Influencer Video Marketing Statistics

50 Influencer Video Marketing Statistics For 2022

The digital consumers’ demand for authority and transparency has proved the power of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing revenue is estimated to become $5 to $10 billion for the next five years. Companies or the brands that invested in influencer marketing generated a 520% ROI.

Investing in Influencer Video Marketing will bring you brand awareness and expansion of market research. The below influencer video marketing Statistics will show you the reason why companies increased their budget for Influencer marketing.

50 Influencer Video Marketing Statistics

  1. 64% of the consumers said to prefer to watch videos while they are interacting with the influencer content.
  2. 64% of the men fallow the YouTube influencers.
  3. 20% of the consumers follow the video Games influencers.
  4. Over 1.5 billion logins occur in YouTube for Influencer marketing
  5. 93% of the Influencer use the Instagram platform for marketing.
  6. 80% of the Instagram followers follow at least one brand, and among 60% of the them view, the product or services related videos.
  7. Shopping videos are posted as Stories on Instagram as well as on Facebook.
  8. 5% Purchase intense increased on twitter through influencer video marketing.
  9. Eight out of the ten most influential people of teens are YouTubers.
  10. YouTube stars are the biggest influencers for brands.
  11. The emotional attachment of YouTubers is 9 X times more than the other celebrities.
  12. YouTubers generate 17 X times more engagement.
  13. 73% of the influencers put more effort if the consumers are passionate about the product videos.
  14. 160% of the consumers are more likely to unfollow if the influencers say something offensive in the video.
  15. It’s a prediction that 85% of consumers will manage their relationship with brands through chat apps in the form of sharing videos and pictures without human interaction.
  16. Global spending on influencer marketing can reach anywhere in-between $5 to $10 billion.
  17. Instagram influencer marketing grow by 40% by 2020.
  18. 23% of the internet visitors have already seen the influencer videos as the product placement.
  19. YouTubers generate 11 times more extraordinary engage than the mainstream stars.
  20. 60% of the consumers aged 14 to 29 years have already visited the Influencers YouTube channels.
  21. 61% of the consumers interact with the influencers via video or live chat at least once in a day.
  22. 56% of the Women follow the beauty influencer impressed by the review videos.
  23. Every successful YouTuber earns millions with their videos.
  24. Every day 150 million use Snapchat and making it the highly available influencer marketing channel.
  25. YouTube videos influence more than 18% of consumers.
  26. YouTube is the second most popular influencer marketing platform converting consumers to conversions.
  27. 64% o the brands use Snapchat, which has  301 million users per month.
  28. Mom bloggers ranked in top #3 when it comes to influencing purchase decisions.
  29. 40% of the people say that they have purchased a product after watching videos on YouTube or Instagram.
  30. According to the YouTube report, 40% of the millennial YouTube audience feel that their favorite YouTubers will understand better than their friends.
  31. Teens are 7% more emotionally attached to their favorite YouTubers.
  32. 20% of the Facebook video posts generate emotional attachment than no other ads.
  33. 70% of the users on YouTube regularly engage with the influencer’s content.
  34. There were 2 X times more watch time for products related videos and what to buy?
  35. After Instagram video posts and Instagram stories, YouTube has become 3 rd most influencer marketing platform.
  36. YouTube is the second most important social media platform for influencer marketing, and 70% of marketers voted for it.
  37. 73% of the Instagram Stories content found to be useful for influencer marketing
  38. 56% of YouTube video content is active for influencer marketing.
  39. 54% of the Instagram Video content fund to be effective for influencer marketing.
  40. 66% of the Female gamers watch the gaming video content when they want to hear from the influencers.
  41. 73% of the video gamers enjoy watching influencers playing the games.
  42. 70% of the YouTubers more relates to Youtubers other than the TV stars.
  43. Top 10 YouTube stars earn 42%of more money than previously got.
  44. Top 25 YouTube stars get 3 times more video views compared to other celebrities.
  45. 4% of social influencers use the YouTube platform as their leading social media platform.
  46. 14% of the Facebook Live video content found to be useful for influencer marketing.
  47. 22% of the Facebook Video content notified as to the effective for influencer marketing
  48. 5% twitch Livestreaming and 10% YouTube Live are effective content for influencer marketing.
  49. 70% of Women prefer to follow Instagram Influencers on how to use cosmetic products.
  50. 62% of the consumers are more likely to follow the Facebook influencers for how-to video?


The above Influencer Video Marketing Statistics will demonstrate the remarkable changes in how the companies, brands engage with influencer and the audience.

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