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What is Interactive Telescoping ?

Interactive telescoping is a new technology that allows for changing the length of an object with just one touch. This can be done on any device and in seconds without needing to use tools or supplies. The idea behind interactive telescoping was to create something so simple it could be used by anyone anywhere even if they don’t have access to power tools or other things usually needed to adjust objects like this. Interactive telescoping has been designed with safety in mind, so users never need to worry about getting injured when using the product.

Interactive telescoping is a method of storytelling that integrates different media types, such as video or audio files, text articles, and other forms of multimedia. Interactive telescoping is an effective way to tell complex stories because it lets the reader control which parts they want to see first. It also engages readers with the story by providing them opportunities for interaction through clicks or taps on their devices.

The interactive telescoping approach has been used in many award-winning projects, including Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast.

This interactive telescoping can be used for various applications and is made from 100% steel. This type of telescoping can telescope inwards and outwards, depending on what it needs to do.

The result is that you get stability and flexibility all at once. What’s more, this type of telescoping also features steel locking pins which help keep everything stable while you’re using it- no more worries about things falling apart!

There are so many things to look at in the world. The stars, the planets, even your own body! One thing you might not have heard about is interactive telescoping. When you use this technique for viewing objects, it’s like they’re right there in front of you. Sure it takes a little practice and patience, but once you get the hang of it man, what an experience!


The advanced telescoping technology can be used to view a traditional television commercial ad, and after that, they use their remote to take them to on-demand video content. This enables consumers to find top-rated professionals and businesses. The TV viewers can relax at their TV and get in touch with the top companies and professionals from the large screen itself.

Correspondence and technology keep on expanding, making better approaches for contacting individuals. These stances challenge for associations and their immediate advertising endeavors. With such a large number of alternatives accessible, shoppers utilize the distinctive channels – telephone, mail and Web – in various ways.

In an inexorably complex promoting environment, utilizing a multichannel methodology that addresses singular inclinations is a need. Clients are not just turning out to be more OK with leading business and exchanges on the web, numerous really request it now.

Interactive promoting is a sort of publicizing that incorporates a few sorts of Internet deals systems. These incorporate interpersonal interaction, site design, and online stores.

In this day and age of present-day technology and e-trade, numerous item and administration suppliers are finding that interactive promoting online is practical and gives a few advantages.

Many interactive showcasing strategies permit dealers to connect with their gathering of people, give fascinating – and even fun – shopping encounters, and take in more about their objective purchasers.

Progressed Telescoping Technology empowers customers to see a conventional TV plug and after that snap their remote to take them straightforwardly into the rich on interest substance to take in more about the top of the line organizations and professionals.

Telescoping is an interactive incite or “overlay” on a TV ad specifically connecting viewers to video on interest (VOD) content by squeezing a catch on their remote controls.

Drawn in, proactive clients can rapidly and effortlessly see the long-frame video and take in more data around an included item or administration. It offers publicists another, convincing approach to recounting their image story past the thirty-second spot.

What Is Interactive Telescoping?

It is a new, powerful communication protocol.

Interactive telescoping (IT) is different than interactive storytelling (IS). Interactive storytelling typically follows the narrative arc of an individual’s story. IT focuses on communication by creating compelling meetings-of-the-minds between people with complementary skills.

With IT, users can learn to do something they need to know about (e.g., cooking) by watching someone else do it via video simulation or computer animation. Then, they follow the recipe step by step in an interactive format. In other words…you can let them teach you even if you’re not there!

Interactive Telescoping is a term used to describe a format for a specific type of text. The first sentence of the paragraph is written as a teaser, and then it becomes more detailed as you scroll down.

Interactive telescoping can be done on any range of subjects, from academic texts on the molecular biology of the brain to how-to guides on child-rearing. Cathy Pearl developed the concept in 2003 as she found increasingly more information being presented in books but wanted less reading homework at night and easier access to this information during family downtime or while traveling.

Interactive telescoping refers to components installed outside the window but designed to run down into the foundation. These windows look great during installation because there’s no need to install a frame or sill.

The form itself will be stationary on-site; however, it can still move up and down depending on your elevation. The bottom segment moves downward one foot for every three feet you climb up the ladder. This means there’s no risk of colliding with objects like tables and desks inside the space below (unless this is an occupied space, in which case that person or object should be out).

Benefits of Interactive Telescoping

These can be used to reach the million potential customers.

The businesses can launch regional, national, and local advertising campaigns.

It extends the reach and the power of 30 seconds commercial, and it enables content available by ‘24×7’.

Just with one advertising buy the businesses can reach multiple audiences, and this helps in maximizing the Return on Investment (ROI).

Features of Telescoping

View Now:

On immediate selection of one interactive button, it starts playing a video on demand (VOD) program.

View Now or View Later:

By using the button ‘view later,’ the viewers can save the program to list of programs which can be watched at their convenience. Whereas the view now can be used to watch the VOD program immediately.

View on Demand:

Single interactive button directs the viewers to a channel number where it displays a list of multiple VOD programs.

Telescopic Ads are more effective in Online marketing

In this type of online marketing strategy, the audience will be recalled to watch those in-stream ads more frequently while comparing with other ad types.

Telescoping ads expand when rolled with a mouse, and along with the site content, they pop up which acquires the user response.

Telescoping Statistics

  • 53% of viewers are watching pre, mid, and post-roll ads which are being noticed as specific viewing.
  • 47% stated that the advertisement which shows the brand or product will be remembered for a long time. The audience can’t avoid watching these video ads as there is no fast forward function available while streaming.
  • By watching banner ads, only 35% of the audience remembered those products. 13% of the audience remembered watching video-enabled banner ads.
  • 39% of viewers stated that they clicked the ad after viewing an expandable video ad. Only 20% of respondents clicked on in-stream ads.
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