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The State of Instagram Influencer Video Marketing

Instagram is the influencer’s platform where it helps the influencers to expand their presence in online marketing through the medium of video. Influencers on Instagram are the most powerful sources to drive huge sales through ultimate branding capabilities through Instagram Influencer Video.

The queue of the branded businesses can be observed at the Instagram influencers to promote their video content of the particular brand to their followers.

Most of the consumers are approaching the brands through the influence of influencers. The influencers are much aware of the consumer behavior in the sales of the products or services.

The collaboration of Instagram influencers and branded businesses occurred through Sponsored Instagram video posts. Influencers and celebrities to find the video posts that get paid by the advertisers or brands.

    • In this activity, the brand name as the sponsor tagged to the uploaded video post on Instagram by the influencer.
    • Here the ‘paid partner with’ will be included as the notification on the top.
    • Simultaneously the sponsor will be enabled to know the audience engagement at the post that appears in the Facebook dashboard along with their regular advertising data.
    • The sponsored video post goes well when the video content of the products or services of a particular brand gets positive acceptance from the Instagram influencer’s audiences.

  • It will happen when it seems that it is the genuine recommendation from their influencer.
  • When the Instagram influencers are much passionate about their niche that makes the strong relationship with the continuous engagement of followers will helps to lift the sponsored video post by disclosing the brand name of the business.
  • It will also let the Instagram influencers to demand more than expected for the sponsored video posts.

Instagram Influencer Video strategies

Everyone knows that Instagram is the billboard to make promotion through the video strategy by using the influencers as the medium to reach the customers.

Feature the influencers in your video content:

Introduce the Instagram influencers in your video content with whom you have partnered by adding their name in the title of the video. It can be the most engaging tactic that each follower of influencer can easily go through the video content and can come to know about your brand.

Post videos of influencers:

Upload the videos of the influencers by tagging your brand name. It is the most leveraging tactic in the launch of an effective Instagram influencer video marketing campaign.

Create the story about the influencers relevant your products:

Try to generate the video story about the influencers that are featuring your products or services. When its hype at the followers then it goes viral on sharing by appearing as the stories. It can easily make the long-lasting brand recognition.

Instagram Influencer Marketing 101

Instagram influencer marketing is the savvy for the brands to drive sales and the influencers to earn revenue with the potential followers. How to launch the effective Instagram influencer marketing strategy? The business brands can make use of the influencer marketing strategy on Instagram by reaching the real capable influencers.

Reaching the right influencers:

Digging the exact influencers whose niche matches with your brand is the little bit costly to implement. But there is number of tools that can let you know the top influencer in the Instagram who will be the most powerful in driving the sales through the follower’s engagement. It is the primary key to blast the brand marketing at the customers.

Gather the list of influencers:

Make the collection of influencers who by using the hashtags and also find the same niche influencers they are following.

Pop your scheme:

Let the Instagram influencers to know about you and what your brand can do by reaching their followers. Get in touch with them by pushing the messages through the bio of Instagram.

Approaching the third parties:

The third-party platforms will help the advertisers to find the best Instagram influencers in exploring your brand extraordinarily. It can be the best strategy to find the influencers that exactly fits to your brand and drives huge sales.

Create the innovative stories:

Content is the king that everyone knows but practically it is true. The followers on Instagram are looking for the fresh and creative video content. Hence build the stories in an artistic way that exists in the real time.

Millennials are the major source:

Instagram is the teen’s hub where the millions of youngsters are mostly engaged through the fabulous video content. Pull the attention of the teens by rolling giveaways that help to drive the sales.

Research on other brands:

When you decided to invest hugely in launching the Instagram influencer marketing campaign, then it should drive the proper ROI. To do that the influencers with the most boosting capabilities are much needed. The capable influencers must cope with the other brands to promote their business brand. Then make research on the other brands Instagram influencer marketing campaigns that go viral.

Instagram Influencer Marketing ROI

Influencer marketing should consider as a serious note among all other traditional advertising media platforms. Instagram Influencer Video marketing is reported as the fastest growing strategy for acquiring customers.

Here we tabulated some essential metrics to Measure the Instagram Influencer marketing ROI.

Audience Reach: Instagram Video Campaigns

In Marketing terminology “reach “ is defined merely as the number of people whom your influencer content is visible. In Influencer marketing, it is determined by the number of people reach your content by your Instagram campaigns.

Many marketers use Instagram Influencer Video reach as a simple measure of Return On Investment to count the number of people view, engage and made Conversation through campaigns. Maximise your reach for effective Instagram Influencer Video marketing Campaigns and work with Influencers who have large following on Instagram.

Engagement: SMS Marketing

Engage with the audience through likes, shares, and comments on Instagram posts. SMS technique produces a great way to continuously engage with the interested customers those who pinned your products. Follow and engage, those who are interested in your product outside the social media effectively communicate with Mobile devices.

Customers are willing to provide their information to the offers and significant savings. Sending the Promotion code is the best way to get customers information. Send the various promotional messages to engage with customers by SMS marketing.

Impressions: Comment on The Buyers features

Allow the customers to comment on the product if they are willing to buy. One of the easiest ways to track conversation is a comment to buy a particular post if they are eager. They emailed a personalized link for conversion.

The most important metrics for Calculating the ROI is your campaigns and Conversions made. Increasing the followers are made through Influencer campaign. You can calculate the ROI by the Number of followers increased with influencer links.

Conversions: Measure In-store Redemptions:

By Sending the SMS text messaging the customers through QR codes, or include the coupons on the messaging. You can track and measure the ROI in Two ways, the customers who redeem coupons and complete the Conversion process. Another One is you can estimate the customers who requested your promotions.

Instagram Hashtags for More Exposure:

Hashtags on Instagram and Twitter are the active communication objects. All business can benefit with Branded hashtags and most of the companies use specific hashtags to all their posts. Include hashtags on other posts with the same tag name for direct communication.

Instagram hashtag campaigns bring significant changes in Instagram Influencer marketing . Upload multiple posts discussing the campaigns include CTA through regular text or hashtags. CTA in Instagram posts describes what actions you’re expecting from the customer

Instagram Influencer Video Marketing Examples

Sony Xperia On Instagram Video:

Sony Xperia on Instagram launched a new Instagram account @sonyxperiafr to promote their products. Sony Xperia series is the most powerful mobile phones comes with perfect zooming.

The company introduced Instagram account showcase the Zooming capacity to appreciate the power of Phone’s camera. Sony Xperia has 17 million contacts with their highest successful campaigns.

Built for breathtaking moments, #Xperia XA2 boasts two incredible cameras so you can capture beauty wherever you wander. #Camera #Photography #Innovation

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Birchbox is one of the best online beauty suppliers. Emily Schuman is a professional blogger who tastes all the products of Birchbox and publishes product videos on Instagram. She maintains the library of products videos, designs, and concepts from Birchbox. On the other hand, Birchbox has massive followers and contacts for their fashion products.

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Adidas is a leading sports and fitness brand and increased 41000 highest number of follower through fans page. Adidas started their Instagram promotions with the hashtag #MyNeoShot and getting other influencers to promote their brands. They encourage the targeted audience by conducting the contest. Contest winners get their new pair of shoes among selected six models.

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Instagram Influencer marketing Statistics

An average of 4 billion photos shared on Instagram and 8 million photos shared per day.

There are nearly one million advertisers on the Instagram platform.

Evaluate top 100 brands, 90% of the Brands have Instagram Accounts.

96% of the US fashion brands are in Instagrm.

Engagement of Brands on Instagram Influencer

  • 10 times more than Facebook
  • 84 times higher than Twitter
  • 54 times higher than Pinterest

70% of mobile users buy products through Instagram Influencer marketing.

In Online, 50% of the Instagrammers follow brands compare to other social media.

70% of the Brands on Instagram use hashtags.

Instagram post with least one hashtag raise 12.6% more user engagements.

Posts with a location receive 79% more engagement on Instagram.

The average post engagement for last 2 years raised to 416%.

Photos on Instagram more likely engaged with the audience comparing with Videos.

5 million videos are shared on Instagram within 24 of hour introducing the Instagram videos features.


Instagram is the Top Social Media Engagement Platform to reach the millions of followers to promote one’s brand. Moreover, the Instagram Influencer Video marketing strategy is the best way to drive the huge sales by reaching the real-time customers.

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