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Importance of Social Video and Why Businesses Need to Focus on Social Videos

Be as a consumer first. As a consumer where you watch the majority of the ads in your daily life? The answer definitely contains at least one social media platform name.

That is the power of social media platform and social video ads.

People are habituated to spend their valuable time on social media platforms these days. The majority of video ad clicks are obtaining from the social platforms.

What exactly is the social video?

Every social network is unique in its own features and has unique audience. The video content that is posted for promotion, advertising, and sharing is considered to be as social video. This social video can easily communicate with the huge audience across the platform and are shareable videos.

You must need different strategic plans to deal with the social video for your brand. Brands are focusing on the social media platforms for their marketing and promotion. Most of the brands are already got successful with the social video strategy.

Why is social video key for your marketing practices?

Social video is very simple to know but it needs some detailed study to understand its importance for brands and marketers online.

Social native videos

The majority of social media platforms like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter etc are having their own features. The main functionality is sharing the video content and this sharing will also differentiate form one platform to another platform.

The news feed algorithm will be different and the video must be created by understanding the present newsfeed platform across the social platforms you have to choose.

Why businesses need to focus on Social videos

Video can connect with viewers and convert them into your customers

Social networks work basing on their algorithms flow charts. When comes to twitter platform you can respond to the customer within 140 characters and video with 30 seconds message.

Most of your competitors use social video

55 percent businesses are using the social video as their main marketing tool to target the audience. Most of their competitors are using the social media for their video promotion and advertising.

The live video advertising and promotion across the social media platforms are also greatly increased. So, social platforms were already focused on the different video editing and publishing tools for brands and video creators.

According to the social video statistical reports, it was revealed that

More than 70 percent businesses are using the video had increased their website conversion rates.

70 percent internet traffic in 2019 comes from video. More than four million daily views are reported on YouTube videos.

One-third of people across the internet are using the people. Most of the views are noticed from the mobile video consumption. Facebook was reported that it was getting around 100 million hours of daily video viewing watch time.

How brands can use the social video advantages?

The majority of social platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc are getting unique users every day and your brand can reach more and more people across the globe by promoting your company or brand with a branded video.

Lead generation

Brands can utilize the social video to generate good sales leads. Make it clear and place your call to action at the end of your video. This can helps your business to generate good leads. The result depends upon your strategic plan and the way of implementing it to reach your targeted consumers online.

Social media for customer engagement

Customer support

Brands can go with the definitive videos about their products like product demos and how-to type of video content. You can support the customers by creating different types of video content which are useful to your customer.

Live video

Brands can release their new product launches and live events with live social video features to be more engaging with the customers. Brands can implement their live videos strategy and can promote pre and post video launching.

Cross promotion

You can also promote the video content on different platforms without sticking to the same platform. Yes, you can utilize and repurpose your video content on multiple social media platforms. Cross promotion can help you gain visibility and promote your brand to the next level.

Finally, understand the importance and the ways to use the social video for your brand to get successful on online advertising medium.

How Insurance Agencies are using Social Video?

The only company that makes the entire family happy even after losing hopes on life is an insurance company. These insurance companies will obey the words given by them in the form of documents. The trust of the insurance companies will depend on the way they react and support the customers. The expectation of customers will be built by launching the hope in customer through their activities.

Launching Advertisements

These insurance agencies will choose to promote their name and services through Celebrities and Cartoons figures.

Mostly they go for sponsoring for sports and events which are going lively. This gives much publicity throughout the world.

The role of Social media

All of the insurance agencies will stream their services on the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube by producing the videos that clutch the customers to the company.

Exploring Services through Offers

They explore their great services and policies by offering discounts and vouchers on account of registration through live campaigns which are lively telecasted through social media. This strike off any rumors from the customers about the company and the growth of policies will be increased.

Elaborating achievements

The achievements of the company by overcoming the competitor will be shared with the customers. This gives a brief idea about the capability of the insurance agency.

Collaborating in Interviews and Inspirational speeches

The directors or team will frequently participate in interviews and gives inspirational speeches held by social media channels. This will make familiar at unknown people.

Revealing the customer reviews through Social Media

They often take the feedback of the customer about their platform of services and bring that reviews to public. This gives the social image throughout the world.

20 Facts and Figures about Social Video

Social media marketing sites like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are the present trending sites to run the market entirely on videos. Business through social video will succeed.

  1. More than three billion people have their social media accounts on the web across different platforms.
  2. More than 1.8 active mobile internet users are operating their social accounts online via mobile.
  3. More than 72 percent of the traffic on the web was noticed from the mobile users.
  4. More than three-quarters of the views from the video was come from outside of the YouTube platform.
  5. The ad spend had increased on social video as majority of the brands were got succeeded with the social video advertising.
  6. Facebook platform was receiving three hundred billion video views every day.
  7. Native Facebook video ads have great engagement from the audience.
  8. YouTube platform enhance the visibility and helps in better promotion of them.
  9. The algorithm recommends the content which can give the preference to the video player.
  10. Above fifty percent video views on Facebook platform was reported to obtain via mobile devices.
  11. Nearly 302 hours of video content has been uploaded every minute on the YouTube platform.
  12. Video app usage has increased to 25 percent than the previous year.
  13. Nearly two billion video views per day was reported on Snapchat.
  14. It noticed that nearly 60 percent smartphone users are using Snapchat video app.
  15. Different types of ads like pre-roll, correct view and analytics are provided by the various social video platforms.
  16. Business were focused their marketing strategy with the shareable social video for their marketing promotions.
  17. Social video is not a viral video but, it earns excellent views and promotes success to the businesses.
  18. It is expected that nearly 70% millennial workforce will be comprised on reaching 2030.
  19. One out of three millennials were watching social videos on the web.
  20. Many social media platforms included the video on their platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc.

Marketing with the intention of video will grab the attention of the customers by evaluating brand of their services. The social video has overcome the traditional marketing with its astounding performance.

ORBI Prime 4K Camera Glasses for Creating Social Video

360-degree videos have become the most trending concept across the web since its release. Companies are competing for one another in creation of compatible cameras with different features. This camera glasses record the world while you are watching. The glasses are available in the market in different attractive colors. You can create a good social video with ease by wearing ORBI Prime 4K Camera Glasses.

ORBI Prime had created a new sensation with the first 360-degree video recording eyewear which can capture the 360-degree videos as well as images with ease by just wearing a pair of glasses.

  • It designed in a stylish way in which the ORBI Prime is the next development in virtual reality 360-degree camera.
  • It offers the users with the hands-free solution which didn’t require great effort to capture the best moments.
  • It consists of four cameras with a 4k resolution of 1080p in quality.
  • They are very light in weight. It built with the durable polycarbonate frame which can record up to 90 minutes of recording time. It was built-in WiFi which is resistant to water with great stabilisation in videos.
  • The real-time video stabilisation is a cutting-edge feature of ORBI Prime which delivers the smooth and high definition images.
  • The lenses also provide the UV protection and sun glare protection. It is best for sports, trekking and social video too.
  • It fits with the multi-sport helmets, and there is no need for the rigs, mounts and other hand holding equipment for this camera.
  • The video stitching software can stitch up to 30 frames per second which provides natural viewing experience.
  • The video stabilization avoids the shaking and panning.
  • With ORBI Prime App, you can edit and share your 360-degree videos and images with ease. The editor can stitch your videos and progress bar indicate the progress.
  • Users can add soundtracks and also have the option to cut and combine the content. You can simply share your video across the social platforms with share buttons.
  • The ORBI Prime will become the first and next big thing in Virtual reality 360-degree video capturing devices.

Make Social Videos using Apple’s new Clips App

Do you have the best app that can screen video more than 60 seconds? If you didn’t find it, just wait for a couple of days. Apple was launching new video app called “Clips”. It looks like combination of both features Snapchat and iMovie.

Apple is fulfilling their ambition entering into Augmented reality world by introducing new Clips app. Apple Clips is not a social network. The features look like is a social network like Snapchat, Facebook Video and other social media sites.

Instead of installing other Video sharing apps on iPhone, Apple itself is planning to launch new video app “Clips”. Clips allow you to edit your stylized clips, make a short video with added effects like text overlay, Emoji’s, Filters, Graphics and to share with friends

Special Features Of Clips

The app name itself sounds like Clips, makes you Fun with creating a video on expensive iPhones and iPad’s.

It allows people collect both the photos and videos, create a high quality video clips.

It has an Amazing feature “Live titles”, you can create your own animated titles with voice recognition.

The new effects, filters, comic books, live titles help give a new experience to the iPad and iPhones users and experience the easily shareable ways with a few taps.

Apple customers can now share a wide range of videos on Snapchat, facebook, YouTube and other social media websites. At the same time Clips videos can share on iMessages in iPhones.

Live Titles features record your voice while the app running taking videos and enhance you to give title in 36 languages through voice recognition.

It will lead you to the animation world with the features of Speech bubbles, shapes and animation posters.

Clips video can be up to an hour long, no clip is allowed to stay for more than 30 minutes. Immediately after finishing the video can share with any other social media networks.

Apple New Clips app is available in app store starting from April, downloads are available in iPhone 5’s, iPhone 6, iPad, iPad Air, all generation of iPad and iPod 6 th generation. Let’s be a weight watcher for Apple’s New app “Clips”.

Lumen5 – Convert Your Content Into Social Videos

It’s quite natural to write blog posts for content marketing to promote your brands. For a change, convert those already written blog posts into short videos just in 10-15 minutes of work. Instead of blog post promote a short video in popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with the same content.

Lumen 5 is a modest and unembellished video creation platform that will automatically convert your content into social videos using Artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence offering world’s simplest video creation experience to content marketers.

Lumen 5 is designed for businesses and brands to engage the audience with powerful short videos. You don’t need to spend more money on video productions to create a professional video business. Lumen 5 can create simple, high-quality videos at less cost and time.

How To Convert Your Content Into Social Videos

This amazing tool works pretty well especially for Facebook videos, if you share these short videos on Facebook it will reach business growth.

To work in this environment, it is a simple process that you need to Sign Up for Lumen 5 first, which needs your Full Name, username, and password.

Next, to start work with this it will ask for to enter “Link “of a blog post or an article or content in which an Artificial Intelligence will automatically convert your blog post or content into a short video.

Then the link will automatically upload the content and place onto the board and allows the user to select the content that should feature in the video.

Once if you are summarized with the content that should appear in the video, you can drag and drop the media files from “Library,” background images, your logo, watermark and you have an option for including call-to-action button.

There is an option for highlighting the selected Keywords click on “A” icon if you found long sentences break down into smaller once even a common man can read and analyze easily.

Once if you are completed with editing works on the video, click on the “Save” button on the top right corner of your screen.

If you like to make your video more colorful highlight with background music, select the “Music” option on the left side of your screen add suitable music from a stack of music library to the video.

Once if you’re satisfied with editing your video click on “Publish” to publish on blogs and social media sites wherever you want.

There is a stage where you could add branding as a Watermark to be recognized by the people, these all process will be finished within 10-15 minutes, or it may take less time depending on the user’s efficiency on working with this platform.

How Lumen 5 helpful for Content Marketing

Lumen 5 offers unbelievable graphics, asset selection, videos, templates based on the content.These factors are very important in content marketing.

You could go creative as a professional productions but there are some limits in this software. You can download it on Laptops, PCs and mobile phones.

Lumen 5 is a useful tool for all businesses and content marketers to lead the digital world with the video marketing.

It gives full functionality where you can find all fields and editing options that every video editing and creating software can provide.

It’s free of cost now, so every small scale business people can use it for promoting their business and convert their content to powerful videos.

Video adds leading this business world, so you can easily convert your already stacked blog posts into short videos to promote on blogs.

Lumen 5 allows marketers and businesses to create high-quality scale videos in a short time with free of cost. Those who are waiting to create powerful high-quality videos for business using artificial intelligence or a machine language best go for lumen 5 video creation platform.


These are the evergreen approaches followed by all well-reputed insurance agencies and these will give the better upcoming growth though there is a competetion of many insurance agencies.

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