Youtube Donation Cards

How to Use YouTube Donation Cards to Raise Money for Charities

Video donation cards are the new type of cards that were introduced by YouTube in 2016. Donation cards allow raising money for charities. These are also helpful to engage members and supporters to help a cause. The processing fee for credit cards is paid by Google.

Steps to Add YouTube Donation Card to Videos

Choose or upload the video from the YouTube account. Click the card icon and then click the ‘Add card’ button. here you have to choose the ‘Donation’ option and click on the create option.

In step two select the 501(c)(3) nonprofit you want to feature in your video. The nonprofit can be where you are a volunteer or a board member or your own. Name the donation card. Enter the teaser text. Set the time by sliding the indicator along the timeline. Finally, save the changes. When the video played, the teaser text will pop up for few seconds at the set time. The YouTubers can choose any of the US IRS validated 501(c) 3 public nonprofit organization. Hundred percent of the donation money is received by them, according to YouTube.

Video Donation Cards for Fund Raising Benefits

YouTube video donation cards are an important feature for nonprofits. Here are the benefits of using it.

• Engaging the audience for fund raising.

• Encouraging the other YouTubers to promote the nonprofit by adding donation cards to their videos.

• Engage the supporters and others to donate to the nonprofit.

• YouTube donation cards are designed to operate smoothly on mobiles also unlike the other clickable overlays that do not appear on mobile.

• Adding the video donation cards to your YouTube videos is very simple.

• Network for Good sends receipts for donors.

• Google pays the processing fee for credit cards of those who donate and so the nonprofits will receive hundred percent of the money donated.

Tips for using video donation cards

• Let the video cards be on the right side of the video and are not covering the content in the video.

• Choose the most popular videos on your channel and add donation cards to it.

• The video should be of high quality.

• Ensure that your community knows that you are using video donation cards.

• Direct the people to a reference where they can see how simple it is to add video donation cards to their videos.

• If there are others member of nonprofits, donors and other who have a strong following on YouTube, request them to add YouTube donation cards to the videos.

• Only people based in US and UL can add donation cards to their videos.

• People from several countries can donate using the cards.

• The amount raised by a video donation card can be seen in YouTube Analytics or cards editor.

The goal using YouTube video donation cards is to bring in more donations for the nonprofit. Identify your audience and supporters. Promote the video to them and encourage them to complete the donation form.

YouTube creators can content that entertains the audience but also inspires and educate them. The videos can help in fundraising for the nonprofits. Nonprofits also can request the popular YouTube creators to add their nonprofit to the video donation cards. All the nonprofits who already enrolled in the YouTube program have donated button on their YouTube channel. A video donation card is an additional option that allows creators to help charities. The donor’s contact information will not be received by either the YouTube or the nonprofit.

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