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Live Video Meets Crowdfunding with Kickstarter Live

Kickstarter is a funding platform for projects. It started a new tool that gives the ability to live stream from the campaign page. This is the first crowdfunding site to add the live video feature. The audience will be able to chat and interact with the creators. Kickstarter Live encourages personal connections between the creators and the backers. It brings the communities closer.

Huzza is the collaborator for building up the live offering for Kickstarter. Kickstarter live homepage will have information about upcoming projects. Live streaming on Kickstarter can be used to earn extra funds to attract additional backers.

What is Kickstarter Live?

Kickstarter Live is a way to share the connection with the community. Kickstarter live can be used to share the demos of products, studio tours, interviews with project teams, or introducing new collaborators.

Live streaming with Kickstarter can be broadcast from a computer only for the time being and not from the mobile phone. Kickstarter says that they are working to make it mobile-friendly. There is no maximum limit on the number of viewers that a broadcast has. The live stream can be watched on mobile but chatting or submitting questions cannot be done. The recommended upload speed of internet connection for smooth live streaming is 2 Mbps.

Getting Started with Kickstarter Live

For smooth running of live streaming with Kickstarter Live, there is the need to have a good internet connection. Google Chrome or Firefox browsers can be used and other requirements are the microphone and a webcam. To get started with Kickstarter Live, go to the Project page and choose the Live Stream option. Follow the setup instruction that follows.

Before going live with Kickstarter Live test the setup with the same equipment that you are going to use for live streaming. Schedule the live stream a few days in advance to promote it to your followers. To answer the question and to monitor the chat window, you can ask a co-host to be a moderator.

Here are some practices to be followed for smooth live streaming with Kickstarter Liver. Do have any backlighting which makes it difficult for the viewers to see the hosts. See that the room is well lit or use some desk lamp to illuminate the face. Maintain eye contact with the camera. After the live stream ended, it will be visible on the project page of the creator for two days.

Benefits and Advantages of Kickstarter Live

Kickstarter live can be used to connect with the community in many ways. Take them to the virtual tour of your studio. You can share the designs and prototypes with the community. To make the community involved in the project, use Kickstarter Live to host a question and answer session related to the project.

Kickstarter Live allows four people to broadcast at the same time. Invite the collaborators to be the co-hosts for the live stream. Kickstarter Live can be integrated with Facebook so as to reach a wider number of viewers. The event will be shown as a video on the Facebook page once the live streaming ended. It is also possible to share the replay link to Facebook so that people who missed it can view it.

Live streaming is becoming popular with the startups that are looking for crowdfunding. Facebook and other live streaming platforms allow real-time interaction with the audience and Kickstarter also includes this option. Kickstarter was launched in the year 2009. Since then it has funded more than 114,370 projects, according to the site. Make use of the exciting Kickstarter Tool and push further contributions to your project.

  • It offers creators the chance to connect with backers in real-time and get instant feedback on projects
  • Creators can broadcast from anywhere they choose, using their phone or computer
  • With Kickstarter Live, you can share your project’s progress with backers in real-time and answer questions about it as they come up
  • Kickstarter Live is a live video broadcasting platform
  • It provides an opportunity for creators to connect with their backers in real-time and go deeper into the details of their project
  • Creators can answer questions from backers and share updates on progress as they happen
  • The live stream is archived so that it can be accessed at any time by anyone who missed out on the broadcast
  • Get live feedback from your backers
  • Showcase the product or project in a more intimate setting
  • Engage with your backers through chat
  • Answer questions about what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how they can help
  • Kickstarter Live is a live video streaming platform that lets you broadcast to the world
  • It’s an easy way for creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a story to share their work
  • You can also use it as a tool for launching your product or service
  • You can set up interactive elements like polls and quizzes during your broadcast to engage viewers in real-time
  • Kickstarter Live lets you broadcast your campaign to the world in real-time
  • It’s a great way to connect with backers and supporters
  • You can share your progress as it happens, answering questions from people watching live
  • You can also take pledges on the spot while broadcasting
  • Kickstarter Live is a live-streaming service that allows you to have an online event
  • It’s easy to set up and manage, and it integrates with your social media channels
  • You can share the link for your Livestream on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform
  • It costs $10 per month instead of the usual 5% fee charged by Kickstarter
  • Create a live stream to broadcast your Kickstarter campaign
  • Increase the number of backers and share your project with new audiences
  • Keep in touch with backers by hosting chats or Q&A sessions during the campaign
  • Get feedback from potential customers and learn what they like about it
  • Make updates on the fly to keep people engaged, such as when you reach milestones in funding or unlock stretch goals
    -Creates a live, interactive experience with your audience
    -Lets you bring backers on stage to answer questions and share their stories
    -Offers the chance for backers to see behind the scenes of your project’s production -Allows you to broadcast from any location in real-time
  • Kickstarter Live is a live-streaming service that connects people who make things with the people who want them
  • It’s free to start and easy to use- just create a campaign, share it on social media, and watch the pledges come in
  • With Kickstarter Live, you can connect with your audience one-on-one via chat or phone call
  • For creators, there are no set fees for running a project; instead, they pay 5% of what their backers pledge plus 3$ per backer when their funding goal is met
  • Creators get all funds raised even if they don’t meet their funding goal

Image Source: Kickstarter Live

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