How To Shoot Food Videos

How To Shoot Food Videos And Required Equipment

Shooting Food Videos For YouTube Is An Art:

Most of the people will shoot the food videos to upload on YouTube by grabbing the attention of the viewers.

Some will shoot by making the extraordinary decoration to the cooking environment, making food carving, whereas some will place the most attractive items and use the best devices to capture the tiny fragment of the food.

We also can invite some famous figures to make it full entertaining show with lots of fun.

Whereas, we must keep a keen eye on some famous cooking channels to get some more ideas to do finest videos.

But everything should be done with passion about what we are doing, then it could give the efficient outcome that we never expect.

To do all these in an effective way we should have the basic knowledge to capture cooking videos.

How To Shoot Food Videos:

There are a huge number of devices to shoot the food videos and in that, we can discuss the two easy categories of shooting foodie videos in a simple and better way through Cameras and Mobiles.

By Using Mobile:

We can record the whole video using the built-in an app of the camera in mobile, for this, we need to open the camera icon and put it in video mode.

Leave the two icons of torch light for OFF and use rear camera option, then leave it for landscape mode for better resolution.

Before shooting, we need to adjust the exposure and screen clarity, but just hold the screen for a few seconds, then we can get AE/AF lock.

We have done everything for a good result and now, capture the video with the amazing image.

Capturing through Camera:

To capture the food video first we need a top backlight to have a good look at that image.

When the light is straight on the camera, i.e, at 0 degrees then move it to 90 degrees or above 90 degrees which make a perfect vision of the image.

After that, place slider for the movement of items in the camera to show each bit of the food items and use a dark background to keep the food items.

That means it wouldn’t reflect that light that much and looks pretty to give a glow for shiny oily items in glasses must use photo flex North Starlight. This gives the gorgeous look at the viewers.

Now, use the white cardboard to get the shadow of the food items and use magic carpet for movement of the camera.

These are the basic things that we need to know before shooting the recipe that you are going to make.

The followup of all these tips will give the best result of making very attractive and smooth video for our cooking channel. This could be the best tip to shoot the best video.

Best Practices To Shoot Food Videos:

The First thing is that we should manage with best lighting situations. We should rotate the camera from the front the food should be flat when you go slightly side back the object placing a small light that gives a simple shadow on the objects.

We are focusing on objects so, we must use top back light, it does not over expose. It looks really nice texture.

If we use blue background back to the object, it highlights glass bottles. It gives very nice glow on the bottle.

Another thing is adjusting the fill light from the camera. We turn on this and just give a little bit shadow on the front, we will get great light at foreground. We don’t need it much because most of the objects are made of glass.

One best practice is moving the camera in different directions. For this a slider, the liner first moves from right to left. For shooting food objects just foreground moving is enough and the slight movement of all objects will give excellent photography.

By using a liner we can do a parallax move, that means camera moves in the horizontal fashion, but subject matters always stay in the center of the frame.

When we use a macro lens and focus distance really effects on it. A Macro lens with parallax effect will come in and out. It focuses on every end of the object and looks very pretty.

The best practice for shooting food videos.We should use a liner, it gives you a great way to a motion from right to left, relays on one particular subject to give a wonderful look to your object.

Shooting an overhead table top with large mirror angle down on action above.we should position mirror just above the object with down 45- 90 degree adjust the perfect angle, it gives a clean overhead object. Then move to the camera just adjust your zoom and frame up and down.

Shooting with an iPhone by using biographer, wear a biographer case to fix an iPhone, biographer consists of two slots mounting LED lights, Tripod mount, lens holder. It makes easier to shoot food video with high resolution.

Tools And Equipment Need To Shoot Food Videos:

SONY HDR-XR260V: It films as 1080P at 60 frames for second, it has 55 times standard zoom, which is very important for filming hidden camera.

Sennheiser EW112P G3: For audio, we use Sennheiser EW112P G3, it contains one transmitter, one receiver. Using this will directly sink audio to video.

Overhead Camera Set Up: the Camera head is made up of three parts Frame, the camera Track, Holder.

Canon or Nikon DSLR Camera: For shooting best quality food videos. CANON EOS T5I, T6I DSLR CAMARA.

LENS: CANON EF24-105MM F/4L, CANON EF100MM F/2.8 Macro.

Tripod and Tripod Heads: A Tripod with 3001,3035 head, a light Tripod consists of a heavy head and a standard 30-inch table. MANFROTTO MT190XPRO, MANFROTTO MHXPRO3WX- PRO3.

Moonlights and Studio Strobes: one soft fill light, 2 fairly focused snoots.

h2 Reflectors:

If you are shooting food videos on natural lighting conditions you must need reflectors and diffusers.

Buzzfeed Tasty Food Videos Shooting Process:

The tasty videos are cooked up in the shadow of the Hollywood sign inside a kitchen in Los angles. More than 500 videos are uploaded. Buzzfeed Tasty videos become viral in all social media websites.

They got 14 Billion views and 53million likes from only Facebook. The entire Tasty team produces 2 videos per day. I in 4 users view from Facebook once in a month. The videos are almost in the recipe in 4 ways of cooking. They cook mainly meat in four ways in the quick and easy process.

The Equipment involved in Buzzfeed Tasty food video shooting process area,

Canon 7D/Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens, 2 light setups on light stands with white diffusers, Lightweight Compact Viewfinder Monitor, Camera mounted on overhead on truss system. Adobe Premier is used for editing the videos.


To get a stunning look for the food we prepared we should have proper equipment that clutches the attention of audience or viewers to keep them much-awaited to watch our show. The outlook of the food items can be made attractive by following some tips while using regular devices to shoot. We can consider the Buzzfeed as one of the number one food channels of having millions of viewers for cooking shows as it follows better ways to shoot the cooking shows in a very limited time.

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