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How To Grow Your Kids As a YouTube Stars

Do you want your Kids to be as the YouTube Super Stars? Then know everything about Kid YouTubers.

Is there anything new on YouTube that reshapes the talent of your Kids?

Is it good to partner with the YouTube Kids Channel?

Well, each query can be filled with the following answer keys. To know what they are just go ahead.

How to Set Up Kids YouTube Channel?

The decision of parents to start the Kids YouTube Channel that explores the talent of their Kids in all directions of entertainment that includes from playing video games as an expert to humorously learning education tutorials. Before to do all how to set up the Kids YouTube Channel? Parents have to monitor everything that the kids need to set up the specific YouTube channel.

  • Initially create the Gmail account that is mandatory to access the YouTube channel account as it is the basic step.
  • Sign in to the YouTube account and click the ‘My Channel’ option that appears in the YouTube Home Page.
  • Then assign the name of the YouTube channel what you want.
  • Coming to privacy settings, turn off the comments section by keeping everything private as it the safety measure to run the successful Kids YouTube channel. It avoids the inappropriate comments about the channel or content.
  • But make sure to enable the options that are required to engage the audience with the uploaded video content on the channel.
  • Safety Mode is the most wanted scenario of the channel. When it is enabled then, the violent video content will be blocked immediately. Also, keep away the children from the video content and makes the browser to be in safe mode which can be accessed only through the parents account ID and password.
  • At the bottom the page the safety option is available just click on it. Make sure that Lock Browser box is checked after that save and sign out.
  • While coming to posting videos, 3 options are available like unlisted, private and public.
  • The video is viewable by the unlisted people that have the link.
  • The private section is for to invite the users to watch the video.
  • When the public is enabled, that means everyone can have access to watch the video.
  • Turn off the geo-tagging that enables no one to know your child’s location.

Top YouTube Stars Your Kids to Follow

Emily Tube:

An active child with an imagination of bringing the audiences in the Adventurous world that delivers too much fun while watching. In this channel the kids daily playing activities and little girl doing shopping etc. are featured in an amazing way that caught the 6,238,971+ subscribers and 2,006,353,649+ views.


It is completely kid’s friendly channel where the videos are created with the help of Frozen, Disney, Mermaids, and Lego, etc. While watching this channel’s videos, the kids can get fun than watching regularly. It has 6,791,413+ subscribers and 7,756,096,334+ views.

Family Fun Pack:

This channel is monitored by the parents by featuring the 6 of their kids in the videos. They do the funny things as they are moving on roads, parks, playing toys and games, etc. Everything they do in the video looks like that happening with our kids. It has 6,676,125+ subscribers and 7,012,157,321+ views.


It is the only channel that every parent looks for their kids. Lots of video games, toys, challenges, animals, science experiments and animation, etc. are available in this channel. The kids can find fresh and fun video content from this channel that is unique from the others.


The collaboration of seven girls is featured in this channel that each girls video of each day can be found that delivers the funny activity of their own. This channel has 8,038,351+ subscribers and 4,545,830,587+ views.

Challenges of Raising Your Kids as YouTube Stars

Here are the some of the hottest challenges that expel the YouTube and some faded and comeback. Some challenges on Social media purely depend on Entertainment, but few challenges make the kids try at home themselves. Here are some universal advised the parents should follow which making Kids YouTube Videos.

Try Not to Laugh Challenge:

Try Not to laugh involves short video clips and try not laugh while watching the fun Videos. There is massive following for this type of shows. It’s funny and harmless to Kid YouTubers.

Whisper Challenge:

One person wears headphones and listens to loud music. The other person should guess the Phrases what other person was speaking, should identify and Phrase by lip movements. For example Jimmy Fallon show.

Eat it or Wear it challenge:

Keep some different foods in separate bags and number the bags. A player must choose one number, after seeing the menu the player should decide it to eat it or wear it. If he eats it, they can dump the remaining on other player’s head. If he wears it, let see what happens.

Bottle Flipping Challenge:

It is a Physical challenge, but it carries a lot of Fun to small kids. The water bottle is partially filled with water and toss it, and the landing positions must be right-side up. This is a viral challenge, and an app is replicating it.

These above are the few challenges that kids can try in the home. But, parents should advise the kids and must remember the below instructions.

Get them to Thinks:

Help your kids to think about the challenges whether they are safe or dangerous. Stay with them and walk through them in every step where they go wrong.

Talk About It:

In this busy life we are not always with kids to advice and to take care of them. We cannot always check out what the teens are doing risky things. Say, inform the parents before facing any challenge.

Acknowledge Peer Pressure:

Today kids think they want to be an internet personality be seeing the YouTube videos. Ask them to say, what you want to become? What type of activity are they interested?

Be Up To Date:

Be Up to date on your kid’s activities, stay connected with their friends and school activities. Sometimes kids are more willing to talk about their friend’s actions. Have a sense your kid what their next step is!

Tips To Become a YouTube Stars

Some of the kid’s dream is to become a YouTube sensation. There is no YouTuber straight away, did it? Parents support plays a key role in the Kid YouTubers life to become YouTube stars. Here are some tips to teens to Become a YouTube successful YouTube stars.

Have a Strategic plan:

Ask your Kids to come up with a plan what the channel describes, who is the Audience, what type of content your channel post, How often you will upload videos, and they take advertising or some recommendation.

Talk About the Content:

Tell your kids what type of content is allowed according to the YouTube Rules and regulation to get success as Kid YouTubers. What kind of videos should post and difference them to place as a public or Private?

Be with them to Launch:

Be a part of launching the YouTube channel. At start include strict privacy setting and start with a small community. The small community can make loyal and right audience engage with them slowly improving your audience reach.

Check In-Between:

Once the YouTube channel launched, stay with them check in between what they are doing. Continue your support to face the positive and negative issues. Your support is the big deal to encourage the Kid YouTubers and come up with new ideas.

Handle the Feedback:

Teens are often surprised to do a new thing to get a universal price. YouTube feedback is in the form of Comments under your video. Those who are a Rude to them, teens may get afraid to continue the channel. Support them to face the Feedback and communicate with the audience to solve their issues.

Under Six years YouTubers Earn Millions by Reviewing Toys

Ryan ToysReview channel reportedly made $11 million this year and finalised in the top 10 of Forbes highest paid YouTube stars in the World.

Ryan is the start of Ryan ToysReview channel, and he was six years old. He turned as a Youngest and one of the richest YouTube Stars in online.

The Ryan Test review channel started in 2015, within two years of span they got vast followers of parents and Children watch the Ryan testing the new toys and give his opinion.

The channel has more than 10 million subscribers, and videos were viewed by 8 billion times during one year.

Ryan family said”he inspired by watching the other kids videos on YouTube” and one day he asked, “Why I am not going to become a YouTube star like others?”.

So, they decided and started “Ryan Toys Review” channel. Ryan loves toys like Cars, Trains, Super Heroes, Lego, Disney cars, etc. He hold his dream as one of the top most Kid YouTubers

The very first Review on Ryan’s channel was”Lego Train set,” it started from there, and now he was the one of the richest and youngest YouTube Star in the world.


Does anyone like to grow your kid as a YouTube sensation? It’s not easy as we talk. The one should follow the best strategies, Tips, and Tricks and primary thing is come up with good content. This is an Ultimate guide to the Parents and Kids those who would like to Grow their kids as a YouTube Stars.

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