Instagram Video Analytics

Instagram Video Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

Instagram is simply the creative world where the most exciting and innovating photos and videos can be shared at one place that reaches to the millions of users just in seconds. The grand moments of each can be shared with the loved ones especially with the friends or family. Here is everything about Instagram Video Analytics

Apart from personal use, it has been rolling to expose the business brands professionally. Hence, most of the brands are framing the ultimate advanced Instagram tactics to reach the Instagram users.

In that, a video has become the most seeking source to boost up the brands with continuous engagement that attains the attention of the audiences. The gunshot of video on Instagram is generating the real-time results of expanding one’s brand in a very short span. Then-

How to analyze the performance of video campaign to frame better branding strategies?

What will be the major source to optimize the video content?

How to hook our video campaign to the favorite list of Instagram audiences?

Of course, we have the perfect solution for the above queries, i.e., Instagram Video Analytics.

Instagram Video Analytics

The concept of stories is being used by the brands to merge their video campaigns of 15 to 60 seconds. The video analytics will help the publishers to create the ultimate video campaign that enriches the creation strategy. The overall performance of the video campaign can be calculated by using the video analytics.

What metrics should we consider in video analytics to optimize your video content?

By using the ‘View Insights’ of Instagram, the business publishers can access the advanced analytics that contains the following metrics-

  • Likes
  • Views
  • Reach
  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Response rate
  • Most engaging campaign
  • Growth of New Followers
  • Filters
  • Mentions


The number of likes for the particular video content that has been shred on Instagram can be identified. That helps to gather that what type of video content is rolling effectively and frequently that is most preferred by the audiences.


The video which has obtained the more views and which is being dead can be identified by counting the number of attained views through which the advanced strategies can be implemented to improve the audience engagement.


When the video campaign has reached the low amount of audiences and acquired very low impressions can be reposted by adding some more content to hike on Instagram.


The impressions of the video, i.e., the total number of times that the video is being watched by the audiences will be measured.


The video that has been liked and commented especially by the total number of account holders of Instagram can be calculated. That can be used to reach the audiences directly, and the comments from multiple users can be counted.


The audiences that have been responded by generating the comments and likes can be notified.

Most engaging campaign:

The video campaign which has attained the attention of the audiences that means the total number of times that the audiences have reached the particular video post to watch can be determined.

So, that the relevant video content can be uploaded to have the regular visit of those audiences.

Growth of New Followers:

The growth of followers those have been arrived newly to visit your video content for a particular week can be analyzed through it.

And also the existence of followers can be figured. Hence the performance of your Instagram business account can be sketched.


The filters that have been arrived through the Instagram to add special effects to the video can be used to estimate which type of filters are most responded by the audiences by serving the video content that drives real-time traffic can be identified.


The Instagram audiences or influencers who will share the video content by mentioning your username that generates more impression that single activity can be determined.

Optimization of Content through Instagram Analytics

By considering the Instagram analytics and KPIs, the advanced content making strategies can be obtained.

That means the publisher can step ahead to provide the user-generated content with needed visual effects that fulfills the Instagram user requirements.

Moreover, the high quality and relevant content are being generated by making real-time research on that is unique from others.

Advantages of using Instagram Video Analytics

Cross Promotion:

The video content that has been shared on Instagram might reach to other social media channels that direct the audiences to look at your original blog or vlog by enhancing the promotion strategies.

Predicting Audience Behavior:

By considering the gender, location, language, and age of the audiences, the content can be pushed to the Instagram audiences through their particular preferences.
The behavior of users while watching a video can be obtained by using the most advanced Instagram video analytics tools.

Planning Budget:

The budget that has been required to monitor the video campaign can be maintained at a minimum level, i.e., the resources that need to create the video and implement the video content by using the existing characters can be minimized.

Improving ROI:

The shared ad campaigns on promoted Instagram will be used to improve the ROI.

Here the Instagram analytics will disclose the impressions that are being obtained through the comparison of promoted and organic posts. It can figure out the expansion of Instagram video ads.

Evaluating the Success:

The success of the video ad can be determined by framing the comments, mentions, and likes that leads to predict the best posting time and type of content mostly preferred by the audiences to have more engagement.

Outlining Campaigns through Hash-tags:

The hash-tags that have been attached to the successful video ad campaign will help to push up upcoming video ad with relevant hash-tags that are being viral on Instagram. This can be acquired by using the Instagram analytics tools.

Reaching the Target:

The aim of the publisher to reach the targeted audiences will become easier by pretending the user expectations.

Overcome the Competitors:

The Instagram analytics will project computational spirit to overcome the opponents simply and easily.


After reading this article, we might get an idea of how the Instagram analytics are closely related to the publishers to enhance the business brands in short period. If you are startup and you want to go viral on social media platforms like Instagram just make sure to pinch the Instagram analytics.

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