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Explainer Video: Guide Explainer Video Marketing 2022

Explainer Video quickly tell the stories of the brands.

It is an animated video and is very simple. Small and big businesses are incorporating these videos to expand their brand presence online.

It may sometimes be difficult for the enterprises to express what they do.

Storytelling videos like these give a reason for an audience to visit the site.

Explainer videos use on landing pages by most of the businesses, and these are the first to be watched by the audience.

A well-made explainer video can help describe the market and drive sales.

The script is the key to success for any explainer video.

Take a look at the business and ask some professional to write the script to explain it.Keep the videos short and crisp.

The longer the video, the fewer people will watch it. The less you say in the video, the more people will remember it.

A good explainer video should focus on the problems of the customers.

It should tell them how the product or service can help solve the problem.

It should also have the right call to action.If you are creating a video about a product, do not go on explaining the features and specifications. Instead, focus on how it is going to make the life better.

Ensure that the video and audio quality of the explainer video are excellent. Poor audio can ruin the success of the video.

Use a professional voice. People love, share and remember the videos that entertain them.

Add some emotions to the video so that people get connected to the video as well as the brand.

After creating a professional looking explainer video, carefully choose the video host.

Take steps to increase views. Share the video to social media channels; embed it on the website or blog. An explainer video must deliver real and measurable results.

Explainer Video Best Practices:

Animated explainer videos are potent tools in Video marketing campaigns.

Explainer video services are highly beneficial to deliver message short clearly and Quickly. Best practices for Explainer Video are :

Keep it Short:

The shorter the video, the more people watch your video.

So make it quick and understand by every user. You should explain any product video within 30 sec, and you must focus on the middle ground.

Look For Uniqueness:

If you are planning to create highly engaged marketing video, make it as fully customized animated video.

It is good to have a unique animated video which explains the product rather than predefined formats. Unique and creative videos more engagement with the audience.

To Autoplay or Not To Autoplay:

Apply autoplay option in the animated video, that help to play automatically when the user visits the site rather than search and click on it.

The Autoplay of video depends on where your video share on social media.

Apply autoplay option when you are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and do not use Autoplay option when you are posting on Web sites.

Social Media Sharing:

Social Media Sharing of explainer videos does not focus on to go viral, focus on targeting the targeted audience through the demographic way.

Make sure that your video should reach the targeted audience.

Know the platform where explainer videos are engaging in social media.

Facebook and Youtube are the best ways to post and promote your brands as explainer videos.

Apply the colors of Your Brand:

Another best practice to animated videos are apply colors of your brands to the characters that you have created.

Using the color to the videos will present your name throughout the Videos.

Apply the colors of Your Brand makes audience readily recognize and call the brand’s later.

Make sure that which technology used to create animated videos.

Double check the technology for further reference, some techniques adapted to the explainer videos. Choose best explainer video company and best technology for producing explainer videos because you are spending more on building brand video.

Use Professional Voice Over:

Use a professional marketing voice-over because an explainer video without professional voice does break down your marketing strategy.

The main thing is professional voice gives life to the characters and tone of the personality and changes the mood of the story.

It’s a compulsion to use a professional voiceover to the explainer videos presents how you spoke in front of an audience.

Have a Good Explainer Video Company:

The last one but important thing we should remember is a good explainer video comes from the excellent explainer video production company.

Implementing best practices to the explainer videos boost your marketing result but it is not possible without hiring a good explainer video production company.

5 Reasons Business needs an Explainer Videos:

1. Let’s be Crystal Clear :

Clarifying your business’s work and the information is most Supreme.

2. A Friendly Introduction :

By showing neat Explainer Video, you can interact the people who want to know the other side of the business.

3. Viral Videos :

Nowadays,lot of free Video hosting websites are there.Uploading videos up on them may make the super hit.

These are very easily shareable and going viral.

4. Improved SEO :

Explainer video can be used in the SEO purpose.

5. Increased Click-through Rate:

Explainer Videos increase conversion rate by 20%, which provides a business clear and compelling way to convey their scale of value.

Examples For Explainer Videos:


HubSpot Focus on classic B2B videos. They provide a value to connect with potential clients.


60 seconds of spotify video explains with a joyful tune and minimal animations. it modern and fun type of explainer videos.


one of the best explainer Video how company help the customers in accounting software. It is less than two minutes videos gives rock solid message.


Zoho is another software company which helps to website builder Products.

Definitive Guide to Explainer Video Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing was moving at a fast pace and marketers are in a race to reach the audience by following different video trends and types of videos. The explainer video type is also on such successful trend and strategy for the businesses.

Video marketing had changes the marketing ecosystem and transformed the ways of marketing online using video as the main medium to reach the customers. So businesses are striving hard to reach their targeted audience with different honest approaches with different types of video content.

Why video marketing and why not other media?

The video has the power of inspiring, evoking and enhancing the content that needed to be delivered. The online video had become the real alternative and replacement to the broadcasting of commercial ads through television.

The increasing use of smart devices and internet resources and cross-platform viewing the behavior of the people leads to powering up the video marketing than other media for marketing purposes. This is not a single reason behind the raise of video marketing; there are several other reasons like analytics tracking and clear targeting which made the marketers turn towards video marketing.

Explainer Video Marketing

Many businesses are failed to convey their brand message to the people. Most of the brands and companies are facing difficulties in expressing the product mage and its benefits to the users in a right way. At that situation, video marketing strategists started explainer videos.

How explainer video can be differentiated

Companies are jumping on to the explainer video strategy to convey their brand message and to enhance the image of their products with explainer video content.

The explainer video generally designed with the animated graphics and motion pictures to make the things easier to understand to the people.

The videos are generally short and sweet and raise the interest in the audience. It was generally pictured after the distillation of the bunch of complex ideas and finally come as a user-friendly output to the audience.

The explainer videos by the small to large companies have become successful in reaching the people and generating good leads.

These explainer videos need a definitive strategy to implement the things in a right way.

Best Strategic plan for creation of Explainer videos

Your video must capture the viewers’ attention within first eight seconds to increase the chances of conversions. So, you must prepare your video in this perspective to get more reach online.

A wonderful explainer video improves your sales conversions by 82 percent if you are able to convey your video with good storytelling.

The strategy starts with the script writing to video creation to produce good video explainer for the businesses.

Best scripting

The explainer videos generally starts with the discussion of the problem followed by the introduction of a solution to the discussed problem, showcasing the benefits and advantages wrapped in a different way to reach the users. The script plays a great role in grabbing the attention of the people towards your video. So, the script must be clear and definitive.

Visual impact

The visuals must be striking and have to capture the audience eye. There must be connectivity and continuity in the story telling without any breaking. Effective visuals for the story telling enhance the chances of better sales conversions.


The length of the explainer videos generally varies between 30 seconds to two and half minute. The shorter the video is the better the audience can connect with. So make it short sweet and memorable to the audience. Make it coordinate with the script given and develop the video with relevancy.

Voice over

Try professional services for voice over as they can do better for your animated video. they can give better voice over for your explainer than anyone can do., so choose the right person to make it more effective.

Try original music

Try to include original music. Purchase good tunes from the online stores and fix it in your video. Original music in the video can enhance your video output as well rankings and reach.

Best Practices for Explainer Video Marketing

Marketing the explainer videos need good planning with better implementation of the plan you have made. Here are some best practices to market your explainer video to the audience.

Go for video production house

Try approaching a good video production house to produce and promote your videos across the web and generally, the Video production houses are experienced in producing explainer videos and they can help your video creation and boost your message conveying abilities.


Add annotated links to your YouTube videos to drive the people towards your website. It helps your video to get identified as well your services and website will get good traffic.

Promote with YouTube ads

Promote your explainer video with the YouTube pre-roll video ads. The pre-roll ads are very powerful ads which can get you better results and drives good sales conversions.

Social media promotion

Try social media promotions with different ads and cross promote with the tools across the platforms. Create good buzz across your social accounts and spread your video across the web. By using the social media promotions you can promote the videos across the web.

Finally, try this simple guide and start creation and get successful in marketing your explainer video by using explainer video company. Have a happy marketing.

50 Awesome Tips for Creating Great Explainer Video

The video is the most powerful tool to convey the message and to increase engagement. There are different types of videos that brands and businesses or individual create to promote their products, sales etc. Explainer videos are a great way to engage the customers and to increase brand awareness. However, the effectiveness of the videos depends on getting them right.

1. Explainer videos can be of many types such as animated, live action, talking heads and screencast tutorials.

2. Success of an explainer video depends mostly on the script.

3. Choose a professional script writer to write about the company or product so that anyone can understand it.

4. The shorter the videos, the more effect they can create.

5. 150 words per minute is the typical thumb rule.

6. The longer the video less people will completely watch them.

7. Do not try to tell everything about the product or the company in a single video.

8. Keep the videos simple.

9. Address the problems of the customers to connect emotionally with them.

10. Provide a solution to the problem and introduce your product as an answer to it.

11. Explain how the product works and also explain how to use it.

12. Include a call to action.

13. Instead of trying to give them the technical details of the product, tell them how they can make their lives better with your products.

14. Focus on audio. Poor audio can ruin your efforts.

15. Use a professional voice for your video to make it more effective.

16. Make your videos something different.

17. Add a surprise, humor or other such elements to entertain the audience.

18. Visuals can be either simple or professional. It is however important how the visual are used to tell the story.

19. Use music to evoke emotions.

20. Choose the perfect video hosting platform. Apart from YouTube you can also host the video on Vimeo, Vidyard, Facebook etc.

21. Promoting the video is equally important as creating the video. Have a marketing plan to get more views.

22. Integrate the explainer video on the website so that it integrates seamless with the brand.

23. The first few seconds of the video are very important and grabbing the attention of audience in these few seconds.

24. The story board for explainer videos may include more than twenty still images. Preparing a storyboard helps to visualize the video.

25. To keep the attention of the viewers use teasers. Announce about your next video or tell the audience that a piece of info can be watched in your next video.

26. Keep the language conversational.

27. The goal of any explainer video is to deliver the message quickly and clearly.

28. It is a good idea to point out major points by including overlaying text for more effectiveness.

29. The font size of the text should be readable.

30. When using music and voice over in the video let the volume of the music is low.

31. Customer animated videos are proved to make people fully engaging.

32. Add the colors of the brand to the background, characters or other elements to grow the brand presence throughout the video.

33. Improve the quality of the video with a good microphone. Make the video enjoyable to listen.

34. Video is not a PowerPoint presentation.

35. Having an effective call to action helps to reach the goal of the video.

36. Include a powerful call to action. You can ask the audience to comment, like, share the video or subscriber.

37. Direct the audience to your sales page or ask them to look at your other videos.

38. Place the explainer videos on your homepage or the key landing pages to get maximum exposure.

39. Have a prominent play button for the explainer videos.

40. Let the thumbnail of the video is appealing and attractive.

41. Add a watermark or company logo to the video to increase brand awareness.

42. Share the explainer video in the social channels.

43. Write a descriptive title for the video.

44. Use bold colors and clear text and keep the animation to the minimum to capture brand appeal.

45. It is not necessary to have voiceover as a smooth, beautifully animated video can strike emotional card.

46. Having a good explainer video helps to boost the SEO ranking by increasing the amount user spends on the page.

47. Let the tone of the explainer video appeals to the target demographics and also matches the product.

48. Live action explainer videos are also enjoyed by the people.

49. When you place the explainer videos on the landing page, do not auto play them.

50. If you feel auto-play is necessary, let the video play in mute.

Explainer videos are a great opportunity for the brands and organizations to deliver the marketing message clearly and precisely. Videos are eighty-five percent more effective than texts or pictures and these encourage the target audience to click and watch. A good explainer video is compelling, clear and tells the story.

50 Design Principles for Creating Effective Explainer Videos

Explainer videos can engage the potential customers. Businesses can get benefit from these explainer videos as these familiarize the business. It is however not easy to create the right explainer video. The right explainer video can clearly describe the business and drives sales. Here are design principles for creating killer explainer videos.

Explainer Videos

1. Define the target audience 

2. Know about your audience because it is important to know about the people whose attention you want to capture.

3. Don’t simply introduce the brand, service or product.

4. Write an engaging and short story to introduce yourself and your products.

5. Viewers love to watch catchy stories.

6. See that the explainer video is not long to bore the audience.

7. Keep the videos short and sweet. Don’t try to give many details in the short time in the single video.

8. Attention spans of the audience are very short on the internet. Video length is definitely having an effect on audience engagement.

9. The ideal video length is around 2 minutes.

10. Use the services of a professional voiceover artist.

11. Ensure that the background music is not annoying the audience. It should be pleasant and nice.

12. Choose the music carefully and see that it matches with the video mood.

13. Use short and impressive visual elements in the video as this help capture attention.

14. At the same time do not focus on visual gimmicks. Concentrate on delivering the right message.

15. Always keep in mind how the target audience is going to receive the video.

16. Focus on a specific niche.

17. If you are targeting different niche, create several explainer videos.

18. Considering multilingual dub also helps to increase viewership and reach a maximum number of audience.

19. Surprise the audience by offering something that they are not expecting from you. This helps gain the attention.

20. The design of the video should be according to the target market.

21. When creating explainer videos, focus on the age segment of the audience.

22. The success of explainer video depends on how well the script is written.

23. Choose someone to write the script neatly and in a way that can be understood by anyone.

24. Shorter is the better is the typical rule of thumb in video marketing and this applies to the explainer videos as well.

25. The longer the videos, the fewer attention people are going to pay to it.

26. Address the problems that the customers are facing in the video.

27. Introduce the product or service you are offering as the answer to the problem they are facing.

28. Briefly, describe the product or service.

29. Include a call to action.

30. Do not talk about technical nonsense but tell people how the product or service is going to make to make their lives better.

31. Ensure that the audio is of great quality. A bad audio can ruin a video faster.

32. Remember people love to be entertained.

33. Add an element such as humor, a surprise to the video.

34. Put the message in the first 30 seconds of the video.

35. Speak to the audience directly.

36. Show the things that the audience cares for.

37. Do not try explaining things that the audience already knows. Focus on what new things they want to know.

38. Make the audience trust you.

39. Choose the tone of the video carefully.

40. Decide what you want from the video and what you want your audience to do at the end of the video.

41. Follow these four things for the explainer video. Present a problem first.

42. Introduce a solution to the problem.

43. Explain how the product or service can help to solve the problem.

44. Drive viewers to take action.

45. Avoid lifeless content in the video.

46. Do not use more than 150 words of dialogues in a one minute video.

47. Make sure the videos are engaging and easily understandable.

48. Never compromise on the quality of the video.

49. Choose the right video hosting platform.

50. Integrate the video with your site. Marketing the video well.

An explainer video is a great tool to grow the market for the brand, product or service. Being creative can help gain maximum advantage from this powerful tool. The right explainer video can help dramatically boost the conversion.

Top 10 Best Free Animation Softwares to Create Explainer Videos

One of the best types of videos to promote the business or boost conversions is to make use of explainer videos in the marketing strategy. Free Animation Softwares videos help to convey ideas and also deliver the message to the target audience clearly.We have listed the Top 10 free animation Softwares to crete an expliner videos.

Creating explainer videos with animation is not a big deal as much online software are available for free.

Free Animation Softwares

1. PowTown is free online software for creating animated videos. It is as easy as dragging the dropping and no technical knowledge is required.

2. Wideo offers free images and music tracks and allows the creation of full HD explainer videos for your business.

3. Animaker offers different video styles and animations. This is a do it you software for creating explainer videos.

4. Biteable offers both free and paid version. For creating explainer videos for the business you will only require the free version. You can create HD quality videos and share it directly to YouTube.

5. Blender is free 3D software to create explainer videos. This is suitable for beginners.

6. VideoScribe allows using the free trial. High definition whiteboard style animation videos can be created.

7. Animatron.com also allows creating great explainer videos and limited static and animated graphics, background and audio can be accessed.

8. Easy Sketch Pro software free version also can be used to create explainer videos.

9. The free version of Easy Sketch Pro also is good to create whiteboard doodle.

10. RawShorts is whiteboard animation software to create explainer videos and a free trial is offered.

Every marketer must understand why it is important to take benefit of the video revolution.

Explainer videos play a great role in increasing the ROI. Use the free software available online and create compelling videos for promoting your business.

Top 10 Online Explainer Video Creation Platforms

Explainer videos are a great way to promote the online business and to boost conversions. Compelling explainer videos can be created using online platforms. Some of them are free and some ask the users to register and pay the fee to use their software. Here is the list of Explainer Video creation platforms.

1. Animatron makes video creation easy. Awesome explainer videos can be created using this platform to engage the audience.

2. RawShorts is another explainer video software. Explainer video template is selected and customized. Media can be uploaded and it is possible to add text, transition, effects and audio.

3. PowToon allows creating explainer videos from images, props, shapes and animated characters. It is also possible to upload text and photos.

4. Wideo is the platform to create videos easily. Readymade templates are available to create videos in just a few clicks.

5. Animaker platform helps create videos that look like studio created videos.

6. Biteable is the simplest video maker, as they claim. Awesome explainer videos can be created in HD quality and thee can be published directly to YouTube.

7. Animoto helps you to create explainer videos with the text, photos and video clips. The videos thus created can be posted on the company websites, social media sites and can be used in the emails also.

8. GoAnimate helps you to create professional explainer videos in a couple of minutes.

9. Sellamations offers scriptwriting, voiceovers and storyboarding services also.

10. VideoScribe features are voiceover recording, call to action, adding text and automatically animating whatever is placed on the canvas.

Explainer videos can engage the viewers and complex ideas can be made into easily understandable visuals. Explainer videos also improve the click-through rates and also increase the SEO. Make use of the above platforms that help in creating explainer videos in the tone that suits your business.

10 Big Mistakes to Avoid in Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a favourite type of videos that allow the brands to showcase their services, products. Explainer videos created in the right way can help in boosting the sales and growing the business. To ensure that the explainer videos are useful and give value to the investment, avoid these big mistakes.

  1. The length of the explainer video should not be more than two minutes. The longer the video, the more the audience is likely to leave the video and go elsewhere.
  2. Do not focus too much on the video quality but the script.
  3. Avoid the mistake of forgetting to include a call to action in the video as this is essential to get the attention of the visitors.
  4. Do not make the mistake of always focusing on trying to make the video go viral.
  5. Do not concentrate on getting too many views, what is important is to get targeted traffic.
  6. The goal of explainer videos is different from promotional videos. Do not try to get traffic with explainer videos, instead, try improving conversion rates.
  7. Neglecting target audience while creating the explainer videos should be avoided. Focus on potential customers and try solving their problems.
  8. Explainer video represents the brand products and services and a bad quality video can damage the image so try to have high-quality videos.
  9. Not using brand colors is a big mistake that should be avoided as this is a great chance to generate brand recognition.
  10. Bad audio editing is another great mistake for an explainer video. Do not spoil the video by inserting unnecessary music or loud music that distracts the audience.

Explainer videos help in capturing the attention of the audience. Compared to a full-fledged marketing campaign, a well made explainer video can do more for the image of the brand.


Following the above Explainer videos Tips and hiring a good explainer video production company can change your marketing results. The above is an ultimate guide for Explainer video best practices.

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