Guide to Create Engaging Video Ads on Facebook

Guide to Create Engaging Video Ads on Facebook

Guide to Facebook Engaging Video Ads Specs

Facebook Ad features are very impressive where the marketers can go with the innovative Ad tactics on the platform. The platform offers best things to reach the audience with the video along with the strong and powerful call to actions along with the detailed instructions with the video metrics.

The auto-play video formats are one of the most trending video ad formats on the Facebook platform with good specifications.

The Facebook video ads can help the advertisers and marketers to reach their targets and can prove their standards with right audience towards their brand or company. The platform was continuously updated to various features with different types of ad types.

Facebook ads can help the advertisers to know their metrics and give robust reporting on video views and metrics. The metrics are included with the audience retention information in graphical form and page insights which helps the marketers to perform at the best level.

But, the main thing behind the success of a new marketer on Facebook platform knows all specifications that required for the ads on Facebook. Here are some important specifications that required for the Facebook ads.

Video Ad Specs

The text within the video must not exceed 90 characters along with the image ratio with 16:9. The size of the image also must be 1200 by 675 pixel quality with supported video formats like Avi, Mp4, etc. and the size must not exceed one GB.

Newsfeed Specs

Maximum 500 characters are recommended on Newsfeed for desktop and 110 for mobile. The image specs are 400 by 400 pixels with desktop and 560 by 560 for the mobile devices. The aspect ratio is 1080p which is same for mobile and desktop.


The Column Specs

The right side column must have below 90 characters text with 16:9 image ratio and 1200 by 675 sizes. The video specs are same and the size must be under one GB.

Facebook Video Ad Features

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for the video advertising. There are different types of ad formats. Facebook platform has targeted the advertisers by offering different type of innovative approach to build the effective community got their business on the platform.

The platform was raked more than 50 percent conversions through the video ads. The platform’s CTA, Metrics, audience and many other advertising buttons are updated on the platform for advertisers. The advertisers were already excited to explore the possibilities with the new features that are updated by the Facebook.


Objective on Views

There is an option to choose the clips views which allow the users to choose the best clips that can get within their new campaign via power editor and also with the campaign manager.

By selecting the particular clips that are provided by the Facebook, the platform can optimize the views and display your ad to the people with same interest relevant to your ad the advertisers can also target their ads with the autoplay feature.

Video CTA Button

The ad can be created on the Facebook platform, using the power editor on Facebook platform. You can also promote the video ads. The users can also create unpublished video post which enters the news feed organically.

You can simply select the plus symbol to create an unpublished video. The CTA buttons cannot select as default. So, by clicking on to the create post, your post can be created.

source : ComScore

Video Views and Insights

The audience appears in the audience tab after 24 hours when campaign ends. Videos can be viewed at least some thousand times and can be saved and updated.

The marketers can target the particular groups while targeting the content. Audience are viewing 95 percent of total length of video on Facebook.

The marketers can access the page insights to find the data on video posts on Facebook platform and can access the posts by clicking on to the links within the posts section of insights.

Facebook Video Advertising Best Practices

Facebook is the wonderful platform that got the marketers to reach their sales target within a short time as Facebook is the most engaging social media platform today. It ranks at the top in video conversions rates.

The brands and marketers are used to choose Facebook in their advertising medium selection with top priority. Facebook has designed its platform with different types of ad formats, which allows the marketers to utilize them at all verticals. Here are the ways to follow for better video marketing and advertising with Facebook platform.

Facebook Insights

Facebook is the most powerful tool which helps in gaining good attention of the audience towards your brand or services.

The Facebook insight tool helps you to access the demographics of your audience and fans basing on the location, gender and age of the viewers which helps you to estimate the things in a better way.

You can target by basing on the location and can also generate the content basing on the audience viewing rates and interest from particular location which can make your advertising much easier.

Source : SocialBakers

Target the Audience with Autoplay Video Ads

The autoplay video ads on Facebook are the most engaging format across the platform. these video ads autoplay without any sound and can be viewed Fullscreen after the user has clicked on to the video ad This can helps you to know how many viewers have clicked on to your ads as well as increases the conversion rate towards your brand.

Conduct Facebook Contests

Contests on Facebook may turn viral across the platform as the people will get connected most on the platform involving in chatting Ad gaming. So, it is one of the best advertising practices on Facebook. So, promote your contest before launching and conduct some discussion pools too.

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