Promote Your YouTube Cooking Channel

30 Different Ways to Promote Your YouTube Cooking Channel

YouTube – the name itself sounds success.  This video sharing platform has been providing information (through videos) on varying subjects. There has been in the number of video uploads by the users.  This process (of video uploading by users) is called YouTube Channel which is the home page showing the account name, the account type, the public videos uploaded by the user and any user information entered by the user.

In view of the huge potential promised by YouTube channels, there is stiff competition to place the content (by many marketers) on this channel. Ultimately, the success of the marketer is decided when they are able to stand above the rest.  For ensuring success of YouTube Channel, some or all of the following ways may be adopted by the marketers.

1) Business Cards, as usual, carry the basic information about the company including its contact details and also the products that it handles.  Mention of your YouTube Cooking Channels on the business cards will be instantly popularizing the channel.

2) T-Shirt marketing promotes your YouTube Cooking Channel. You can distribute custom T-Shirts mentioning your channel details along with the URL. Free distribution of t-shirts (give away) will add to your promotion as those people wearing those t-shirts (with your channel details) will be expanding the potential reach.

3) Social media presence is required.

4) Email marketing is the unique promotion of your channel.  A collection of the email address will enable you to deliver your newsletter (with necessary updates about your channel) to the targeted audience.

5) Ad words will promote your channel.  TrueView Ads are paid advertisements and that are coming with a skip option (after 5 seconds) and are played before the actual video requested by the user.

6) Video SEO needs to be applied. As always applicable on content marketing, video search engine optimization is applicable for the promotion of your YouTube Cooking Channel as well.

7) Blogging brings huge promotion.  Every time you create a blog post, it will be bringing new customers.  Conversion of these visitors as viewers of your channel is required.

8) Use of appropriate forums (the place of discussion) is required for promotion of your channel. For the promotion of your channel, you need to take part in discussions (online) whenever they are taking place and are relevant to your channel.

9) Contests with cool prize attract newer viewers for your channel. Contests are sure to garner a lot of interest by viewers in your channel.

10) Vidcon being the largest gathering of video creators, you need to meet and network with other channels in cooking industry.

11) Meetup Group with YouTube video creators allows you to increase your circle and promote your channel as well.

12) Collaborate with other YouTube Video Creators allows you create a bigger audience.

13) Speaking at relevant events allow you to showcase your expertise.

14) Video commenting by you on videos of others videos allows the viewers know about your YouTube channel.

15) Blog commenting is another way to get your YouTube Chanel increased circulation/viewer base.

16) Sticker marketing highlighting your cooking channel URL and the great tagline is the simplest way to market your channel.

17) Advertising your channel URL on your car is another way to promote the channel.  Wherever your car goes your channel gets a promotion.

18) Writing for relevant magazines (in the cooking field) allows you to showcase your industry knowledge thereby enriching viewer base for your YouTube Cooking Channel.

19) Publications in the press are similar to that of writing for relevant magazines (point NO.18).

20) Starting a Podcast allows you to provide more content to your content on your channel.

21) Email with signature (and channel URL) will automatically propagate your channel to all the recipients of your emails.

22) Guest blogging allows you to reap benefits (without managing a blog) as that of managing a blog.

23) Renting a booth at events or trade shows has its own impact in contributing to the promotion of your channel.

24) Hosting workshop, though involves some budgets, will promote your channel.

25) Google+ community can be started for creating a place for others to discuss.

26) YouTube fan finder program are an offer by YouTube.  It will allow you to submit up to 5 ads for your channel.

27) Interact with your audience on a regular basis through scheduling/FAQ etc.

28) YouTube Thumbnails will attract viewers to your YouTube Cooking channel.

29) Use of proper hashtags is required for promotion of your channel on social media including Google+, Twitter, FaceBook etc.

30) Playlists will harness the viewers to your site till completion of all the videos in the playlist.

Ways to Market Your YouTube Cooking Channel

  • Write your own recipes.
  • Create instructional cooking videos
  • Invite viewers to join your channel
  • Advertise your cooking channel on your websites
  • Build an email list
  • Get active on social media
  • Create a second cooking channel for more exposure
  • Create an Interesting Cover photo
  • Tell Everyone about your Channel
  • Write an Engaging Bio
  • Make Engaging Videos
  • Ask Others to Promote you
  • Share your Channel on other Social Media Networks
  • Create a Professional Looking Profile
  • Attract Views with Titles
  • Include a Fun Intro Video
  • Begin with Easy to Cook Recipes
  • Add Infographics to Funnel Views and Subscribers
  • Establish a brand
  • Produce quality content
  • Use influencer marketing
  • Connect with other YouTubers
  • Promote everything you do
  • Create an engaging video
  • Befriend other YouTubers
  • Connect with bloggers and influencers
  • Guest Vlog
  • Connect with influencers and brands
  • Advertising on other sites
  • Cross-promotion with other cooking channels
  • Be active in the community
  • Create a blog to serve as your virtual cookbook
  • Compile your videos into one channel
  • Become an affiliate with cookware companies
  • Host a webinar
  • Come up with a recipe box set
  • Involve influencers in your promotion
  • Interact
  • Unique Content
  • Recipe videos do not have to belong
  • Differentiate yourself
  • Add a banner to your website/blog
  • Seriously consider including a link in your email signature
  • Connect online via social networking
  • Invest in some TV time
  • Run competitions and giveaways that drive traffic to your channel
  • Interview a popular food personality
  • Build a cooking community
  • Do product reviews and giveaways
  • Do unexpected things
  • Engage with other social networks
  • Create videos people want to watch
  • Find a niche to fit with your channel
  • Start a blog to promote channel
  • Respond to emails
  • Be consistent and persistent
  • Start a Twitter account for your cooking channel
  • Encourage people to pin and tweet your videos
  • Ask other YouTube cookers for shout-outs to their followers
  • Use a course to attract leads and drive traffic to your site
  • Make a Fan Page
  • Create a collection of recipes
  • Direct traffic to your video
  • Draw on related hashtags
  • Participate in food-based events
  • Meet other Youtube cooks
  • Add cooking inspiration images
  • Interact by responding and including comments on other people’s videos
  • Be in a YouTube cooking group
  • Draw on popular keywords for food-related topics
  • Use short titles for your cookery videos
  • Integrate your channel in different social media
  • Have a catchy description
  • Make sure the thumbnail is eye-catching
  • Make your profile page stand out
  • Add links to your other social media sites
  • Create a blog
  • Fill out all fields on your channel
  • Get a badge of approval from Allrecipes
  • Write a blog post every month promoting new content for your channel
  • Explore what is already working for other channels
  • Use your recipes
  • Create entertaining videos
  • Develop sponsorship and ads
  • Create strategic partnerships
  • Make a scrapbook
  • Offer free products/services for reviews
  • Get listed in YouTube directories
  • Open a social media account for your channel
  • Use paid advertising services like Facebook and Google Ads
  • Buy cooking DVD’s
  • Rent kitchen space
  • Create an iPhone app
  • Say thanks on social media
  • Contest Time
  • Cooking with your children
  • Have a contest
  • Also, have a video that you can link back to for more info.
  • Spend time on social media and blogs.
  • These are just some of the ways to promote your channel. The great thing is, there is almost an unlimited number of things you can do with your channel and your marketing. You just need to try new things and engage your audience.”
  • Create original content
  • Develop a cooking show format
  • Get yourself out there
  • Have patience when it comes to views and subscribers
  • Share videos on social media platforms and save the spreadable links
  • Attract a targeted audience by adding tags to your videos
  • Use your Twitter account to promote posts containing downloadable links to your content
  • Create a fan page and get subscribers to support you
  • Buy ads to attract viral traffic from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • Use photography that will draw attention in a thumbnail format
  • Host free posts of your recipes and link them together in
  • advertise your channel on other channels
  • Seek sponsors
  • Provide a feed for those who don’t use YouTube
  • Create online courses
  • Make more videos
  • Engage your fans in conversation
  • Connect your channel with your blog and social media
  • Community involvement
  • Post quality content regularly
  • Search out food-related blogs
  • Get your videos on the first page of Google
  • Learn from the experts
  • Utilize your customers
  • Ask other people to talk about you
  • Create a printable recipe card
  • Have an awesome product
  • Enhance Your YouTube Channel using a blog
  • Engage with other food bloggers to get featured in their blogs
  • Use Pinterest to recommend recipes
  • Create Appearances on cooking shows
  • When sharing your videos, ask people to leave a review
  • When you get new subscribers, share the joy
  • Put your links in your social media bios and posts
  • Use live streaming when you cook something new or different so you can interact with your audience
  • Link to your channel from your email signature and website/blogs
  • Record a video of yourself cooking for someone else and then share it with them
  • Share cooking videos on social media
  • Acquire YouTube subscribers
  • Offer a cooking class forum
  • Use a top website builder
  • Grow your subscriber base
  • Offer coupons or discounts on cooking supplies
  • Get a cooking group going
  • Add your vlog as part of your email signature
  • Use cooking show thumbnails and poster images to promote your videos
  • Tag all videos with relevant keywords (e.g., recipe#, ingredient#, cooking#, etc.)
  • Make a cooking video to advertise your recipe and followed by tags of the product you use
  • Create a Facebook fan page
  • Start an online blog that features all of your cooking videos with easy-to-follow recipes and ingredient lists.
  • Interview local businesses about their favorite recipes and tips on healthy eating.
  • It’s widely known
  • Update your channel’s banner image to reflect new content
  • Interact with other top YouTube cooking channels
  • Create a collection of your best recipes
  • Share weekly or monthly videos showing people the entire process of cooking one recipe.
  • Encourage them to use the comments section as an online cookbook
  • Create good content
  • Use titles and tags to get people interested
  • Engage followers through social media
  • Optimize your cooking channel for search engines
  • Create an opt-in email list
  • Identify your main cooking tips
  • Post blog articles that address the topic of your videos
  • Utilize hashtags and social media (i.e., Facebook) to promote your channel
  • Use social media to ask your followers for feedback on future kitchen creations
  • Make sure your videos are useful
  • Study other successful cooking channels
  • Create a blog to go along with your channel
  • Record a cooking how-to recipe book
  • Find different ways to connect with viewers
  • Use your social network to promote
  • Use all of your free time on the project
  • Encourage people to engage with your channel
  • Make it Easy for Others to Pin
  • Use an RSS feed and other applications
  • Cross-promote your videos
  • Comment on Other People’s Videos
  • Put the Links on Your Social Media Accounts
  • Post in the appropriate Blogs and Forums
  • Start a Contest or Giveaway
  • Approach local businesses and get them to advertise with you.
  • Consider starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund your channel
  • Find a YouTube celebrity that has the same type of cooking channel as you and offer them to be an intern on their channel in exchange for promoting your channel.
  • Promote your channel in a relevant community
  • Create updates on your channel
  • Share your cooking videos on social media
  • Publish content that is not related to cooking
  • Promote your videos on social media
  • Involve your viewers in your channel
  • Promote your channel
  • Get great ingredients
  • Keep it on-brand
  • Have a brand name
  • Make content that connects with your audience
  • Be The Best Cook Ever
  • Share some of your recipes
  • Get Your Videos Seen By More People
  • Collaborate With Other Content Creators
  • Try Promotions And Ads
  • Share your videos on social media sites
  • Share your channel with friends and family
  • Make a list of your target audience

Like other channels on YouTube, your YouTube Cooking Chanel also needs proper promotion.  Following some or all the above steps will ensure reasonable success for your channel on YouTube.

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