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50 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Now YouTube is the only word that reverberates everywhere with a boundless frequency range. Hence, this has become a challenging platform for each. Then how to be the most out of million YouTubers by grabbing millions of subscribers? Here are 50 ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers that can bring the words of mouth into reality.

Ways To Get More YouTube Subscribers

  1. Create the high-quality video content that should strike at the first visit of targeted audience.
  2. Generate the titles and keywords that are being demanded in all social media sites including a search engine.
  3. Design the thumbnail that should eye-catch the audience at a glance.
  4. A unique creation of description is needed as it appears in the search results of search engine.
  5. A hyperactive option like ‘call-to-action’ must be used for the video you upload.
  6. Get involved with ultimate tools to optimize the channel that leads to gain views through subscribers.
  7. Consistency is needed while uploading the videos to your channel.
  8. Scheduling of videos must be done to push them at specific timings to the audience for the continuous engagement.
  9. Always add ‘hashtags’ that are most required for YouTube search results.
  10. Prefer the ‘bite sized’ video content which clutches more audience in less time.
  11. Use all other social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to share the YouTube video content.
  12. Mention the ‘about’ section of YouTube channel what you are about to describe.
  13. Collaborate with the other YouTubers and place the videos they involved at yours.
  14. Cross promote your video content at others channel and vice versa.
  15. Frequently get in touch with the audience by giving replies through comments.
  16. Make a research on experts and popular YouTubers channels to find the filtered ways.
  17. It is better to choose the quality than quantity to reach the targeted audience.
  18. Make yourself active at others channels by tweaking comments at their video content.
  19. Explore your channel brand through the launch of video campaigns.
  20. Drive the audience at your channel by using the concept of ‘link building’
  21. Concentrate on first 10 seconds of the video you upload which should be extraordinary.
  22. Immerse the multiple annotations to direct the audience to other videos or home page of you.
  23. Be in touch with the ‘YouTube analytics’ to analyze the performance of your channel.
  24. Create the ‘playlists’ to hold the audience by watching other related video content for some more time.
  25. Keep a note of ‘YouTube copyright’ issues that should not isolate from your audience.
  26. Launch the YouTube trailer in an effective way.
  27. Reward the audience by offering some gift vouchers or coupons to have the continuous engagement.
  28. Trigger the varied formats of video content with no regular boring video content.
  29. Focus on trending and viral concepts in the public to make videos.
  30. Pick the varied shooting locations while making videos to give the fresh environment for the audience at each video they watch.
  31. Create the videos in a merciless way that should be projected generally.
  32. Use the ‘Meta tags’ that helps to appear your video content on both YouTube and search engine.
  33. At the end of each video, you produce then ask the audience to subscribe or like your YouTube channel.
  34. Bring your fans and family into your channel that gives much entertainment for the audience.
  35. Build some fun generating videos that are preferred by the audience.
  36. Try to deliver the location-based video content initially.
  37. Make use of best equipment to dispatch the HD quality videos which seems pleasant while watching.
  38. Always create the ‘how to’ videos which are more interesting and most searchable in the search engine.
  39. Pre- plan the making of bulk video content.
  40. Remake the old video content by adding the amazing thumbnails.
  41. If there are any long form videos that are hiding for a long time then split them into bits that reach the audience quickly.
  42. Use the most popular video editing software to wrap the ultimate video content.
  43. Just add ‘YouTube cards’ for the video content.
  44. Upload videos that have been requested by the audience in the comments section.
  45. Create the blog that is completely related to your YouTube channel.
  46. Enable the ‘embed’ option to use your video content on others channels. But include a watermark that points you.
  47. Make looping with the ‘influencers’ to spread your channel rapidly.
  48. Shout out of the fans by thanking them as they are being active at your channel and participating on frequent sharing.
  49. Get the interviews of celebrities at your channel.
  50. The appearance of the landing page should be an astounding way.

If you are being as the bug of searching all strategies then these are the most useful ways that really build the confidence levels in rebuilding the audience in very short period.

How to Turn YouTube Channel Subscribers into Customers

More and more brands irrespective of sizes and types are using video as a powerful tool for engaging customers. Companies have their YouTube channels for promoting their services and products online.

While it is a challenge to increase the number of subscribers, it is equally challenging to turn subscribers into customers. There are few things to follow to get the benefits of increasing conversion rates.

Listen to your Subscriber’s Feedback

This is important for compelling the subscribers to become customers. Listening to the subscribers helps them to know what they prefer and want.

Based on the feedback, the subscribers also can make changes to their marketing strategy. Subscribers, when knowing that the brand is listening to them, feel that they are a priority for the company that builds trust and brand loyalty.

Generate Exclusive Deals for the Subscribers

Offering special discounts to subscribers at the online store is a powerful weapon to increase conversion.

The chances of conversion are increased by offering email/newsletter subscription offers. It helps in building an email list also, which is very important for online retailers. Having the mail details of the subscribers allows promoting new products in the future.

Try encouraging the subscribers to convert into customers with first-time shopper offers. It could be a discount on price or an offer for the free shipping of the product. Encourage them to spend more with special offers on the total value of the shopping cart.

Promote your Subscribers

To increase the subscribers for YouTube channel, the first thing to follow is to produce regular content.

The audience wants to more entertainment and if you give them what they want they are sure to subscribe to your channel. Drive subscribers by adding the subscribe button in your blog also.

To double the audience and the increase subscriptions collaborate with other YouTubers and reach new potential subscribers.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Customer testimonial videos are proved to have a highest effective rating in influencing conversions. Buying decisions are influenced by testimonial videos by ninety percent. Customer review testimonial videos make the potential audience trust the brand.

Simply having testimonial videos can help in converting the subscribers into customers. Testimonial videos help to add creditability, trustworthiness and reliability.

Here are other few interesting tips to follow to Convert YouTube Channel Subscribers into Customers

• Engage the subscribers with shareable content. The more likes, shares, and comments, the more engaging fans. Create interactive video content. Have a clear call to action such as visiting the sales page etc. so that the subscribers interact with the brand.

Sales funnel begins with subscribers visiting the website or an app. When you are directing the subscribers outside the YouTube channel, offer something valuable, such as a free e-book or contest entry. Use email marketing to build relations with subscribers. Personalize the messages by mentioning the name of the customer in the letter.

• Introduce sale opportunities also through email, and this is the best place to convert subscribers into customers. Balance your content with sales messages sends emails to subscribers to check the latest products on the sales website.

Hundreds of subscribers are not going to produce revenue. It is important to reach a significant targeted audience. Use the best video of yours as the channel trailer and place the click now to subscriber icon in your videos to increase the subscribers.

YouTube video marketing is not just for selling. It is for helping the audience with their problems and telling them your service or product can help them solve the problems.

Take the help now and sell later approach is the best to convert YouTube subscribers to loyal customers.

10 Ways to Turn YouTube Subscribers into Brand Promoters

YouTube is the best destination for online video advertising and Brand Promoters. Digital marketers used to promote their brand on the YouTube platform by using different types of video ads online.

The first target of every online business is to convert their visitors or video viewers into their customers. Transforming the viewers into customers is not enough to reach the sales target, and it must go beyond the advertising and promotion online.

Targeting the customers with different video ads is the general routine task that every digital marketer used to follow based on their target and video marketing strategy.

But the main thing is to turn the YouTube subscribers into Brand promoters is the most interesting thing in present video marketing and advertising.

For example, if people buy something that is best in quality and less in price then it automatically passes on to other people with the word of mouth advertising.

You have to implement the same to convert your YouTube subscribers into brand promoters.

Here are the Ten Best Ways to turn the YouTube Subscribers into the Brand Promoters. Here we go.

Focus on Customer Experience

Create a video by taking the customer’s interests in your mind. Let them know how much you value your customers.

Create Emotional Video Content

Emotional content can easily connect with people in one go. Just connect with the people with trending emotional content about your brand.

Effective with Efficiency

Go with effective branding strategies to attract consumers online. Understand your audience completely which helps you to have effective branding and can deliver efficiently to the right audience.

Create Something Interesting

Raise the interest in the audience with interesting content which can grab their attention towards your brand.

Create Relevant Video Content

Relevancy is very important to grab the audience’s trust.

Create Interesting and innovative content

Though you are marketing your brand, it is very important that you need to raise the interest of the audience with your innovative content. It helps to increase word-of-mouth advertising online.

Provide trending content along with your brand message. Don’t over target the brand and focus on the audience by delivering the trending content online.

Use Cross-Platform for Promotion and marketing

Embed your youtube videos and post it on your blog and other sites to drive the audience towards your video content. It is a better way to engage the people and connect with them.

Launch YouTube Contests & Campaigns

Bask questions about your brand and offer them some exciting prizes.

Use YouTube Live Streaming for Promotions

connect the audience with YouTube live and answer their queries related to your brand in a friendly way.

All these above ways are helpful for brands to raise the word of mouth advertising from their subscribers and transform them as your brand promoters on the YouTube platform.

20 Ways to Get Subscribers on YouTube

When you have started a YouTube channel there is one thing you should remember that is you have some strategies on how to get subscribers on YouTube. When you have tips, then it could be easy to overcome the competitor.

YouTube deals with one and only one thing. To get Subscribers on YouTube is only by Views! The number of views you get on your channel or video determines your reach in the online space. However, over a period, regular modes of doing videos do not work all that well. You need to get smarter to get more views. Also, viewers who constantly view your videos turn into subscribers for your YouTube channel. That determines your following on YouTube. Once, you have subscribers thronging your channel, and you are a YouTube Celebrity. But are there said tactics or tips to get subscribers to your channel? Here are a few.

  1. Channel Background – Having an impressive creative as your YouTube Channel Image can rake in subscribers as they would certainly view your videos.
  2. Urge people to subscribe to your channel, but don’t beg.
  3. Post your videos on Facebook
  4. Consistently publish videos
  5. Let people know when you publish your videos
  6. Have a “click here to subscribe” annotation on the corner of all of your videos
  7. Have a YouTube subscribe button on your blog
  8. Upload more videos
  9. Include a channel trailer
  10. Share your videos on Google+
  11. Post videos on a frequent basis
  12. Properly tag your videos.
  13. Use appropriate keywords in the title of your video.
  14. Create quality videos.
  15. Write good titles for your videos
  16. Write descriptions correctly
  17. Interact with the subscribers that you already have
  18. Subscribe to other people’s YouTube channels
  19. Comment on other people’s videos
  20. Tweet your videos


We hope these nuggets will help you get the required subscribers that will help push your channel into the assorted lot of premium quality channels.

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