GoPro’s Karma

The Ultimate Guide to GoPro’s Karma for Video Marketing

GoPro launched the Karma drone which is compact and portable. The user can capture smooth footage using the drone in the air. GoPro announced the building of Karma in December last, and it is now finally officially launched as GoPro’s Karma.

What is GoPro’s Karma?

GoPro’s Karma is a drone which can purchase by the first time users of drone. Karma is easy to operate and easy to carry due to its sleek design. It comes with a specially designed backpack to carry easily. It weighs 2.2 pounds.

GoPro Karma is ready to go as there is no need to attach any parts. It comes with foldable propeller arms and landing gear that are replaceable. The Drone travels 35 miles in hours. It can fly at the height of up to 14,500 feet. It can also resist wind.

How to Setup GoPro’s Karma to Shoot Videos

GoPro Karma drone is very easy to set up. It comes with multiple components. There is Karma stabiliser. It can connect to Hero 5 or Hero 4 via mini USB or USB Type-C port. Flying the drone is easy with the videogame-style controllers with joysticks. These thus designed people are familiar with them. The Joystick controls the rotation, ascend and descend. The right stick is used to move the drone left, right, back and forward.

Though manual controls are fun while shooting video, it is advised to use the Karma controller that comes with Auto Shot Path feature. There are different modes to set up while shooting such as Cable Cam mode, Orbit mode, Reveal mode etc. The user can create professional looking video footage with GoPro Karma.

10 Ways to use GoPro’s Karma for Video Marketing

The popularity of online video is increasing and videos now are a critical part of any digital marketing strategy. Brands and businesses are considering videos as most effective native advertising form. Using aerial video for business promotion is the new trend and is catching up fast.

  1. Use the live drone feed to promote your special events to reach large number of people.
  2. The aerial videos from GoPro Karma drone can be used as promotional material by various businesses such as tourism, resorts, and hotels. Real estate etc.
  3. Construction companies can use the drone video feed to show the progress of their projects.
  4. This form of video is also beneficial in the marketing of properties and infrastructure.
  5. When it comes to covering sporting events and outdoor festivals by any business, GoPro Karma drone will be of great help as it is easy to use and control.
  6. Tourist sector can utilize the GoPro’s Karma drone videos for highlighting locations and to provide details of the facilities. They can show various tourist attractions in these videos and promote their business.
  7. We are also observing the trend of automobile companies using drone video feed for their car, bike commercials to make them appealing and gaining the customer attention.
  8. The bird’s eye view offered by the GoPro Karma videos adds a unique perspective to the marketing videos.
  9. GoPro Karma can be used to shot videos in angles that were not previously possible. The drones can be used to shot videos with cat’s view or bird’s eye view.
  10. It can capture the 360 degree videos that help engage the people more to the content.

GoPro’s Karma drone is simple and effective but it should not be overused and keeping balance is important. The technology should be used intelligently in digital marketing to make it more successful.

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