale pulling in more than 7 million viewers– a 32% expansion of season 3.The typical gross gathering of people for season 4 was 18.4 million viewers – a new record for the channel.

HBO is one of the immense English Channel have done a great job at integrating its viewers into its marketing campaign – something we have likewise seen while analysing the Hunger Games digital marketing strategy.

Game of Thrones’ Facebook page

The Facebook page combines a various variety of content to engage visitors consistently.

Game of Thrones

From King’s Landing to Dorne, explore the world of Westeros like never before in our immersive Facebook 360 Degree Video experience of Westeros like never before in series.

Right now the debut of season 5 takes up majority of the posts, yet as we’ve seen with other effective digital marketing campaigns, Game of Thrones posts promo material, genuine real life media (celebrity meetings, magazine covers) and concentrated in specialized merchandise (Game of Thrones brew anybody?).

Game of Thrones’ Twitter profile

Same as Facebook page, the Twitter profile includes a huge variety of content and specifically gifs with scenes from the show which are easily seen thanks to their integration on Twitter (something Facebook needs). It again retweets its user posts and it’s nothing unexpected they have well more than Two 2 million followers.

From #GoTSeason5 to #GameofThronesSeason5 and afterward particular hashtags like#TheWarsToCome or #CatchDrogon. At that point you have the abnormal state hashtags of#GOT and #GameofThrones to exacerbate matters.

Game of Thrones’ Google+ profile

Shockingly for such a digital marketing brand, the Google+ profile leaves a ton to be sought. The default profile associated with the YouTube channel has the default Google+ foundation picture, as well as doesn’t have a G+ URL Link.

Game Of Thrones’ Google+

Game of Thrones’ Instagram account

Instagram Videos variety of posts, with all of them feature the Funko Pop vinyl toys based on the series, The Game of Thrones Instagram channel has a more extensive variety of posts, with everybody highlights the Funko Pop vinyl toys in light of the arrangement. Whether its reproducing scenes from the show with the figures, or the superstars themselves, it’s an adorable touch and a plainly characterized strategy for the channel.

Game of Thrones’ Website Presence

The webpage is something more than a gateway page sending visitors to other domains. All in all, we’ve found the following portals: (a Tumblr chronicling much discussed deaths of characters)

Game of Thrones official blog

HBO official microsite

The Game of Thrones’ Vine Looping Videos

The Game of Thrones Vine channel is – as you may expect – It is dominated by trailer clips of the upcoming season 5 but it is also has been used for cross channel marketing promotions (such as #CatchDrogon campaign).

Game of Thrones on Vine

dominated by trailer clips of upcoming season 5

Uploading the promo videos or red carpet interviews

Unsurprisingly for a TV show, The Game of Thrones has a very popular YouTube channel. But it goes one step forward than a simply uploading promo videos and/or red carpet interviews. It also includes videos from Game of Thrones Season 5 mixtape (they’ve actually launched a mixtape to promote season to core demographics).

Game of Thrones Cast Interviews on Google Play

It also includes behind the scenes videos & a ’History and Lore’ series which gives fans even more content to enjoy and immerse themselves in the GoT world.

Game of Thrones YouTube Channel

Game of Thrones Season 6: Trailer #2 (HBO)

The 6th season of the fantasy show TV series Game of Thrones was requested by HBO on April 8, 2014, together with the 5th fifth season, which is premiered on April 24, 2016.In complexity to the past seasons, it generally comprises of unique content not found in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire series

In this way, Game of Thrones season 5 has commenced and it’ll be fascinating to perceive how their computerized nearness becomes over the coming scenes. In the event that they can develop their advanced group of onlookers like they’ve done their telecast gathering of people we could see a digital marketing presence that adversaries that of entertainment’s greatest brands.

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