Ultimate Guide to Social Video Advertising

Social Video Advertising: Guide to Social Video Marketing & Advertising Campaigns 2022

Instagram Mobile Video Ads

video advertising has proven its high value in advertising today. The mobile devices has integrated in the digital advertising and increased raised its importance and value in the market. Today, there are millions of smartphone users across the globe connected with the devices for everything they need from watching the videos to purchasing the products online.

Internet usage has drastically increased and bought a new change in digital video adverting. When it comes to Social Video Advertising, it is the biggest trend in video marketing since from years and increased its pace in the advertising ecosystem.

Mobile video Advertising on Instagram

The Parent company of the Instagram is Facebook platform. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for sharing video clips 15 seconds in length.

It is started in mid-2013. It has introduced short video ads and has acquired nearly two billion dollars in ad revenue within one year while other platforms are just struggling to achieve things in the right way. It has created a great buzz in social video sharing via mobile devices at that time.

The Instagram video ads look like the videos that are posted by the users. The videos on Instagram has generally limited to 15 seconds in length.

They play on the Instagram news feed and cannot be played full screen. There are various types of Instagram video ads such as mobile-only targeting ads, autoplay ads, and the views that can click through the ads on Instagram from the external site.

The platform has now experimented with the click-through buttons on its platform. The Instagram ads generally got integrated with the Facebook ad interfaces which can also access the use of measurement tools on Facebook.

Snapchat Mobile Video Ads

Snapchat has become the most popular media sharing application among the top apps on the present digital world. It has millions of active users on its platform within a short span. Snapchat has become well known for video advertising and marketing also. Many brands have become succeeded on the Snapchat platform using the Snapchat video ads on its platform.

The Snapchat video ads are introduced in the year 2014. The ads are limited to the country, and the brands are allowed to target the audience based on the demographics of the channel.

It doesn’t have a desktop version and is completely compatible with the mobile format only. The platform has offered different types of mobile video ad formats for advertisers.

The video length of the Snapchat ads is ten seconds limit for two-cent video ads and a longer length for the premium type of video ads, and there is no complete publicized information on time limits on the Snapchat platform. The discover ads on the Snapchat platform are the top-notch feature in which brands are efficiently using this format to target their audience with the Snapchat stories.

The Snapchat story feature is one of the most popular features of the Snapchat platform where the Snapchat stories are cannot be archived and deleted after 24 hours.

It doesn’t have any tracking features, and the view must track externally. The discover ads are autoplay ads, and the ads can be viewed full screen in the portrait mode, and users don’t have to rotate their mobile devices to watch the ad. The vertical video ad formats promoted by Snapchat and also proved good engagement with these ads.

Facebook Mobile Video Ads

Facebook is always announcing something new related to the different features of the platform. It is a potential competitor to the video giant YouTube platform. With the rise of video advertising in digital marketing, social platforms have implemented their planning in providing efficient video ad formats for marketers and advertisers.

With the advent of mobile video, the social platforms have connected with the mobile formats and started mobile video formats for advertising too. The Facebook platform has introduced different types of ad formats for mobile targeting in marketing.

Nearly 76 percent of the Facebook revenue in 2015 was reported to be from ads. Nit has become a leader in social ad spending. The Facebook video content was receiving some four billion views every day. Mobile video ads have started since 2013.

The advertisers are allowed to buy mobile video ads in two different ways and standard and premium video ads. The standard video ads are regular Facebook video ads, and the premium ads are similar to television video ads. These can be targeted based on the gross rating points.

The maximum video length on Facebook mobile ad format is 45 minutes. The users can view the ad in full-screen mode also. These ads can access from the external site, and the platform has set up a good standard for the call to action. Dedicated video metrics also feature Yet to be announced on the Facebook platform, and it was under development.

YouTube Mobile Video Ads

YouTube is the biggest video destination across the web. The platform provides great opportunities from creators to advertisers on its platform. Many advertisers have got succeed on YouTube with advertising formats on the web. Now it is time for the utilization of mobile targeting strategy in your marketing and advertising online with the video content.

mobile device usage has greatly increased and still going active today. The majority of the YouTube video views were noticed from mobile devices.

An average user was spending two hours watching a video on YouTube using their mobile devices. So, the rapid increase in the usage of mobile devices in watching video content made the marketers turn towards the mobile video formats by using different social platforms like YouTube as their medium.

Mobile video ads on YouTube platform

There are different types of mobile video ads that are generally in use on mobile video adverting. The platform has designed interactive ad formats for marketers who have targeted their audience via mobile devices today.

Mainly, two video formats are in use on YouTube platforms. The mobile roadblocks and the in-stream ads are the two ad formats on the YouTube platform were in use today.

The mobile roadblocks are just Day ads that appeared on the YouTube mobile homepage. They will not appear on the YouTube mobile application. The In-stream video ads support the android version of the smart devices. These video formats can be placed using the video ad inventory.

The maximum video ad length is 45 minutes, and these ads can efficiently target the device and manage with the ad words interface. These ads can also watch in full-screen mode.

Twitter Mobile Video Ads

Twitter is the noisiest and powerful real-time platform across the web. It has acquired great ad revenue in the fourth quarter of the year 2014.

The platform was offering different ad formats, which are closely related to television commercials. It is developing various targeting features of the mobile video ad formats for the publishers and marketers on the platform. Many brands have got succeed on the Twitter platform as it increases the interaction between the consumers and the brands.

Twitter is the best platform for mobile video ad campaigns from the second screen because the platform is perfect for real-time tweets and interactions, which can help in better promotion. People are more likely to buy certain products after watching the videos on Twitter which increases the brand success rate on the Twitter platform.

Twitter platform was offering different types of ads such as pre-roll, mid-roll ads along with the Payer cards and promoted ads.

The Twitter promoted video ads generally appear on Twitter’s user timeline and are similar to the Twitter player cards, which are playing the media. The promoted video is beneficial for the brands to distribute the content on the Twitter platform and also helpful in measuring the reach and effectiveness of the ads.

Twitter ads do not include the call to actions. They are mobile-only targeting ads that offer standard targeting.

The advertisers can also plan their ads based on the mobile data plan. The video length is allowed for up to 10 minutes on the Twitter platform. It has recently announced the autoplay video ad feature on the platform. The users can also go with the built-in video analytics to measure the success of a particular ad.

Pinterest Cinematic Pins

Pinterest is the new to advertising. It had designed the scrapbooking application in which the setup based on the unique object in which the advertising for eCommerce perfectly fitted onto it. So, many eCommerce companies are planning to target the Pinterest scrapbooking application to make their move towards success.

The platform has also launched the first animated pins, which are well known as cinematic pins. The cinematic spins are not videos. They are just like Gifs in a Facebook chatbox. They generally play back and front while the user scrolls top to bottom on the page.

The advertising on Pinterest has started from the second quarter of the year 2015 recently.

The platform is planning to upgrade the targeting and allow the advertisers based on the user’s interest. So, the advertisers can target the users based on the interest of the audience just like traveling, foodies, etc.

The length of the video on the Pinterest platform is around 30 to 50 frames long. Animations are very short and play while the user scrolls. Animations cannot control by scrolling.

The cinematic pins on Pinterest are also an available full-screen view for the users in which the user can tap on to the cinematic pin and open the pin for a full-screen view.

This action is named as a close-up action on the platform. The platform is testing its feature by providing the select ad partners feature on its platform. it also consists analytics platform but was still in a beta stage and yet to be upgraded.

Social Video Advertising – Video Advertising on Social Media The Next Big Thing

The video has raised the competition between the brands, marketers, etc. and made them compete in video ad features on their respective platforms which are helpful for the brands and marketers to utilize the video features on different social platforms and increasing their scope of marketing their products in a better with social video.

The mobile social video has turned as the next big thing in the present digital video marketing game.

The super-fast processors and the 4G to 4k resolutions and the relevant technologies have added the new standards to mobile video advertising. Recent studies reveal that people are watching the different types of content in one place in the form of video via mobile devices.

Even while watching the television, they are surfing the related content on the mobile screen. It is a perfect example of the complete integration of digital media to small screen devices today.

Social Platforms and the Mobile Video

With the rise of demand for the portable technologies, the majority of people are watching the content via mobile devices, and many of us are just stuck on different platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and many other social platforms via mobile.

This is an indication of the rise of video watching on social platforms via mobile which carried all the brands, advertisers, and marketers towards the mobile social video adverting.

Even platforms were providing different types of ad formats for increasing the engagement of the brand. The ads like the true view, in the stream, autoplay, banner, promoted Twitter video ads all are the best example for the rise of social mobile video.

Video become the most viral word on the web, and everyone was turning towards video ad so advertisers. Advertiser’s main goal is to reach the majority of the audience towards their brand, products, or services by using various mediums to reach the audience.

Today, the video becomes an integral part of advertising, and it has great demand in the market today.

People were showing their interest in watching the video content with the advent of smart devices and technology. Nowadays the usage of various social platforms has greatly increased ad the social media turned towards video marketing and advertising.

Previously, the social networking platforms have just connected the people on their platforms, but today, these platforms have become the new platforms for video advertising and marketing.

The social platforms like Facebook, Twitter also started the video adverting and marketing features on its platforms competing with the video giant YouTube platform. According to the survey revealed that Facebook had become the second-biggest online video property in the United States with referring to the desktop viewers.

Advertisers are also stepped forward to use the social video as their prime marketing strategy.

The Shoppable video, TrueView video ads on YouTube, the autoplay premium ads on the Facebook ad the Twitter native video ads and live streaming made the advertisers turn towards the social video to build up their marketing strategy.

Even the audience engagement also becomes very high, and the advertisers and marketers are efficiently reaching the targeted audience towards their brand using the social video. So, it is going to the next big thing in video advertising.

Social Media Video Advertising Statistics

  • Video has become the most useful marketing tool for 81% of businesses.
  • In 2022, above 82% of consumer internet traffic will be obtained through online video
  • Instead of reading the text, 59% of executives stated that they watch the video.
  • Mobile is the only device to paly 75% of all the videos.
  • 55% of the audience watch online videos every day, and 78% watch online videos every week.
  • 72% of customers will prefer video to find information about products or services.
  • 92% of the audience who are watching videos on mobile are sharing that content with others.
  • The viewers recall 95% of the messages when watching it on video, and 10% will recall when reading in the text.
  • Above 1 billion hours of videos will be watched by the audience on YouTube.
  • After Google YouTube is the second largest search engine.
  • The Facebook executive stated that the platform would be all video content with no text content by 2021.
  • The video posts on social media are obtaining 48% more views.
  • Only through mobile Twitter is getting 90% of views.
  • 45% of Twitter users are intended to watch more celebrity videos.
  • One-third of internet users that is above 1.9 billion people are using YouTube.
  • Every day Facebook is getting above 1.8 billion video views.
  • 75% of Facebook audience visit videos every day.
  • The sharing of social videos takes place by above 1200% that is more than images and text combined.
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