Ultimate Guide to YouTube Content ID Copyright Claims

The content ID system was designed for the copyright owners to identify and manage the content on the YouTube platform. The videos undergo scanning in the database and compare in the database for matches. The database contains different content that was created by the content creators. If the matches found in the database, then the decision would be with the copyright owners if they found any matches with their content. So, they have an option called content ID claims.

Content ID claims

The owners of the copyrights can have the power to mute audio matches that found in other content, and they can also be able to block, monetize and track the video statistics of the content that matched with their content. The content ID can be allowed for the copyright owners who fulfill the eligibility. The content ID also has some strict guidelines that must follow. Even YouTube monitors the disputes related to the content ID claims. The content owners cannot be able to claim the wrong things. If they do the wrong claiming, then YouTube will take action by terminating the content owner’s partnership account with the platform.

If you received any content ID copyright claims, you can acknowledge the claim and get a move on. You can also get the claimed music again by removing the part of the copyrighted content in your video. Even the claim can be disputed if you are confident that you are not copied any content in the YouTube database.

The copyrights are legal, which granted to the content creator with some exclusive rights to their content for its use. So, they can have the right to claim their content if any other person copied it. Sometimes, you may receive some copyright claims from the third party persons who had content ID. But, that claims may not be correct, and sometimes your content may misidentified. At that situation, the user can file a dispute the copyright claims on the YouTube platform. So, by disputing the claim, the owner of the content can get notified about your dispute, and he will respond you within thirty days, and there is no option for the users who have already received the copyright strikes.

One can decide to dispute if and only if you believed that your video was misidentified and no such content can receive the copyright claim. Then only you can dispute confidently, and you must also have the copyright-protected content with you. The YouTube platform cannot offer any help in making your decisions in the dispute or not dispute. The other thing you must remind in your mind that, if you disputed with invalid reason them the owner of the copyright can have a chance to take down your video and get your account strike under copyright issue.

Disputing the claim

If you decide to dispute the claim, which can go towards the section of the copyright notices that can see in the section of the YouTube dashboard video manager. You can click on the menu to edit the claimed video. If there is an error that you have found in the claim, then you can confidently make the dispute from the page directly. The claim can be release, uphold or takedown by the copyright owner after you filed the dispute.

How to Appeal YouTube Claims, and Removing Strikes

If you receive a copyright strike mean that you have received some legal request from the owner of the content reporting that you have content that had matches with their content on the YouTube platform, which is called as copyright strikes. It would keep your account in a bad standing list if you didn’t remove the content that matched the copyright owner’s content. The maximum copyright strikes are three, and if you crossed the strike rate then your account can be terminated by the YouTube platform by removing your whole video content and can’t be allowed to create another one.

One can find the copyright strike information in the copyright notices section in the video manager option on your dashboard.

You have three options when you have received the copyright strike notices. The first way you can wait until the strike was expired as it has six months’ tenure, and the next way is you can get connect with that person who made his claim to you. Request them to retract, and the final way is to make a counter-notification if you are not sure that your content is copied and undergone some misidentification.

Appealing YouTube claim and removal of claims

you can appeal a strike if your content not copied and if you felt it was misidentified, then go to the channel settings option. Click on to the guidelines for the community and show the strikes you got and click on to the “Appeal this decision” option, which appeared on the page. One can appeal the strike only once per video, and the future strikes can appeal after the period of some sixty days after the first appeal. So, YouTube will recheck the issue and resolve the appeals made by you if they are correct; otherwise, it will take further action by terminating your account. If you are appeal won, then the strikes will get removed from your account.

How to Re-Monetize YouTube Videos that Matched 3rd Party Content!

Monetization is the best way to get a good revenue source for the people online and especially on the YouTube platform allows the monetization policy for its users. But, there are some millions of videos that are uploaded on to the YouTube platform, and you may also upload several videos on your own on the YouTube platform. Sometimes, your content may get matched with the third-party content that means some song, music, theme, or subject can match in your part of the video though you made it yourself. At that time, you may get some copyright notices from the concern third-party companies whose content was matched with your video. So, they sent you some notices containing which content was matched with your video in detail. This results in the cancellation of your monetization policy. It is very painful if your video got copyright claim after you achieved 10k views towards it. So, here is a way to re-monetize your videos by correcting the videos.

Re-monetization of YouTube videos

YouTube videos that are matched with the third party content can be re-monetizing again within a short span. Just go through the video manager option and click on to the copyright notices section within the video manager. The notices from the third part content were available in this section. Now, click on to the highlighted “matched third party content” in the content claiming list. By clicking on to the highlighted note, you can get to a new page containing the information about the copied content in your video.

If your video had acquired ten thousand views, then go back to the claim page and click on the edit option and click on to the audio option if your content has complained against copying of similar audio. Click on “remove the song Beta.” By clicking on to it, you can bring forward to another page and click on the Save button at the top right corner. Now click on to the usage policy and select the options for monetization again and save changes.

The copyright claims can be received on your YouTube account if and only if your content is matched with the third-party content on the platform. At that instant, they will send you some claims and provide you with the details about which part of your video had matched with their content. YouTube platform provides its users with copyrights in order to protect their content from abusive forms and cloning or spinning their content. So, if any person who had uploaded content that matched their content, they can have a right to make their claim on a specific video. This results in the stopping of monetization policy to the copied video.

Content ID match for audio

The content ID matches can be checked from the video manager section on the YouTube platform. You can select the copyright claims page, which was included with the information about the matched third-party content in your video. By checking the claim details, you can get to know which part of the content was copied from the third party.

Reclaiming and monetization

You can reclaim and re-monetize your content by checking the copied content details. You can go through the matched content that can delete it from the video and save changes. By saving the changes which can take some few hours and after that, you can enable the monetization to your video by correcting it.

Resolving YouTube Potential Claims

The potential content claims of the partners can be resolved by the YouTube content policy system in which the policies can be useful and provides to the partners who are using the content ID system. There are many claims that put forward towards the YouTube platform for resolving, which is called a pending claim. They can be on the pending list because of various reasons related to the policies of partners, disputes from the users, and other misidentified matches.

The users can see their pending claims in the “to do’s a section,” which is present towards the left side of the page. Clicking on to the claim that is pending in the list will take you to the elaborate details about its pending and other information related to it. So, the user can be asked for their opinion on the claim whether it is reviewed valid and can be released and if it was left un-reviewed in the section, it becomes expired within the thirty days.

Resolving the potential YouTube claims

The potential claims are consist of single matches that are short in length and some possible counterclaims. The claims undergo some reviews because of the partner policy. This type of claim can review the claims. So, to get resolve these types of claims, there will be some options provided by the partners to get takedown or release or exclude the claims by clicking on the release and confirm buttons that are provided on the page.

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