How to Get Your YouTube Channel Back on Track After a Huge Drop

How to Get Your YouTube Channel Back on Track After a Huge Drop

Suddenly your channel struck off at the lower position, and it’s not waving to peak place for a long time. Don’t disappoint about that concern. Here are the perfect strategies that bring back the peak position of your YouTube Channel from a drop-down state. You need not struggle much to rectify it just have a look below.

Check for Loopholes and clear off:

When your channel flapped unexpectedly there might be some defects that are not visible directly at a glance. So check those loopholes carefully with keen observation and try to remove all of them perfectly.

Make Changes to your Meta Data:

Just go on modifying the Metadata that you have mention before because this would clutch the concentration of audience by appearing along with the title of the video in the search results of search engine.

Make Changes to low-performing Thumbnails:

The thumbnails play a unique role to strike at the eye of the audience with an amazing image. So when you notify that particular thumbnails are being dull then immediately change them.

Mistakes to Avoid:

There are too many ways that can avoid a huge number of mistakes and rise up the channel normally. They are

Access your YouTube Analytics data:

When you upload videos to your channel where you can find YouTube analytics which shows the complete details of your channel performance with each video activity, i.e., either giving a good result or bad. Then you can make changes to get higher results. So you must access the YouTube analytics data.

Remove or Re-upload Videos that not getting organic traffic:

When you find that there is no organic traffic for a particular video through a search engine then straightaway remove those videos and re-upload by adding new keywords and tags that are most searchable in the search engine.

Analyze traffic dynamics of each Video:

Always study the changes that have been obtained in the traffic of each video either having the same type of continuous traffic for all time or it depends on specific time or location. Then you can choose the theme subjected to audience preference.

Create a list of Reasons for why do your Videos not getting Views:

You are not supposed to leave the single bit of chances to verify the drawbacks in your videos. So list out the reasons that are visible to at the moment you visit your channel that which videos are not getting expected views.

Analyze Promotional Strategies what you have done:

Figure out the strategies that you have applied to promote your channel. It can help you to identify the mistakes that you have done while doing promotion.

Audit Your Each Video:

You might upload the vast number of videos for each channel as it has launched since many years. Then you might skip some videos while auditing. You must inspect each video until you modify something in that.

Conduct a Competitor YouTube Channel Analysis and Implement their best Strategies:

Now the competition for the YouTube channel is a very high rate. So you need to concentrate some more on competitors’ YouTube channel to know their intention and theme towards the wall of the success by making a complete analysis. Then you should pick up their best strategies to implement in your own way.

How To Combine YouTube Channels Under One Account?

By the activity of merging YouTube channels there may be a chance of linking-up the most popular channel with the newly started channel. So that the uses of previous channels will be notified about it.

There are several reasons behind why people like to maintain one or two YouTube channels and find absolutely no information about how to link those two channels with one account. Yes, many users like to have more than one YouTube channel because of one for their business and one for personal or many other reasons behind it.

But to create the multiple YouTube channels one may think that they need multiple email addresses. To maintain the channels and sometimes they may also face many hassles due to multiple email address to log in with and may get confused with various passwords and many other things. So, here is the way to get connected the different YouTube channels under one account in a simple possible way.

With Google plus:

YouTube allows the users to get connected the two channels under one account if and only if the users have Google plus account and has been linked with the products to get together. You need to have a Google plus account to link your multiple YouTube channels.

Setting up the multiple channels:

After connecting with the Google plus account. First of all, you must go to YouTube platform and then click onto the “All my Channels” which can be available on the platform in the down section.

In that section you can access the information about all your profiles that existed on the google plus page. So, include the new page that was created by you on New Google plus page.

It will ask you for confirmation and simply click onto the OK button. After that confirmation message, another confirmation generated asking about linking to the YouTube channel and the Google plus account.

So, simply click onto the IK button one more time. Therefore your channel has been created and also created a switch between your multiple YouTube accounts at one dashboard. You can also add ad managers if you want to manage it with more ease.

How to Avoid Strikes on YouTube Channel?

YouTube is the most extensive video platform across the web, and it is also the best social media platform for the audience to get connected with the top creators and most talented people across the globe. The platform is a huge success, and one of the unknown success factors is its content management systems which are lacking in many other platforms even today. Yes, YouTube has the best content ID system comparing to other platforms that are present today. Ways to Avoid Strikes on YouTube Channel

The YouTube content ID system allows the good quality content and helps the users to access the right videos without any copyright infringements violated content on its platform. It is the biggest reason behind why all the creators choose YouTube for their video development through many other video hosting platforms exist on the web.

Many of you can receive the copyright strikes from YouTube on your video content, and this can affect your future video success on YouTube platform as well as time also get wasted and sometimes results in termination of your account. Sometimes it may be accidental to have a similar type of content and sometimes turn intention and violation of the rules. So, there are some tips to avoid the strikes on your content on YouTube platform.

Spot out the copyrighted material

Copyright Mark has great importance which relates to the intellectual property. So, many videos have a different logo which is a circled letter ‘C’ related to copyrighted, protected content. So, don’t use such type of material.

Don’t use web images in your video

There some millions of images content on the web. If you are not able to produce the new image content, don’t go for the copyrighted on image content. It is better to generate on your own.

Create your own and if need make it as your intellectual property

Create your content to upload it on YouTube. Don’t forget to follow the rules and terms of the YouTube platform and create accordingly. It helps you to avoid the strikes on your content. If you are sure you are not copied or violated and yet you receive hit, you can counter file the complaint to CMS on YouTube.


The disappointment of being your channel at the flap will be rectified by following the above approaches and get back to the peak point with an unbeatable achievement for a long period of time.

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