How To Conduct A Video Content Audit That Will Improve Your Views and Traffic By 101%

The terms YouTube and video are interrelated each other. That if one is not there, then the second one won’t be. In one word we can say that video is the backbone of YouTube. To create the unbeatable video content is the most significant one. But how can we find whether the video content is performing well or not? Here are the strategies to know about the video content audit that helps in building more views and fans either personal or business purpose.

How to Conduct a Video Content Audit

Content audit means checking the activity of video content with the inclusion of all needs. We should find whether it contains the precise content or not, proper tags, titles, and description are assigned and the relevant links, comment sections are given must be checked.

Audit your Complete Video Inventory

This notifies you which are being good at the audience perspective by analyzing the quality of the video content.

The best video inventory will give the outline to maintain a particular budget, reduces the waste of time and minimize the cost that we spend to create an ultimate video content.

Check Each Individual Video Asset with respect to Video Quality

The quality of the video is proportional to strength. That means when the video content has rich quality then it will boost up the watchable strength of the video by grabbing an uncountable audience. Hence we need to check that both have balanced equally.

Audit Video Content Redundant, outdated Videos

We should check whether any outdated videos containing the terminated links and video content then just rectify this problem by removing or modifying that data. This must be done frequently that helps in raising the channel traffic.

Audit Video Content Consistent throughout your Video Inventory

You must concentrate on providing the constant video content throughout your video inventory which helps to curtail all expenditures and minimizes the time to analyze the quality.

Audit each Video contains a compelling title

Verify that the video content should have the perfect titles that exactly reach the audience. If not boost up the video by placing trending titles.

Audit Video Content that has consistent in style, tone, and voice

Analyse that the tone, style, language, and voice are best fits to the video content you generate. The audio will mostly affect the branding of your channel through the video content you create.

Audit Video Content that has calls-to-action (CTAs)

The call-to-action is the major category that will push the audience towards your videos. Hence you should review whether you have assigned call-to-action at your video content or not.

Conduct a Social Video Content Audit

Observe the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter where your video content gets more likes and shares. Then consider those videos to build the better content.

Remove Low-Quality Videos

Demodulate the video content of your channel by eliminating the low-quality videos which are showing very poor performance to attract the audience. This will be the part of video content audit.

Cleanup Low Views Videos

Always keep an eye on video views which are very low and remove them immediately. This will make a clear idea of at which content you need to concentrate more.

Update the Metadata of Average Views Videos

The metadata will appear in the results of search engine that brings the huge traffic for the YouTube channel. So try to update the metadata of videos which are having low view rate.

Take Actionable Tactics to Outrank your Competition Videos

When you have decided to clutch your video at peak position which brings higher rank then, use some exact real time strategies that become challenging for the competitor.

Create a Spreadsheet of All Your Video Assets

This is the one of important thing you should remember while doing video content audit, i.e. you should maintain the spreadsheet that contains the details the resource that involves in the creation of a video.

Analyze your Spreadsheet data by Including Social Stats

It means you should gather the data including the behavior of audience at your videos which could be the statistics that are maintained through a spreadsheet.

This will help you to which content is the audience preferred one.

Review Your Current Video Assets and Create Next Generation Marketing Strategy

You should review the current credentials of the present video and depend on that create the next generation marketing strategy that must fit both the present and next generation marketing strategy.

Check Watch Time and Create better Video Content by observing high Watch time Videos Assets

You must focus on watch time of each and pick up the videos having a very high watch time. Basing on that create the content for the upcoming videos which gives much more results of watch time.

Check out Your Most Shared Videos and Make a new version of it

Analyze the most shared videos and basing on that create the new version video content related those videos concept. This will make to get the continuous traffic for your channel.


If you consider all these strategies while conducting the video content audit these will help you to launch the huge views and traffic more than cent percent. When you want to conduct audit just remind yourself of these points.

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