Guide to Video App Marketing

Marketing is the next vital step after the development of the mobile application. Video is the best medium for app marketing online. But, one must know about the way and must able to build a good strategy for the app video marketing on the web. There are several ways to explore in order to market the videos efficiently with the video. Here is the ultimate guide for App video marketing.

First things first

  • Know about your needs, targets, goals
  • Approach a good app video marketing consultant or follow some other source
  • Complete the whole deigns of your app
  • Know about the plus and minus points of your app
  • Build a strategy to reach audience
  • Keep a target for your app marketing
  • Go ahead

Using Video

  • Create best video where you can make a platform to market your app
  • Don’t deviate your message
  • Make it relevant and search friendly
  • Follow latest trends in your category
  • Don’t go too depth with lengthy explanations, let them know about your app through
  • Use SEO tactics to increase your page visibility


  • Create demo videos to promote your app by focusing the unique feature of your app
  • Create explainer videos with good content
  • Include graphics and animated content for explanations
  • Make clear and understandable content
  • Use other social media platforms and promote your mobile app video
  • Create contests
  • Include video on app store


  • Don’t go towards Banner ads as it is not budget friendly
  • Don’t trust the review sites just go ahead
  • Don’t make too lengthy videos
  • Don’t include over graphical content in explainer videos.

How to use YouTube to Market your Mobile App

Mobile apps developed for everything which makes the users access their required information within seconds with one click on mobile devices. Many companies are focusing on mobile app development to reach consumers across the globe because mobile technology usage has greatly increased with affordable data plans and growth in video viewing habits in people. Whatever the product may, when it comes to market, the things video marketing strikes in every mind as it has the power to attract the audience. So, the trend continuing with the mobile app video marketing on YouTube platform. Here are some tips for using YouTube for your app marketing.

Working Videos

People downloads or buy a particular app if and only if they know about the working of the app. When it comes to the YouTube platform, it is the best place for the app developers to make a simple and attractive app working videos for the audience. It helps to market your app more effectively.

Embed Videos on to your Blog

Embed your app-related videos to your blog, which can help your blog visitors to know about your latest app working videos, tutorials’ and many other things. So, there is a good chance to market the videos.

Maintain Good Relation

Always go with the focus on target audience on the YouTube platform which allows you to get connected with the consumers. Don’t ignore the comments and try to answer them and respond to their views. Connectivity can help you to grab more audience towards your videos.

Promote your Video for Better Marketing

There is also a share option on the YouTube platform where you can share on various social media platform which can increase your exposure of the video.

Ways to Market Your Mobile App with Video Advertising

Video is the proven advertising medium to succeed. Many brands, marketers, start-up companies, and individual artists were using the video to get their dentistry among the millions on the web. Many of them got succeeded in video advertising by following various ways of promoting their products and services on the web. According to the recent research reports, it revealed that video is the most used buzz word and it is a vital element that is driving the audience towards it.

When it comes to mobile app video advertising, it is not an easy task to get identified uniquely among some thousands of apps. Today, mobile apps are just flowing like a river, and every business and small startup were developing various apps in different categories. It is tough to make your mark in an audience with your app if you didn’t go in the right way. So, here are some ways to advertise your mobile app with video.

Create Compelling Content about your App

Go with better descriptive videos about your app. Choose the best platform to launch your app demo and teasers. Platforms like YouTube was offering better advertising packages for small budget companies with the True view ads.

Demo and Teaser Videos

App demo and teaser videos create a good buzz in the audience about your app. So, the video content for the demo or teaser must contain the key points of your app.

Highlight Unique Features and Create Good Explainer Videos

Convey the audience in what way your app is different from the other apps. Focus on the main elements and promote the video on different platforms.

Tips for App Explainer Videos for Video App Marketing

There are hundreds and thousands of apps are in the market, and it is tough to get a good identity among the thousands of apps in your app category. Development of the app is the biggest stage, and the next biggest is to promote it to the audience because developing a great app alone will not work without promoting it. So, videos are the biggest tool for the marketing of the apps.

Video is the most attractive medium that can reach the audience within a short period. The explainer videos have their importance in-app marketing today. The explainer videos may be product videos, demo tutorials, etc. which are other than the commercials are explainer videos. Here are some important tips to follow while you are going with the app marketing with explainer videos.

Make a Perfect Plan

The video you are going to produce must reflect the core value of your app. Highlight the unique and beneficial feature of your app, which stands your app out of thousands. Convey the audience with innovative designing of videos

Go with Short Length Videos

It is better to prefer the short videos which have high engagement because the audience didn’t like to watch an explainer video for minutes. So, it is better to keep it short and impressive.

Go with Good Graphical or Animated Content to Explain your Product

Good animated explainer videos have good attention from the audience. So, try to make the video different and relevant to what you want to convey. Don’t say every point in the script just make it visual to the audience.

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