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100+ Insights that YouTube Analytics Can Give You About Your YouTube Channel

YouTube Analytics is a great way to get insights into your YouTube channel. Here are 100+ of the most important metrics from YouTube Analytics that you should be looking at.

YouTube Analytics is a free analytics service provided by YouTube that helps users view traffic, see how many people watch the videos, and find out what kinds of videos are most popular.

Metrics include several views, percentage watched, average viewing times, total time spent watching and average session duration.

Insights that YouTube Analytics Can Give You About Your YouTube Channel

  • Watch time: how long people are spending watching your videos
  • Views: how many times your video has been viewed
  • Total watch time: the total of all watch times for a video
  • Average view duration: the average length of a viewing session on a video
  • Subscribers and subscribers gained/lost in the last week or month
  • How many videos you have uploaded
  • What type of content do your viewers like the most (videos, comments, likes)
  • The average watch time for each video
  • Which videos are bringing in the most views and subscribers
  • Analyze your channel’s performance
  • See what videos are getting the most views
  • Look at which of your videos have been monetized and how much money they’ve made for you
  • Check out the demographics of your viewers- are you attracting a younger or older audience?
  • YouTube Analytics is a free tool that can provide you with insights about your channel, including how many subscribers you have, what videos are the most popular.
  • You can also see detailed information about individual viewers- this includes their location, gender, age group, interests, and more to help tailor content towards them
  • With YouTube Analytics, you can also see how long viewers watch your videos on average
  • YouTube Analytics can show you how many subscribers, views, and average watch time your videos have
  • You can see the demographics of who is viewing your videos
  • You can find out what other channels are related to yours
  • The analytics will tell you if YouTube has blocked any video on your channel for inappropriate content
  • See how many people are watching your videos
  • Find out which video viewers you need to target more
  • Understand what is making your audience happy or unhappy with the content you’re providing them
  • Know how often people are clicking on your YouTube ads and if they’re converting into subscribers
  • YouTube Analytics is a free tool that you can use to learn more about your channel
  • You’ll also be able to see which countries are most interested in your content
  • If you want more detailed information, like where viewers come from or what devices they use for viewing, then you’ll need a paid plan
  • Your YouTube analytics can tell you how many views your videos have had, which countries they were from, and the demographics of your viewers
  • You can see a list of all the videos on your channel and their corresponding statistics- including the number of views, total watch time, average view duration, and more
  • The data will also show you what video was watched for the longest amount of time or has been viewed most recently
  • You can even compare different videos to one another
  • YouTube Analytics will show you the number of views on your videos, as well as how many subscribers and likes you have
  • You can use it to compare channels with similar content to yours
  • It’s a great way to see what videos are getting the most views and which ones need improvement
  • You can also find out who is watching your videos- demographics like age group, gender, location, language
  • How many new subscribers you have gained in the past week
  • Which videos are your most popular and why?
  • YouTube Analytics gives you a breakdown of your subscribers and their demographics
  • You can see how many views each video has, the average watch time per view, and other statistics about your videos
  • YouTube Analytics lets you know what percentage of viewers watched to the end of your video
  • You can also see which countries are watching your videos, which languages they speak, and what devices they’re using
  • Check out the video views and watch time for each video to see what people are watching most
  • Watch your videos and see how many times you’ve used keywords in them, including tags, titles, descriptions, and annotations
  • Find out where your viewers come from by checking the “Geo” tab under YouTube Analytics
  • You can see how many people are watching your videos
  • You can find out which of your videos have the most views and subscribers
  • YouTube Analytics will tell you which ads are performing best for you on a video-by-video basis
  • It’s easy to figure out what time of day is best for uploading new content
  • How many views your videos have received
  • How long people are spending on your channel’s page
  • What day and time YouTube users are most likely to watch your videos
  • YouTube Analytics can be accessed from the YouTube channel page
  • The analytics tab shows you how many people have subscribed to your channel, what percentage of them are active subscribers, and which videos have been watched the most
  • The audience retention report tells you how long viewers stay on your video before they click away or change tabs
  • You can also see a list of the top 10 countries that view your videos and a graph that tracks views over time
  • The number of views you have had in the last 30 days
  • The number of time people spend watching your videos on average
  • What type of content is most popular with your viewers, such as vlogs, tutorials, or product reviews
  • How much money you are making from ads and YouTube Red memberships
  • Your channel’s demographics
  • How well your videos are doing in terms of engagement and watch time
  • Which YouTube features are you’re using, like video annotations or end cards
  • The performance of individual videos, including views, likes/dislikes, shares, comments
  • Viewer retention: how long viewers are watching your video
  • Views, likes, and dislikes: the number of times a video has been viewed, liked, or disliked
  • Engagement rate: the percentage of people who watch for more than 3 seconds (based on average time watched)
  • Subscribers to your YouTube channel
  • How many subscribers do you have
  • What percentage of your videos are unlisted
  • Your most popular uploads and the date they were posted on
  • Which countries do your viewers come from, and what language do they speak
  • Find out what videos are the most popular and which ones people don’t like so much
  • Look at your watch time to see if people are sticking around for a while or if they’re leaving early on in the video
  • See how long someone has watched your video before clicking off of it; this is called “bounce rate.”


We’ve seen that YouTube analytics can provide a wealth of information, from insights on your subscriber growth to the videos with the most views. And this is just scratching the surface!

To get an even more comprehensive understanding of how your channel performs and what it needs, reach out to us for YouTube Analytics Consulting today.

Our team will help you answer questions about subscribers or revenue goals, identify where your audience is coming from find ways to convert viewers into customers and more. Get in touch now so we can start working together right away!

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