Giroptic iO 360 Degree Camera

Guide To Giroptic iO 360-Degree Camera Facebook And YouTube Live

New live cameras are trending in the market with the rise in the live video streaming trend across the platforms like Youtube and Facebook. The new 360 degree cameras are capturing the audience attention across the web. The new arrival Giroptic iO 360 Degree Camera is creating buzz across the platform.

Features of Giroptic iO 360 camera

The new Giroptic iO is the 360-degree camera that is designed exclusively for the YouTube and the Facebook Live 360 Videos.

The camera came with a compact and small design which attaches the iPhone also. The main feature in the Giroptic iO is live streaming support with a complete immersive video.

The camera is utilizing the stitching technology in real time along with the connectivity in order to provide the users with great playback capture at low latency.

It is generally connected with its lighting port along with its companion application in app sharing tools this allows the user to upload the content directly to the YouTube and Facebook live streaming and also supports the YouTube Live.

The camera is generally coming up with a twin lens which supports the unique image processing technology built in it. The camera was easily fit in the pocket and easy to carry. It gets connected to the smartphone as well as with the tablet instantly with great capturing abilities.

The users can shoot the photos in 360 degrees and record the videos in 360 degrees along with the live 360-degree video.

Users can share the picture instantly and can go live sharing completely. So users can share the live photos and videos instantly.

The Giroptic iO came up with a 2×195 degree that supports the f/1.8 with 360 degrees. It supports the photos, video and lives

With apple lightning and the micro USB for charging with a 73mmx35mm in size made up of the aluminium casing and lithium ion battery. It supports JPEG and MP4 format and also stores the data to a smartphone with ease.

The 360 cam supports the 2K capturing of videos and 4K capturing of photos and 360-degree capture with three lenses in five different modes.

The camera is waterproof as it is durable with shock resistance. It supports any device which is compatible with the 360-degree videos. It is almost compatible with every 360-degree device without any other process for setup.

Giroptic iO 360 Degree Camera Facebook Live

The new Giroptic camera is tiny and easy to carry a 360-degree camera that supports the iOS platform. It is compatible with the iPhone and can make the iPhone as a streaming device.

When comes to Facebook live, the camera adopts the 360 degrees with accessories like light bulb adaptor in order to setup the surveillance system along with the adaptor in order to stream the live events.

When comes to Facebook live, just get connect the Giroptic iO camera to your device. Make sure you have good Wi-Fi signal accessing to your device.

The video with camera system generally adds the required metadata and uploads the video live.

Giroptic iO 360 Degree Camera YouTube Live

Connect the Giroptic iO camera to your device with all settings to go live on YouTube platform. Make sure you have good internet connectivity to stay connected to the Youtube platform. Firstly you have to confirm the verification of your YouTube channel and make sure you don’t have any restrictions for the live video streaming on the platform. Enable the live streaming in creator studio settings.

You can find two options which are stream now and events. By clicking on the stream now option, you can go live and start sharing the content, and the platform will automatically update the same at right time.


Therefore, the new Giroptic iO camera is the best one for 360 degrees live across Facebook and YouTube platforms as it is small and easy to carry and especially easy to share.

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