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How To Grow Your Email List Fast With Video Marketing

Are you searching for different ways to grow email list? If so, you should consider using video marketing. Video marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and attract new subscribers.

We’ll discuss the benefits of using video marketing to grow your email list and provide some tips for getting started.

Not too long ago, if you wanted to grow your email list, you’d have to use traditional marketing methods like print ads, direct mail, or telemarketing. But thanks to the power of online video marketing, there’s a new way to attract subscribers and boost your bottom line: by creating videos that encourage viewers to sign up for your email list. In this blog post, we’ll show you how it’s done.

What is an Email List?

It’s the list of subscribers that you have. It allows you to reach your clients and get more customers using emails.

An email list is an essential facet of any business. And yet, many people don’t understand what it is or how to use it.

An email list is a collection of emails that you can use to communicate with people.

An email list is the most powerful way to connect with your audience directly, and it’s also straightforward. You can use this list to send out newsletters or special offers relevant to your customers.

A list of emails is a collection of email addresses that you can use for marketing purposes.

An email list is a group of people who have subscribed to your content. This means you can send them emails, and they’ll receive them in their inbox.

An Email List is a group of people who have opted-in to receive communications from you. They are usually interested in your product or service, and they want to know more about it, which makes them great customers!

An email list is a collection of emails that you can use to contact your audience. Any business needs to have an email list because it helps spread the word about the product or service and allows customers to interact with the brand.

Why video is so effective for growing your email list

Video is an effective way to grow your email list because it has a higher conversion rate than other kinds of content. The average click-through rate for video emails is 18%, while simple text-only averages 3%.

By converting your content into a video, you can add more information and make it easier to understand. Video is also better at retaining people’s attention.

You can use different types of content to grow your email list. One that you should consider is video. It’s the most engaging type of content, and it helps you build a better relationship with your audience!

When you use video to share your message, it’s better remembered than the same content in a blog post or infographic.

If you want to grow your email list quickly, video is the most effective way. It’s also an excellent medium for building trust and raising awareness about your brand.

How to create videos that will convert viewers into subscribers

One of the best ways to get more subscribers is by creating valuable videos.

One of the best ways to gain subscribers is by creating videos worth watching. Thus, it’s important to ensure that each video you upload has a clear purpose and structure.

Make sure to use a call-to-action at the end of your videos. Tell viewers what you want them to do, and give them clear instructions on how they can take action.

You should plan out the topic of your video. For example, if you’re making a cooking video that will show people how to make bread, think about it beforehand and figure out what kind of production value you want.

The best way to create a video that will attract viewers is to figure out what they want.

Creating a YouTube channel is one of the best ways to start a business today. I’ll show you how to make videos to convert viewers into subscribers and customers.

Tips for promoting your videos and driving more traffic to them

  • Create videos that are relevant to your target audience
  • Make sure you’re targeting the right keywords in your video’s title, tags, and description
  • Share your videos on social media channels like Facebook or Twitter
  • Use hashtags to promote your videos with other people who might be interested in them
  • Ask friends and family to share their favorite clips from the video
  • Share your videos on other people’s pages that are relevant to the content of the video (e.g., if it is about cooking, share it on foodie pages)
  • Create a YouTube channel and upload it regularly
  • Use tags to make your video searchable on the site and in Google
  • Make sure that your videos are about relevant topics, such as DIY projects or recipes
  • Include links to other channels you want viewers to check out at the end of each video
  • Use a call-to-action in the description of your video to tell viewers what they should do next
  • Add a link in the description for people who want more information about you or your products/services
  • Include links to relevant articles that are related to the topic of your video on every page of your website
  • Share your video on relevant subreddits
  • Share the link with friends and family members who might be interested in watching it
  • Post tutorials on how to do something that you can teach others
  • Comment on other people’s videos that relate to the subject of yours
  • Use hashtags in your video description so people can find it more easily
  • Promote your video by sharing it across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram
  • Make sure your video has a clear and concise message
  • Use relevant keywords in the title, description, tags, and comments of your videos to increase their visibility on YouTube
  • Use a professional-looking video hosting site, such as YouTube or Vimeo
  • Take the time to add relevant tags and keywords to your videos for better search engine optimization
  • In order to get people interested in watching your video, use titles that are creative and intriguing
  • Include links in the description and tags sections of your videos
  • Share your video on social media, with friends and family, as well as with industry professionals
  • Create a blog post that features your video content

Email marketing campaign Best Practices

  • Start by creating a video that is short and to the point
  • Write a strong subject line that will get people to open the email
  • In the body of the email, include a link to watch the video
  • Tell a story or share some valuable information in the video
  • Always test your videos before sending them out to make sure they are working properly
  • Track the results of your campaign so you can improve upon it in the future
  • Send the video at the right time for maximum impact
  • Test different videos to see which ones perform the best
  • Use a CTA to encourage viewers to take action
  • Measure the success of your campaign
  • Start by creating a video that is short and to the point
  • Make sure your video is high quality and looks professional
  • Inject some personality into your video people respond better to personable videos
  • Use humor if you can, but make sure it’s appropriate
  • Address the viewer as if they are one of your best customers- be friendly and warm
  • Test different videos with different audiences to see what works best
  • Start with a strong headline
  • Make sure your videos are visually appealing
  • Keep your videos to around 60 seconds or less
  • Incentivize viewers to act by providing a call to action
  • Make sure your videos are high quality and visually appealing
  • Use a consistent voice and tone in all of your videos
  • Test different video lengths and formats to see what works best for you
  • Analyze the results of your campaign to see what worked and what didn’t
  • Keep your videos focused on one topic or message
  • Plan your videos ahead of time and script them out
  • Use humor, if appropriate, to engage your audience
  • Always test your videos before sending them out to make sure they work properly
  • Send your videos at the right time for maximum impact
  • Measure the success of your video email marketing campaigns
  • Keep your branding consistent with all of your videos
  • Use a voiceover if you’re not comfortable being on camera
  • Write a strong email headline that will make people want to watch the video
  • Send the email at the right time- when people are most likely to be interested in what you have to say
  • Test different videos and strategies to see what works best for you
  • Keep your videos focused on one topic or message
  • Make sure your videos are high quality and look professional
  • Use a consistent tone of voice in all of your videos
  • Write clear and concise scripts for your videos
  • Inject some personality into your videos
  • Plan, plan, plan- make sure you have a solid strategy in place before you start filming
  • Test, test, test- always make sure to test your videos before sending them out to customers.


The average email open rate is between 25-30%. This means that less than a third of your subscribers are opening the emails you send them.

What if we told you there was an easy way to boost those numbers? Video marketing can help increase your sales by converting more viewers into customers and bringing in new leads at the same time.

Contact us today for video marketing consulting.

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