Repurpose a YouTube Video

How To Repurpose a YouTube Video Into Other Social Platforms?

The video is playing an integral part in today’s online marketing world. It is a video that changes the entire business position. It is the best way to drive success with combined marketing efforts. Creation of quality content and engaging video is a time-consuming process as well as it is costly to produce. The produced video utilized on social networking platforms like YouTube etc. How to repurpose a YouTube Video into other social media platforms is explained here.

Today, the marketers are also focusing on content repurposing by giving content the more value in the advertising space. You can utilize your valuable video content on other social networking platforms beyond YouTube.

Let us find out the way of repurposing your YouTube video across other social media networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms on the web.

Use your YouTube Videos as Facebook Video Trailers

You can utilize the YouTube videos as trailers on Facebook platform. By following this repurposing campaign, you can gain good visibility for your video content.

Some of the successful video creators are following the same formula by producing mini trailers to Facebook platform from the long form YouTube content.

It also proved to help them in leveraging the social visibility and improved the audience attention to the primary content.

Repurposing on Instagram

Promoting the main content on your YouTube video via Instagram can mean a lot of your video visibility.

You can highlight the important screens in your YouTube video and release in the Instagram platform.

It drives the interest in the audience to watch the complete content on your YouTube channel.

It not only helps in building a new audience on the Instagram platform but also improves your YouTube video engagements levels.

Repurposing into Blog Posts

You can center your YouTube video by writing a good description about your video enhancing the interest in readers to watch the video content.

You can drive the audience towards your blog by focusing on your long form YouTube video in your write up. It is one of the best ways to repurpose your content.

Social Posting

Develop new posts on your video content to raise the interest in your audience about your video.

You can produce small write-ups on central topics in your video and make some interesting discussion about the particular concept.

You can also ask your audience to watch the video at the end of your write up can boost the traffic towards your video automatically.


Podcasting had increased by 20 percent comparing to previous years.

People are like to listen to podcasts on the go when they are busy to watch and read the content on social platforms.

So, repurpose your YouTube video as an excellent podcast for your audience.

Start your podcast series by your own or try to reach out good influencers in the same field who can include your podcast in their work.

Email Campaigns

Include your YouTube videos in the email campaigns by breaking your video into short repurposing content to send your potential consumers and followers through email.

So, segregate the important parts of your YouTube video and repurpose in the email campaigns to get better leads.

10+ Places to Repurpose Your YouTube Videos

People take so much pain to create a good quality video content. Some may not feel satisfied by posting it on YouTube and may want to make use of it to promote their product/services/themselves in some other way. Repurpose Repurpose Your YouTube Videos also helps to reach to more new audience.

The first step to repurpose the YouTube video content is to determine the worthy content, find how to best use it to find the places where to put it.

1. Post the video on the personal blog

2. The YouTube video can be sent to all the mail subscribers which in turn will increase the traffic to the videos.

3. The YouTube video can be shared on Twitter. The viewers can play the video by hitting the Play button on Twitter.

4. Upload the video to a Facebook page, Facebook groups also so that they appear in newsfeeds and are viewed by a number of people.

5. YouTube videos can be promoted on Google+ also and the viewers need not go to YouTube to watch it and can play it on Google Plus itself.

6. Post the video on Vimeo also with changed keywords and may be the title.

7. The script of the YouTube video can be turned into text content and can be posted in blogs or landing page.

8. This text can also be used as email content.

9. A part of the YouTube video or small clips can be posted on Instagram. This keeps your audience engaged and will also attract the audience to your full content.

10. A portion of your YouTube video can be sent to your contacts and followers in Snapchat also and this can increase traffic to your YouTube video content.

11. There are other ways where you can use your YouTube video content such as Pinterest.

Repurposing is very advantageous to the business as it can extend your reach across various Social Media Platforms. Helps you to arrive at a new audience and finally make you achieve the exponential growth in your Business and Brand Building.

All YouTube creators put most of their efforts and time on the creation of excellent video content. Simultaneously, it is necessary to have visibility over their YouTube video reach. Of course, gaining views, comments, and subscribers is good, but when you are in the stream of business of content marketing, then it is essential to look at the bloggers who are republishing your video content. If you want to find that anyone is linking to your channel content, then go through the steps below. Here is the way to find who links to your YouTube video.

Process 1

Pick your YouTube Video ID


Video ID for above YouTube Video “vl6jn-DdafM”

Just type this “Video ID” on and grab links
Just type this “Video ID” on and grab links
Just type this “Video ID” on and grab links
Just type this “Video ID” on and grab links

Process 2

  • Pick your Video URL
  • Go to
  • Go to Ahrefs Site Explorer
  • Type your Video URL and search it.
  • Pick Backlinks of that Video URL using Site Explorer > Referring Domains
  • Export URLs

Process 3

  • Pick your Video URL
  • Go to
  • Go to Buzzsumo Search Bar
  • Type your Video URL
  • Click “Search”
  • BuzzSumo will display the most recent and most shared backlinks of this Video URL.
  • Export URLs

How to Make Every Piece of YouTube Video SEO Friendly

SEO is the latest buzzword doing rounds in digital marketing as well.   Search Engine Operations (aka as SEO) enable the researcher to find the relevant information on Net/YouTube.

YouTube is one of the most popular search engines after Google &nbsp, and hence ensuring maximum reach through YouTube is all the more important for the marketer. The marketer is interested in getting more traffic to his content and is interested in reaching his audience through YouTube video, it is equally important that the YouTube video is having SEO friendly environment.

Given here are some of the ways to make YouTube video SEO friendly. Proper titling of the video ensures that the video is SEO friendly. A brief but exact description of the content of the video is more important. The use of specific words that attract the immediate attention of the viewers ensures that the YouTube video is SEO friendly. Closed Caption (CC) feature will improve the SEO friendly nature of the video. Tagging & indexing, of course, is the normal process to ensure that the video is SEO friendly.   Including misspellings also has its own contribution in making the video SEO friendly. Using Tubebuddy Tool is the easiest way to find the relevant tags for the content. Using a maximum number of keywords in the title/description of the video will definitely improve the SEO friendliness of the video. Adding a link to your website is having its own impact on the YouTube video. This is nothing but a promotion of the video.

The marketer needs to keep in mind that YouTube is definitely a marketplace where the viewer of the video is going to make a purchase decision.   It is very important for the marketer to ensure that his video is reaching the targeted audience as the video will definitely contribute its share in pushing the viewer to his purchase decision.


You can’t find this only through search results. Through this activity, you can find to what extent your content is holding the audience’s attention. Then if you are content marketer, you can identify where you need to improve your content creation skills to obtain the audience attention. The YouTube creators can create outstanding stories which can hold customer engagement.

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